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Marianne Faithful | ”Where I live is not my home. I am my home.”

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Videoportalen Nowness har en serie som heter My Apartamento. I sista avsnittet besöker de singer-songwritern och 60-talsikonen Marinne Faithful i hennes våning i Paris. Det är så mycket jag älskar med den här videon.

Jag älskar att efter alla alla dessa år så rockar hon fortfarande samma lugg och eyeliner. Och jag fullkomligt älskar det faktum att hon ändå inte är någon nyponros utan säger saker som ”Come on, come on, come on. Don’t fuck about!”, har permanent halva sängen full med böcker ”So no one can sit here. I like to be on my own.” och hänger dyrbara orginalfoton av henne och Mick Jagger på sin toa. 60-talsrock går nog aldrig att tvätta bort.

Titta på videon här.

For the latest installment of Nowness’ My Apartamento, singer-songwriter and 60s’ icon Marianne Faithfull opens the doors of her Paris apartment to director Barbara Anastacio. There is so much I love about this video.

I love the fact that after all these years she still rocks the same fringe and the same eyeliner. I also adore the fact that she isn’t some little cupcake but says things like ”Come on, come on, come on. Don’t fuck about!”, has half her bed permanently filled with books”So no one can sit here. I like to be on my own.” and hangs original photos of her and Mick Jagger in her bathroom. 60s rock is luckily, probably pretty difficult to wash off.

Watch the video here.


video | 2 weeks in north america

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När jag samlade ihop foton for det här inlägget så fick jag en sån krampaktig längtan tillbaka till våra två veckor i New York förra sommaren. Så jag klippte ihop en 4min lång film fylld med tropisk värme, dansande i taxibilar och neonfärgade barnätter. Hoppas du gillar det!


When piling together this post I got such an aching longing for our two weeks in New York last summer that I decided to cut together a few video clips I have from there. A 4min film filled with sweltering bar nights, dancing in taxis and brunches. Hope you like it!

If you want to read more about our mischief in North America:

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Day 2  A Sunday in New York City
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Day 5 – The New Whitney Museum, Lower East Side & Forgtmenot
Day 6 – MoMA & Welcome To the Johnson’s

Day 7 – Grand Central Station & Bar Hopping on Lower East Side
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Canada Day
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Time for another post with short documentaries with inspirational women. I tend to watch them on the bus on my way to work or a meeting because it makes me feel like a bloody boss. Hopefully these will do the same for you! Don’t miss out on the first part.

Badass photographer Andrea Sonnenberg aka Teenwitch captures everything that I dream of when it comes to youth culture. I want to catch a plane down to the States and become her intern/friend and experience her adventurous life.

The community and artistry behind the female black hair beauty Salons in the States.

Maddie Sensibile just seems like the coolest chick. She works with social media for Urban Outfitters and talks about her obsession and love for bands.

Runner and chef Preety Mudhar on going after her dream job and how being athletic helped her do that.

Shantell Martin, an artist known for her stream-of-consciousness drawings, draws on people, on airplanes, and on clothing. Her approach to art and creation is free and liberating and I wish I could have the same attitude to writing.



Part I



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