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Stockholm has shown itself from its best side lately. One of these especially sunny days when Daniel was visiting I brought him for a picnic in Vitabergsparken in Södermalm. It was packed with young people barbecuing and drinking.


We were meeting up with Sandra who I study with and adore with all my heart. Sorry for being so emotional but I’ve found the best human beings on this planet in my class.


We sat down on the top of the hill with a view over the city. Next to us these cute rockers were having a birthday party.

Vitan,-StockholmA few hours in it was time to get moving towards some dancing.

Tradgarden Stockholm

This time that was at Trädgården! The perfect summer club (apart from their door policy where one has to queue for hours to pay a lot of money). We weren’t the only ones thinking in these lines but all of Stockholm had made their pilgrimage here.Katja,-Tradgarden-Club-Stockholm Katja-Reimers,-Tradgarden-Stockholm

Like my weird badass witch artist Katja.


We bumped into Majsan and quickly squeezed into a photo booth with our chilled beers like the rest of the hipsters.


And when we got the photos it wasn’t of us but Sandra and her friend who used the booth an hour earlier.


This was and still is the weirdest and funniest thing.


Then we got our own! <3 <3 <3 Girlfriends <3 <3 <3


The sun never wanted to set and the air was warm and nothing felt heavy. These are two of my favourite people who make me laugh like the nutcase I am.Axel,-Tradgarden-Klubb-Stockholm

Like always at Trädgården you bump into people from all parts of your life. This time it was my dear Axel who I lived with for a year in Clapton back in 2011. Do you guys remember him?


Up in this tower of a room I finally got to dance to dirty tunes like I used to do several times a week in London. Dance must be the best kind of therapy for everything.


Back in the tiny church they have in the back we did all things sinful. Katja’s friend told our fortune with this new celestial star gazing app called SkyView by the altar. We discussed the funny fact that often the people you disagree with or hate the most are the ones that are most similar too you. By midnight we have been dancing for six hours so Daniel and I walked a hundred miles back to my house. The sky wasn’t even dark but just that Windows 98 wallpaper kind of blue and it was just the two of us on the tranquil streets.

I realised that this is why I love Stockholm, the nights barely even exist in the summer. It’s pretty damn ideal for a person terrified of the dark.



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It was heaven waking up in a bed full of Daniel. The cold from the misty morning outside fogged up our windows and just like we used to when living together in London we let the morning pass, filling the hours with nothing in particular, just us. At 2pm we felt like it was time to do something and took the tube to Hornstull to wander down a flea market. 2 tjoget Followed up by some day drinking at Tjoget! 3 tjoget We were the only people drinking there and the bartender sure looked confused when we ordered two beers. Sweden isn’t really feeling the Sunday pints, but it was a lovely bar though! For a couple of hours we sat there, asked about the different bottles, discussed which city we could move to in the future and Daniel told me insane stories of what had happened in London whilst I was gone. I actually fell off my chair at one point in laughter/feeling tipsy. 4 beijing 8 At 5pm the beer had made us well hungry. Convenient for us, Stockholm’s arguably best dumpling place Beijing 8 is literally next door from Tjoget. 6 daniel We ordered all the different flavours of dumplings and asian beers, because it’s so much more fun that way. Then I died because Daniel is so hot. 5 dumplings beijing 8 The dumplings arrived and were just as delicious as everybody has claimed them to be. 7 daniel beijing 8 stockholm YUM. 7 gamla stan stockholm Stockholm did show its best side, being crisp and drenched in sun. We walked through the whole of Södermalm, across the bridge of Slussen and into the little colourful alleyways of Gamla Stan. 8 gamla stan, stockholm Snapping those tourist shots. 10 gamla stan, stockholm It is absolutely breath taking how pretty this city is. Incomparable to any other I’ve been in. We stopped by Chokladkoppen and I told the stories of how in the 80s when the HIV spread and the lgbt-community and especially gay men were treated like shit, this was one safe haven where they could meet up, get organised and plan i.e. demonstrations. Go there, best fika and nicest people. 11 gamla stan. stockholm We bought the biggest cinnamon bun they had and two cups of coffee to sit down in the sun for a bit. A little later I dropped him off at the station and I can’t find words for how that felt. I sobbed under my sunglasses the whole train ride home, feeling heavier than all the oceans combined.   Linn


To claim that the first few weeks of Hyper Island was like a whirlwind is such an understatement. It was as if somebody hooked onto all my beliefs and all that was me and turned it all apart and inside out and finally washed it all away. Never have I been so physically and emotionally drained. As a result I had not seen anything apart from the tube, my school and my house. 3 nicole saboune But three weeks in I actually remembered that there is such a thing as a social life and on a Wednesday I went to meet up with Nicole and her boyfriend with friends at Trädgården. 1 saboune Because Sebastian was in town with Elsie! 5 trädgården4 It was absolutely surreal to be out and see people and not do anything apart from drinking beer. And God if I have missed it! I LOVE BEER AND I LOVE DAY DRINKING. 2 tradgarden I must be extremely immature because I still refuse to admit that I live in Sweden. As a result I haven’t explored Stockholm whatsoever and I don’t even have a Swedish telephone number. Having some of my brit friends here made my heart torment even more. 6 trädgården7 saboune But at least for a few hours we could eat disgusting hamburgers and just hang out pretending things were all back to normal. 8 saboune Some of their friends were dog sitting (which btw might be my dream profession?) and we all got to cuddle it and secretly feed her bread. <3 10 The sun climbed down the globe and Trädgården filled up with tune thirsty hipsters. 9 And it was time. 11 jenny wilson For Jenny Wilson to play. She was awesome, even though that is not my kind of music. But reality can only be put on hold for that long, and I had to say bye and head home to learn how to code. The irony of how my life has switched from 100% social to 100% learning.   Linn

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