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South London

no jackets & skies in flames


För några veckor sedan var London stekhett och inte en enda rygg var torr. Jag hade precis varit på intervju hos företaget jag nu jobbar på, så hög på endorfiner styrde jag stegen mot Dalston. Där rök det från grillar.

A few weeks ago London was sizzling and there wasn’t a dry back to be seen. I finished up an interview with the company I am now hired by so high on nerves I headed to Dalston. There every street corner was smoky from bbqs and street food stalls.




Jag var där för att hänga med mina skottska brudar och dricka prosecco i hettan. Coryn bor i Stockholm men var i London över helgen. Vi skvallrade, uppdaterade varandra och försökte hitta logik i all skit som kommer med att vara 20-någonting. Sen var det dags för oss att hoppa på overgrounden ned till Peckham.

To see my two Scottish babes for some prosecco in the heat. Coryn lives in Stockholm but was in town for the weekend. We caught up, gossiped and unpicked the shit that comes with being 20 something before we jumped on the overground to Peckham.


En miljon trappsteg upp steg vi ut på Frank’s, en bar på ett tak till ett parkeringshus i Peckham, helt klart en sommarfavvo, som ni kanske känner till vid det här laget. Där är liksom allt vad en tänker är sommar sådär i midvintern.

After climbing the thousand stairs we got up to Frank’s Rooftop Bar. One of my favourite summer spots, as you might know by now. Up there it was everything summery you dream about in midst of winter.




Coryn-and-Amel-at-Franks-Rooftop-Bar,-in-Peckham,-Summer-in-London  Drinks-at-Franks-Rooftop-Bar,-in-Peckham


Vi köpte pimms och campari sodas och satte oss ned mitt på betongen.

We bought some pimms and campari sodas and sat our cute lil bums down on the carpark.


Sunset-over-London-skyline-View-from-Franks-Rooftop,-London-Summer  Summer-sunset-over-London-Skyline,-View-from-Franks-Rooftop-Bar-in-Peckham


I perfekt timing för det riktiga skådespelet. HERREGUD.

Just in time for the true summer spectacle began. HOLY.


Medan himlen gick från brinnande aprikos till duvblå kom en bloggläsare upp till mig och gjorde min kväll (hej hej! tack för att du e awesome och modig som kom fram), innan vi spenderade resten av kvällen med att gå från bar till bar. Inga jackor där inte, för du vet, sommaren var överallt.

As the sky went from velvet to black a blog reader came up to me and made my night (hej hej! tack för att du e awesome och modig som kom fram), before we spent the rest of the night bar hopping. We didn’t even bring jackets because you know, summer.


Rooftop adventures from the archive:





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A South London Birthday


On Friday night I took the train down to Deptford in South London. It’s strange because this city is like an archipelago, where its inhabitants rarely leave their islands to visit other parts. But as East London’s rents are outgrowing most of us, many of my friends have moved south of the river. Thereby I’m forced out of my little comfort zone to explore areas previously unknown to me. Friday was an occasion like that, where at 8pm I stood in the back patio of an unknown bar on a street I’ve never been to, in an area I had never heard of.


The bar was Job Center and the reason for us being there was that my weirdest little godess Lovisa was turning 22.


Squeezed around two tables many of us had gathered outside in mid November to drink to this lovely woman.




I gave her six presents wrapped in Beyonce posters, what else right? There were things like a cat sticker book, Highschool Musical 2 fridge magnets, dragon fake tattoos and two prints of my favourite photos of Lovisa. It went down well.

Frida in Deptford


We drank mulled cider to keep warm and chatted away about bad parties and flat evictions, my god awful job interview and where to find the best vintage coats.


Just as people got foggy and dancy the horrific news about Paris hit us. A damp seriousness fell over the whole bar. People were on their phones trying to reach loved ones in Paris, grieving the horrendous state the world is in and speculating in what this will lead to. What’s ahead looks like everything apart from bright.


It is terrifying because it feels so close. I’ve been to that restaurant, Daniel went to that band’s gig here in London, my friends live in Republique. But I’m one of those lucky enough not to lose somebody close to me. If you did, I’m deeply sorry, not that that’s even close to cutting it.

Although I do really want to stress for us all to remember that this is about more than Paris. It is also about children being stabbed in the head at a mall in Kenya. It’s about the suicide attacks in Beirut as well as Bagdad just days before that were as severe but that nobody talked about. This is the violence in Syria that is forcing millions of people to abandon their homes, their lives. That is just as important, as devastating.

I have no solution but to grieve the state of the entire world, not just our own, and welcoming those who fear the same violence, independent of religion, race or background.

”Happiness can be found
even in the darkest of times
as long as one remembers
to turn on the light.”
– Albus Dumbledore



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Highlights From My London Summer

I have a few photos left from my summer in London so I thought I’d share some of my highlights with you from that rainy, grey, magical town.


On one of the rainiest of Sundays I was heavy and hungover but still managed to get out. I stumbled upon the best sample sale where I got my favourite summer shoes and then met up with six of my favourite people. Squeezed in under broken sunroof a we sat drinking ales whilst getting drenched from the rain. People think I’m odd but rain is my favourite weather so I didn’t mind one bit (which makes London a pretty good match for me) because I was with my babes. <3 <3


Lovisa had taken the bus all the way back east and (I returned the favour by going on an exotic one day holiday down to her girl collective down South). And it might sound lame but when you can’t afford paying for your bus ride, the other side of town does feel like another country.


We kept on bar hopping around Dalston, occupying the tiniest corner in the otherwise full pubs. It was the Wimbledon finals and England was going nuts. As the hangover caught up with me and made me head home, my insane friends went back home to continue partying until 11am the morning after.


Another of my favourite nights this summer was when I met up with Daniel, Gin and Seb in Soho for after work drinks. A little tipsy we took a taxi(!) down to Peckham and Frank’s rooftop bar (which I recommended in my London Guide).


It was humid and warm out, young people everywhere with summer in their lungs and fairy lights reflecting in their eyes. The whole carpark rooftop was filling up and we zigzagged through the crowd, the twilight vibrating, feeling like this night would explode into fireworks and be forever etched into my memory.


In between british boys in ugly print tees we found my girl Kajsa. I introduced Gin to her, Seb’s new girlfriend, and she fell in love with her just like I had.


And when Seb had to go home to get ready for work, she stayed out with us! <3


It’s when I get up this high I lose my breath over London. This night was no different. London is so big and there is so many places to see and things to do and it’s alive!!! CAN I BE YOUNG 4EVER PLZ.

When nighttime crept upon us we walked over to a tiny little basement snooker club called Canavan. It was like back when I was nineteen and Olivia and I hung out at Efes four nights a week, dancing to hiphop with bad boys. Tonight the boys stood crammed around the bar, dancing to electronic music or talking about getting married whilst weirdos of all ages played snooker and wore odd outfits. Weird weird London I like you a lot.


A few days I met up with my mental coach and ultimate diva Danielle to try sort out our lives over coffees and laptops in Dalston. I mostly sat sighing over her hair, gossiping about pop stars and music videos, colleagues trying to explain ”underground and laughing at her flatmate situations.


As July merged into August Jared and Olivia invited us over to their new flat in Chancery Lane. They’ve moved in to an old postal office with a grand entrance, sauna and one of those rooftop terraces only annoyingly successful couples in glossy magazines have.


We ate tapas in the sunset like the glossy editorial stars we are.


I can’t believe it’s only two months left until I move back to this place. And settle down! No more moving away or having to study elsewhere or do long distance. This summer definitely didn’t put me off.



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I’ve known Lovisa and the girls for three years now. Compared to back then the sparkling excitement of endless nights around London has faded and we are all a bit broken and worn. Not sure whether I can blame this city or if it’s just growing up. But most other things remain the same, like the awful salaries for examples.

It’s Friday and I’ve taken the overground down to South London to visit my girls. It’s rare to cross the river, whatever side you happen to live on. We’re all so skint that an overground ride is one less beer and that sometimes mean no beer at all. Plus that spending 90min getting home at night is simply unreasonable. But once you do, it’s like being on holiday in a faraway place, minus the stunning views.

They are five girls sharing a house, all juggling part-time retail job to be able to pursue a creative career. The landlord owning a shop next door is drunk and catcalls us when we walk past. Inside we cook food whilst the front door opens and closes with more girls constantly falling in, hugging each other, making dirty jokes, talking about farts as well as careers and skirts. We sit in the back garden, rolling cigarettes (the cheap ones) and drinking chilled wine (the even cheaper one), lifting weights and making dumb jokes. Everybody keeps changing outfits and they have so many inside jokes I’ve lost count. It’s freeing seeing chicks share lives like this, being more than a family, they’re each other’s loudest cheerleaders. On every opening or release party or event that one of them host you will see the others being there, pouring wine, photographing the crowd, djing. I love living with Daniel more than anything, but I will always miss being flatmates with my best girlfriends.



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