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I’ve got a few things turning my life a little on the edge nowadays. Nothing serious or awful, just a change that I won’t know about until the beginning of next year. And no this is not one of those secret blog projects that’s super cool, more a dull life crisis that requires change. What I am trying to do is steer my life more towards writing.


Therefore I spent most of this weekend alone by the dining table in our living room, trying to puzzle things together. Being alone and quiet with my thoughts is one of my favourite things. In one of my few breaks I snapped a few photos to show you snippets from what my home looks like. This is one of many warehouse windows in our flat. It’s by far my favourite thing about living here – the light. And yes, it’s Beethoven on the iPad, because the only thing I can listen to when writing is classical music.


On Saturday my boyfriend Daniel and I went on a mission with our flatmates to find a Christmas tree. Because what is more bonding than decorating a tree and drinking homemade mulled cider, right? So that’s what we did.


After half an hour walking around Hackney we managed to find this stunning creation. Whilst Dave made up a mulled cider recipe the rest of us put all the poundland decorations up. I love love love how the star makes it look like the most depressing Christmas ever.


Our flatmates are adorable and proper artists. Several nights we’ve come home to find the two of them a little stoned playing Christmas songs on a guitar each, singing louder than a gospel choir.


I was pitching three articles for a magazine I’ve been in touch with. Hopefully they’ll like them and I get to work with them more in the new year. As soon as I know I will let you know.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my flat.



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Black suede, warehouses & webb-series about break ups


On Sunday I looked this dangerous when it felt like London would blow off the maps because of the storm. Daniel snapped the photos outside our house just as our flatmate came home from a weekend trip. She doesn’t really know I blog so the whole thing just looked proper odd, and both Daniel and I got so nervous we didn’t care to explain.

I keep on insisting on wearing nylon socks under my jeans despite it being December, but I just like how they look, especially ripped.


Together with a cable knit cashmere jumper and my vintage suede jacket with Americana fringes at the back.


And a vintage purse.


I stayed in the whole weekend, watching Mad Max and eating pomegranate in bed whilst Daniel was out getting rowdy at some dj set. Having a home again feels magical and I catch myself at work just daydreaming of getting to come home.


In the mornings we walk down the street to the off license to buy tomatoes, eggs and cheetos for breakfast. Right now I hope I don’t have to leave my block for the whole of December, apart from to buy a Christmas tree and snacks.


This must be what parents feel, having to stop to take pictures of your baby time after time again.


The window on the right is ours, the one with the blinds down because the mornings are so bright I feel like Hades stepping out of the underground.


Here’s a glimpse of our living room where we have a billion warehouse windows and a dining table made out of old wooden train tracks. As soon as we have stuffed away all of our shit and put some more things up I’ll show you photos of it all. I feel no rush at all though, for once we have all the time in the world.

On another note I star in Sandra’s latest episode of her webb series about novels and different love dilemmas. You saw some sneak peaks on my Instagram (@linnwiberg) but now it’s out. Together with Flora we discuss breakups (unfortunately only in Swedish) and you should watch it! It’s so weird to see a 90min convo be cut down to 8min but we’re pretty cute.  Click here to view the show at Sandra’s blogg.

Now going from glamorous webb series starlet *wishful thinking* back to being an intern. Work is going pretty good I think(?)! And on Thursday we’re having an office party. I’m terrified obviously.



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