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the coolest place in london – God’s Own Junkyard



Nu är det fem år sedan jag flyttade till London, och jag vet inte hur många gånger God’s Own Junkyard har dykt upp i mina sociala flöden. Det här mystiska neonmuseet ser ut som ett flipperspel på steroider och har fått otaliga vänner att skriva captions i caps lock. Men jag är lat, och ofta bakis, så en resa ut till Walthamstow har känts lång.

Men när Frida och Nicolas var här för den stora födelsedagsfirningen, kändes det dags att vi upptäckte vad det här var för något himla ställe. Och OJ, vi blev inte besvikna. Håll i er, här kommer en helt trippy färgexplosion.

I’ve been residing in London for a good five years now and I can’t count how many times the place God’s Own Junkyard has appeared in various social feeds. This mystical neon museum that looks like a pinball game on ecstasy has got all my friends writing their captions in caps lock. But I am lazy, and taking the bus out to Walthamstow feels far.

When Frida and Nicolas came to town for the big birthday celebration, we felt like it was about time we discovered what this place was really about. And oh dear, it did not disappoint. Beware of an overload of a trippy colour explosion.



Ägt av Chris Bracey, har den här privata samlingen 37 år av samlande på nacken. Hundratals neonskyltar, många som syns i bl.a. Batman, Eyes Wide Shut och Kalle och chokladfabriken.

Owned by Chris Bracey, this private collection boasts of 37 years of collecting neon signs from all over. Many which star in famous films like Batman, Eyes Wide Shut and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



I ett fullständigt kaos blinkade färgglada lampor från golv till tak.

In a complete chaos there were colourful lights from floor to ceilings and we were all in awe.



My baby love Frida.







My boo.





Våra stackars bakishjärnor gick på högvarv när vi vandrade runt i labyrinten. För mycket att ta in, ta bara deras elräkning som exempel.

Our hungover souls were in complete shock as we walked around the maze. There was too much to take in, like what their electricity bill must come to.


Sen sörjde vi hur instagramfotona blev fina men förstörde färgkoordinationen i fåra feeds. Som tur var hade de ett fik/bar där de sålde superbillig öl från bryggeriet bredvid.

Then we grieved how these pictures ruined the colours in our feeds. Luckily they also had a little bar and cafe in there where they sold beers from the brewery next door. Perfect for curing our hangovers slightly.




I felt overwhelmed, swollen and fab.


Efter några fler runder för att visa alla porriga och oanständiga skyltar vi lyckats hitta åkte vi tillbaka till Hackney Central. Resten av kvällen spenderades med att äta vietnamesisk mat, dansa på Old Blue Last, hångla sönder och somna fyra stycken i samma rum i rädsla att våra flatmates skulle styckmörda oss.

And after another few rounds showing saucy signs to each other it was time to head back to Hackney Central. The rest of the night was spent eating vietnamese food, dancing at Old Blue Last, snogging and falling asleep four people in the same room because we thought we might get murdered by people in our house.


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NEW YORK | MoMA & Welcome to the Johnson’s

My boyfriend Daniel and I recently spent two weeks travelling around in North America. First to New York to visit his twin brother and then up to Toronto to visit his family. If you want to refresh your memory or missed some posts here they are:

Day 1 – AP Cafe, Saturday Surf, Soho & Tattoos
Day 2  A Sunday in New York City
Day 3 – Spicy Village, Williamsburg Bridge & Champs Diner
Day 4 – Brooklyn Parks & Harlem Bars
Day 5 – The New Whitney Museum, Lower East Side & Forgtmenot

New-York-City-LightsDay six and we’ve got a bit of a routine going. Wake up drenched in sweat to the sound of cars honking and pigeons cooing, shower cold and then head down to the local sandwich shop to try out a new flavour wrap, which yet again won’t be really to our taste. On the corner we pick up an iced coffee and take the subway downtown. By this point we are drenched yet again, so the AC on the train is welcome.Sandra-eating-a-DonutThis day we meet up with Sandra! My friend from Hyper Island that you might recognise from this weird night. Her parents have migrated to Montreal and she forced them to book a weekend in NYC so that she could come down to see us. <3

Moma-New-York-City-MuseumThe three of us walk up to MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art.

(gif) There were some pieces which really caught my attention but overall I thought MoMA was such a disappointment! Especially in comparison to our latest visit to a museum.

The displays had no correlation and the descriptions were complicated and sometimes even irrelevant. And Yoko Ono’s solo exhibition was a damn joke! A single green apple on a pedestal and other bullshit things like that. Ughh. If you’re in town, don’t waste your time going here.Daniel-in-New-York-SubwayOutside again we decide that we’ve had it with art for this trip and go to get some donuts, because you’re hangry and love cheap american stuff.Frida-Regeheim-at-the-bar-the-Johnson'sAfter barhopping in East Village we meet up with this babe (read her blog if you don’t) once again and she brings us to Welcome to the Johnson’sa charming little dive bar where they sell Pabsts for $2! Linn-WibergSo what is a ”dive bar”? It’s basically a shitty but cool bar where the drinks are cheap and the music good and the cleaning/renovating is 8 years overdue.Linn-Wiberg-at-Welcome-to-the-Johnsons I sure like that.PabstWe open cans (as if girls don’t drink beers..) and discuss school project, work partners and what the hell to do with the future.(gif) As lost as always we have exactly no answers. Cheers to that!Daniel-Pilaprat-at-the-bar-Welcome-to-the-Johnsons-New-York(gif) After a disgusting $1 shot Nicolas joins us.imageAnd then the four troublemakers are off into the Bushwick night. First stop is a free drinks event at a creperie owned by a friend of Nicolas. We are served slices of homemade pizza and not crepes with cava in the crammed room upstairs. All windows are wide open but there isn’t a single breeze preventing the sweaty skin of the intoxicated crowd to stick together like magnets upon the slightest graze.

We claim a table in one of the back corners. It’s dark and candle lit and not at all quiet. I like how Frida thinks you and your brother are funny, and I wish I could always have her with me. The friendly boy behind the counter refills my cava three times and I brought my camera but it’s nonexistent in here despite making my bag heavy and my back hurt. There is drama, because when is there not. People get rowdy and sometimes rude, but I think that’s just New York.

The night is dense and the city still frightens me. But if I wanted tranquility and peace, I would’ve booked an all inclusive at a resort in Mallorca, not a holiday in Bushwick. And why why why on earth would I do that and kill the thrill of the unknown.



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1 hayward gallery Friday and since both me and Daniel are off together we go on an excursion down to Southbank with its tourist traps and traffic jams. To the Hayward Gallery to be more exact and the awful Martin Creed exhibition: What’s the Point? which is full of bullshit like ballpoint pen scribble on papers and cardboard boxes stapled on each other. BUT! 2 balloons It also has a massive room filled with white balloons from the floor up to the high ceiling. 3 daniel balloons4 daniel martin creed It’s the most surreal and magical thing I’ve ever experienced and I can’t stop laughing and shouting OMG DANIEL THIS IS SO SICK OMG. 5 linn martin creed It’s all like being in a balloon cloud and as Daniel is more than 1m in front of me he completely disappears. 6 daniel martin creed Mandatory Instagramming. 7 martin creed linn Ecstatic we make out in an ocean of white latex and I am in heaven, obviously. 9 daniel hayward gallery With hair filled with static electricity we leave and it was so worth the £9 submission. It’s open until the 27th of April so hurry!   Linn

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