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How I’m spending my sweet 2016 | A guide to set up goals for your year

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Despite having had the best of times I have lately felt the desperate need to get my life ‘back on track’. You who have followed me for a while know that I’ve battled through several depressions the last two years. Now that I’m better my life suddenly feels itchy and uncomfortable. I crave creating, innovating and producing my own things, that I am proud of, that is me. And I have the energy to do it. It might also have something to do with my riding the wave of early mid life crisis that a lot of my friends turning 30 this year are going through.

New Year’s resolutions are rubbish, but after having sat down in lengthy discussions with my boyfriend I have put up goals for this year. Just to make sure it doesn’t slip between my fingers. Life, that is.

In short this was my process and further down are 3 tools to help you:

First step was to divide my life in two categories; career and personal. Secondly I evaluated and pinpointed what parts of my life is making me content and what is brining me unhappiness. Make lists for each, the more detailed the better. Third is to set up goals for how to turn around or maintain each point. 

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3 tools to setting up goals:

1. The rubber band method

A lecturer I had once said that you can think of a goal like a rubber band between you and your dreams. If you don’t challenge yourself, you want stretch the rubber band far enough and it will fall down. But if you put the dream too far, the rubber band will snap.

2. Make them smart.

  • Specific – define exactly what you want to achieve so you know when you’ve done it.
  • Measurable – ‘doing more’ of something is impossible to achieve so come up with a may to measure you progress and know when you’ve completed it.
  • Attainable – be realistic… make sure it’s a stretch but still possible.
  • Relevant – it has to help you get where you want. We all want to be photoshop experts, but if your goal is to become a veterinarian it might not be the thing you should spend time on.
  • Time-bound – when do you want this to be achieved?

Because if you aren’t able to measure your progress it’s easy to stagnate and not get anywhere or difficult to actually feel content when you have.

3. Set reminders

For every goal I set several reminders on my phone so that I won’t end up at the end and having completely forgotten about them. Revisiting your list in a few months is also a great way to make sure you’re not detouring from your aim. And it the list isn’t relevant any more – tweak it.

These are my goals for 2016:



Focus on becoming a writer
This is my main point to strive towards. Not just this year but long term. Studying and working in other industries have made me realise that might heart will never be completely devoted to anything apart from writing (unless I’m actually making the world a better place). It will even make me miserable. I’ve spent countless lectures secretly reading articles and novels on my phone, typing up ideas on plots and essays. Somehow I feel like I’m quite stupid, since it’s not until now it even occurred to me that I should work with just that.

Not have a fulltime job doing something else (in the capacity possible)
Still have to pay rent unfortunately, but working fulltime doing something unrelated will consume all my time and energy. It’s not worth it. Daniel and I have discussed this and I would rather move a bit further out, being able to survive on working parttime in a cafe.

Write one article a month
If nobody wants to buy it, I will publish it here. This will obviously not cut it if I want to survive on being a freelance writer. But it’s a start.

Be published in 4 new places
Whether they are zines, digital platforms or publications.

Read at least one book a month
If you have recommendations, hit me up!

Switch back to writing (professionally) in Swedish
I adore the English language. It has so many more possibilities than my native tongue. But I will never truly master it. For now my blog will still be in English but I’m thinking about different solutions.

Restructure, plan and put up goals for this blog
The time I spend here is piling up, and I want to make sure that it’s spent in a way that both you and I get the most out of this lil haven.

Write an outline for a novel

Apply to a writers program with that outline

New York 2015


Speak to my family daily
It was one of my biggest achievements last year, mending the little dents in our relationship. I want us to become even closer despite living half a world apart.

Reflect and reevaluate my happiness as I go
Restructure or confront if needed. I will also revisit this list after six months.

Go completely analogue one evening a week
Living that 1970s life with making out in the sofa, bake and listen to vinyls.

Have date nights and sleepovers with my girls
I’ve realised I suck at this even if it’s my favourite thing, so I have to stop treating my bf like my only bff.

Eat vegetarian food 5 out of 7 days a week
It’s better for everybody; the earth, my body and my wallet. Plus it pushes me to explore my passion for cooking new recipes even more!

Spend a lot of time in a swimsuit
Not measurable at all but I want to be able to remember my summer as a swimsuit summer

Get a cool haircut
Lol, who am I why am I not cool

Exercise once a week
I did yoga throughout most of 2015, and I fucking found myself or something lol. Before I was dead tired in the evenings and still had trouble sleeping, but when exercising I was alert, happy and slept like a lil baby. Even if I hate every bit with having to bother, I want to get into the habit to keep energy levels up.

Be active during the day despite sitting in front of the laptop
Go for a walk during lunch, use the Stand Up! app that helps you remember to not sit statically all day.

Not stand on the scales once

Go home before 4 am
I suck at leaving parties but I seriously have to because hangovers give me anxiety. Plus look at this list – I’VE GOT SHIT TO DO!

Photograph manually
My camera is my baby, but I also hate it because I don’t know its functions well enough. I want to play around more. Any hot guys or badass chicks out their who want to tutor me?

Try Lightroom instead of Photoshop



And as I mentioned above – these aren’t musts or promises, but guidelines and aids on how to reflect and get my life steering towards the direction I want. Making it has made me well excited for what’s to come! I think this year will be fab, it’s all of ours sweet 16 after all.

What are your goals for this year? What are your thoughts on new year’s resolutions? Have you got a different structure?




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