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house party

a surprise party for the twins


Efter denna dansanta brunch var jag tvungen att rusa tillbaka hem, dit den andra tvillingbrodern anlänt hel vägen från New York. I hemlighet hade jag och hans vänner planerat en liten tidig överraskningsfest för att de skulle fylla 30 veckan efter.

After this boozy brunch I had to run back home to our, where the other twin brother had finally arrived from New York. We had planned a surprise party for the two of them as their 30th was coming up and they had no clue.

Surprise for the Pilaprats

Såhär såg det ut utanför när jag smög ut för att blåsa upp heliumballonger och släppa in det lilla kanadensiska crewet. Hur mycket ser detta inte ut som en himla film? Tyvärr har jag ingen bild på tvillingarnas min när vi kom inspringandes men såjävlagulligajagorkarinte.

This is what it looked like when I snuck out to prepare with the lil canadian crew outside. Doesn’t this look like a freaking film??! I have no pic of what they looked like but it was priceless.

birthday Cupcakes

Jess, deras bästa vän från Toronto, hade bakat världens godaste chokladcupcakes med guldströssel och tagit med hundra presenter plus champagne. Kan inte bli annat än fest då!

Jess had baked chocolate cupcakes with gold sprinkles on top and brought about a million gifts + champagne. Which can only mean party!


 Så vi sjöng, skålade och satte oss ned för att catcha upp med allas äventyr på olika sidor av atlanten.

So we sat down, caught up on everybody’s transatlantic lives and played some tunes.


Jared and Olivia.


Nick and Jess.


Så som timmarna rullade vidare fylldes lägenheten av allsång, ballongkrig, hemmagjorda pickle back-shots, pojkar som dansade ensamma och lyckliga i hörnen och alla andra saker som är fint.

There were ballon fights, home made pickle back shots, boys dancing alone in corners and all other kinds of good stuff.


Efter sex timmars fest var det midnatt(!) och dags att dra vidare.

After six hours of partying it was midnight and time to head out.

Nicolas-and-Daniel,-London-2016 Nicolas-Daniel,-London-2016

De här två var så förbannat glada att få hänga igen att mitt hjärta sprack i alla sömmar. <3

These two were well happy to hang out together again. <3


Vi var på en väns hejdå-fest i Daniel’s förra lägenhet men hamnade tillbaka hemma ganska snart bara för att alla hade för mycket att ta igen efter så mycket tid iväg. Det dansades vilt, berättades hemligheter som inte borde berättats och stannades uppe ändå tills solen kröp varm över Hackney. Då krashlandade jag, Nicolas och Daniel i en säng, jetlaggade, bakis och lite för glada.

We left for a friend’s farewell party at Daniel’s old flat but ended up back at ours pretty quickly, dancing wildly, telling secrets that shouldn’t be told and staying up doing stupid things until the sun crept over Hackney. Then Nicolas, Daniel and I crashed in one bed, jetlagged, hungover and a little too happy.


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The wind is taring at all the tiny cracks in the warehouse conversion that is your home. In your loft room I hide under your massive duvet listening to your chest moving up and down to the wisps of cold air from outside. Four days from now it’s your birthday, and I won’t be here for it. You’ve said it doesn’t matter and I believe you, but I’m pissed off and feel guilty for missing it. Daniel,-Clapton-2015I try to slip out of your grip and out of the bed to go prepare breakfast because I know how much you just want to sleep. But I’m clumsy and your mattress too soft so I wake you and you pull me back into the warmth. And I’d much rather be there than frying some fucking pancakes pretending to be a housewife. You laugh at me and instead you end up by the stove with me sitting on the counter beside, eating raspberries from the packet. Your laptop is singing out rough tunes from some American basement band and the bacon is jumping from the heat. Seeing your face when you open your gifts just proves my point, that we cannot possibly be growing old. A-strong-sense-of-insenseNot having a British telephone contract feels like a good thing today. There is no 3G and it’s almost like we’re on holiday as the bus takes us down to central London. First up is the exhibition We Could Be Heroes capturing youth culture in West from the 1920s and onwards with probably the most beautiful pictures of teens ever. Then the contemporary art exhibition A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense at Pace Gallery celebrating the rich art scene in the 60s with names such as Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, Basquiat and other dudes with so many pretty things. Like this neon sign quoting a journalist describing the drug raid on the Rolling Stones’ crib in 1967 getting caught using all kinds of illegal substances. It is stunning. Meat-Mission,-HoxtonThe damp air is too much as it rips our jackets open, cutting through all of our layers and far down to our skin making us shiver. We agree that we’ve had enough of holidaying and jump the bus to return east to the burger restaurant Meat Mission, located in an old church. Daniel,-Meat-Mission-March-2015Because what’s Daniel’s birthday without some greasy burgers and whisky? Clapton,-March-2015Clapton-March-2015At home we lie in your bed for some time, just drinking beer and playing music but it’s not long before friends start to drop in one by one. Danielle,-London-March-2015Like my beauty queen Danielle. Jared-and-Saboune,-London-March-2015Soon we have friends occupying every bit of the livingroom and spilling into the kitchen and down on the street. I stand in the kitchen drinking some dodgy mix of pineapple soda and tequila from a plastic cup that one of your tall male friends has provided me with. Daniels-birthday-2015From across the room I can see you invested in some wild conversation, hands gesturing in the air and a guttural laugh escaping as you lean so far back you almost fall of the sofa. The song you queued for me comes on and you scream to catch my attention. You are such a fucking weirdo, and I love you. Katja,-London-2015All of a sudden my classmate Katja stands in the kitchen. Even though I invited her it’s like discovering a Christmas ornament at the Easter table, seeing her among all my London friends. My brain just don’t seem to grasp how she could even enter my parallel life but it’s beyond lovely nonetheless. We climb up ladders and share ales on window panes as I introduce her to everybody. Daniels-bday-2015The neighbour complains so many times that nobody even bother opening the door after a while. Instead people shout out the window for her to join us for some cocktails, and tonight it’s just funny even though it won’t be tomorrow. The police still don’t show up, because England is just as lawless or untameable as always. I barely see you apart from when we bump into each other by accident in the hallway and you kiss my neck and I can feel your cold leather jacket against my naked skin. At 5am people are still not leaving and I don’t ever want them to because nights should be endless. Unfortunately I’m not my 19 year old self dancing away at after parties at 11am any more. Instead I help you kick the leftover friends out on the muggy pavement so that we can climb up your ladder, leaving sticky footmarks and crumpled cans littering the floor, and crash. Growing old doesn’t feel all too bad when there are celebrations like these.     Linn   See also my Friday in London.


It’s Saturday in London and we are pretending that it’s my birthday, even though it’s not in another four days. Daniel wakes me up with lots of presents (that I have to show you in another post) and once again makes an attempt at singing for me as we do in Sweden. He blushes and stops though because for a Canadian boy it’s too much to handle and it cracks me up every time. Daniel at Bistrotheque Our heads are a bit heavy from the previous night but it’s my birthday and nothing can ruin my day. I put on my glamorous black velvet dress with high platform shoes and Daniel’s dangerous bomber jacket. Plus lots of heavy eye makeup of course, because on my birthday I want to be the biggest babe ever. We take the red double decker down to Cambridge Heath where Daniel has booked us a table at Bistrotheque for brunch. Bistrotheque, London Just look at this place. They should sponsor me considering how often I write about them. Bistrotheque I order eggs benedict because it combines all the greatness in this world! Linn at Bistrotheque The man with pink hair plays Taylor Swift on the grand piano and we become one of those couples who make out over the table. I adore how we were both disgusted by PDA and even had a talk about not doing this when we started seeing each other. And wow, now the snogging is beyond control, and I couldn’t be more proud. Love Shake, Shoreditch Afterwards we walk around our old hood in Bethnal Green and I get my haircut at the tiny local hairdressers where they take half an eternity but are so cheap and lovely. They compliment your hair and your job and discuss the difference from when they opened 34 years back and carried knives to work. There is always a drunk lady getting thick pink highlights or somebody dressed up as a wizard agreeing in the chair next to you. We visit the Goodhood Store which is my new fave place, and then there is time for milkshakes at the Love Shake. Daniel a Love Shake We share a strawberry milkshake because there is no better flavour. the Love Shake, London Saboune joins us too! Sager & Wilde, Shoreditch At 3pm we get hungry and the three of us decides that the party should start so we wander over to Sager + Wilde for wine, toasties and other goodies. It is my pretend birthday after all. Sager & Wilde, London We’re alone there at first but there are too many thirsty Londoners for that to last long. They play our favourite 70s tracks and the windows fog up with condensation as we catch up about work and cities and flats and love. I’ve missed my boys. London fades into night and we say bye to Saboune to go and have dinner at a Vietnamese place. The Christmas lights decorate every street and the air is turning chillier so it’s nice to hide at Danielle’s bar for a bit. Daniel is awfully rushed and I snap because he is constantly being on his phone. HELLO IT’S MY FAKE BIRTHDAY COULD YOU STOP TEXTING IT’S RUDE!

But then as we enter his dark flat and step into the livingroom it turns out that he has gathered all of by best friends for a surprise party for me!!! <3 Surprise party, Linn 23yrs I almost cry because this is the nicest thing somebody has ever done and it’s the best freaking birthday I could imagine. Ornella & Henry, nov 14 So many of my lovelies are there which is so rare as I never seem to be able to see them all during my short weekend visits. My baby Ornie who I miss all the time, and her man. Frida, London Nov 2014 I hang out with my rockstar/business woman/poet Frida talking about unethical sex and bedbugs, how tempting people can be and the reality of job briefs. Surprise Party, Hackney nov 14 I also run around like a lunatic, trying to squeeze out as much love out of every single one of these, hearing what they are up to and how they are. There sure are not enough hours in a night to keep up with this many wicked people. We dance and drink gin out of hello kitty mugs and vodka out of milk cartons. I play my cheesiest tunes to everybody’s protest but it’s my party and I dance to whatever the hell I want to and they love me for it. Then I compromise because that’s what friends do too. Frida M, London nov 14 I receive gifts and kisses and a stylist flatmate falls and rips one of the curtains in his Prada fur coat. We make plans about travels that will never happen and eternal friendships that I refuse to let go of. I wish I could push dawn until next year. They all keep on saying that it feels like I still live here but that the absence is huge at the same time. Inside I’m crashing and burning and still bursting with happiness. In the morning I wake up Ornella as her taxi arrives. She’s one of a few left sleeping in the sofa. Then I crawl back into Daniel’s bed and fall asleep. Damn it should be my fake or real birthday more often.   Linn


The Friday before I moved away from London it was time for my leaving party. The amount of leaving parties I’ve been to and damned the person abandoning me and the best city in the world is outrageous. And now it was time for my own, and it was painful and felt far from real. 3 daniel Like the rest of the week I decided to ignore the fact that this was my going away party, and instead pretend that I was just getting drunk with my handsome boyfriend like all the other nights. 4 Pizza Saboune had offered to have it at his house and when we arrived he even had pizzas ready for us. What a pal huh. 5 daniel6 saboune We played vinyls and hung out from the open windows. 7 hackney downs Outside it was still summer and not a sign of winter in the in the air, just a friendly heat. 11 Lovisa Slowly my friends started to drop in, showering me with prosecco and hugs and pleads not to go. Lovisa was one of them. 10 And also Bella. I was way too busy running around, letting people in, downing whiskey with babes I haven’t seen in ages and others I hang out with every single day, to take pictures. 14 Ornella My lovely, wicked, brilliant babe Ornella was there of course and she even brought her new boy for me to meet for the first time.<3 8 danielle9 danielle It’s weird gathering all the people you love under the same roof and know that you won’t have them in your everyday life anymore. No buying coffees together between lectures, no taking turns predrinking at each others flats, no sharing links to hip hop nights you can go to together or no more Saturday brunch dates. It made me wonder again why the fuck I am going. 12 bella13 katta ornella The night came and Canadians fell in love with Swedes and there were fights about music, people made out in the beds and strangers did shots together. Even my uni mates showed up, and people I didn’t know, and suddenly we were about 30 people dancing around in spilled drinks. I ran around like a nutcase, trying to hug everybody at the same time, bring drunk and pleased and free. The best thing is that now that I am gone several of my friends who didn’t know each other before the party have started hanging out. <3 1615 After too many hours and the neighbours coming over for the 3rd time to shut down the party we figured it was time to take the party elsewhere but first we started a little tropical street party. 17 Jimmy and Katta. 19 Heading over the dark streets of Dalston, picking up £1-beer cans and we casually crashed Amel’s house. 18 The word spread and from all over people dropped in and filled the rooms, spilling out on the street outside and sitting on every step in the stairs. 22 amel Our Scottish goddess Amel. 2123 Some of us escaped upstairs to catch up and drink whiskey in bed and gossip. 20 jared Jared. 26 I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden the house was filled with strangers and it was way too late. We helped Amel shove all the lovebirds out the house and outside a fried chicken shop, filled with tears I hugged all my friends goodbye one last time.



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