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glitter ceilings, highschool dances and dreams of rock stars


Ok, många spelningar här nu, men jag bor ju i London trots allt! Håll i er, för nu kommer jag låta knäpp, men jag går runt med en konstant känsla av att jorden/mitt liv/allt kommer gå under vilken sekund som helst. Därför måste jag klämma ut varenda droppe av livet medan jag kan. Så igår gick jag och några av mina gurls + Saboune för att se Telegram spela på nya Moth Club i Hackney. Det var som ett skoldisco från 60-talet kräkts över hela interiören, dvs AMAZING.

Ok, a lot of gigs right now, but I do live in London after all! Hold tight because this will sound mental, but I have a feeling things will turn to shit any second now and my life will end or something, so I need to squeeze out all the good stuff whilst I can. Therefore I went with some of my chicks + Saboune to see Telegram play at the new Moth Club in Hackney. The decor was like a teenage highschool dance in the 60s puked all over, in other words – GREAT.


Wilma var där i babe:iga knutar.

Wilma was there looking fab. 

The Moth Club

Jag kände inte till något av banden som spelade men föll pladask för denna man ovanför som var DÖDSKUL! Om någon känner honom, säg att han ska ringa mig för jag vill bli hans nya bff.

I didn’t know any of the bands playing but fell head over heels for this guy who was HILARIOUS. If you happen to read this, please call me, I wanna be your bff.




Taket var exakt samma material som skridskohjälmar och rollerblades var på 90-talet ni vet? Stenhårda med en shock av glitter.

The ceiling was exactly like the material in roller skates and helmets were in the 90s you know? Rock hard and magically sparkling.

Telegram at The Moth Club Hackney Central

Vi dansade med, sjöng och svimmade över publiken lika mycket som bandmedlemmar. En guldstjärna till djn som såg ut som Ted Gärdestad, dvs en dröm, i sin tunga lugg, långa hår och utsvängda brallor.

We watched, danced, sang and swooned over the clientel as much as the band members. A golden star to the dj looking like a teenage dream in his long 70s haircut and flares.

Kajsa blev utskälld för lite väl mycket dregglande. I ett sammetsbås drack vi ljummen öl och spillde hemligheter om heartbreaks och rockstjärnedrömmar medan torsdag blev till fredag. Fast I vissa lokaler så står tiden som stilla, som ett himla Peter Pan land. Det här var ett sånt.

Then Kajsa was told off for swooning a lil too much. In a velvet booth we drank lukewarm pints and poured our hearts out about broken love and rockstar dreams whilst Thursday faded into Friday. But in some places time stands somewhat still, like Never Never Land. This was one of those.



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girls to the mosh pit

Eagulls, Gig Oslo

Moshing to Eagulls

Eagulls, Gig Oslo Hackney

Jag har saknat det intensiva pulserandet av basen som slår mot bröstkorgen, de förblindande strålkastarna och ringandet i öronen. Igårkväll drog jag och Daniel och Jared till klubben Oslo här i Hackney för att för tusende gången se bandet Eagulls spela. Det bästa jag vet med punkspelningar är också vad jag avskyr; att typ vara den enda tjejen. Det är noll kö till toan och överallt killarkillarkillar höga på testosteron. Jag hade förväntat mig samma sak igår, men jag blev överraskad, för när vi kom dit så var en tredjedel av publiken brudar.

Fast ännu mer förvånade var alla killar. Deras ansiktsuttryck var helt priceless när moshpitten invaderades av massor av brudar. En kille visste inte hur han skulle bete sig och stod stilla i shock. En tjej såg förolämpat på honom och knuffade honom hårt så han föll ned på marken och fortsatte sedan att dansa sönder.

<3 guuuurls <3

I’ve missed the heartfelt thumping of the base hitting my chest, the blinding spotlights, the ringing ears. Last night we went to a venue here in Hackney called Oslo to watch, for the thousandth time, Eagulls. My favourite thing about punk gigs, apart from the mentioned above, is also what I don’t like; being pretty much the only girl. There is no queue to the toilet and everywhere energetic boysboysboys. I went last night expecting just that, but when we got there I was surprised because I’d say a third of the audience were female. 

But I think the boys were even more surprised. Priceless was the look on their faces when the mosh pit was invaded by lots of chicks. One boy didn’t know what to do and kind of stood still in shock when faced with a girl. She looked at him, insulted, and shoved him hard so he fell onto the ground and then continued moshing. Brilliant.

<3 guuurls <3


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A Hackney BBQ & Celebrity Spotting

You didn’t see that much from my summer in London. For some reason I was busy doing yoga, writing, drinking cava in the park to post it all here. But some of it is too good to just drop so I hope you don’t mind me catching you up to some of it now. Blog-Post-Maeves-Kitchen-Clapton-CafesA Saturday in July just when we had arrived back from our trip to North America, London was still exotically humid. We’d been out the day before but I can’t remember where to. In Maeves-Kitchen-Avocado-SandwichMaeve’s Kitchen on Lower Clapton Road is hell of a place for all you locals to check out. I wouldn’t say it’s worth it for tourist to trekk here as it’s nothing special, but for us who live there! The prices are super low, the food great AND MOVIE STARS HANG OUT HERE.Blog-Post-Linn-Clapton-CafesI felt like a goddess having made contact with somebody from the Harry Potter cast, Clémence Poésy to be exact. Sitting in the sun she looked typically casual in her chilled out French clothes. Almost annoyingly hot in unpretentious clothes and fancy sunnies. I was lucky enough to get a spot two tables down with nobody in between so that I was exactly in her line of vision and her in mine. She even saw my deathly hallow tattoo so I can now die happy.

I did die, because being this close to somebody who represents that world felt basically as if it all is real and I will get my invitation to Hogwarts soon. And this is where all the PR agencies run the other way and never invite me to attend a bigger event ever again. Blog-Post-Daniel-at-the-Ace-Hotel-in-LondonDown through Clapton then Hackney all the way down to Shoreditch we walked. Passing by Londoners carrying second hand furniture from yardsales or retail assistans standing outside their shops smoking rollies. Since we were going to Ornella’s birthday barbecue later we got her a present from Artwords Bookshop before sitting down at the Ace Hotel for a drink, both places which I recommended in my London GuideDrinks-at-the-Ace-Hotel-LondonIt was too hot for a coffee and similar to our days in New York, the humidity made my skin sticky and my heart hungry. I must say that after more than three years I still love hanging out with Daniel just the two of us. It’s when I have the most fun! How is it even possible to have so much to talk about when you see each other all the time?Blog-Post-Hackney-Birthday BBQOnce the afternoon passed we got on the bus back up to Hackney and Homerton where, in a hidden little compound, the party was about to start.Blog-Post-Ornella-Hackney-BBQMy baby doll was happy, especially about my coffee table book on the history of sneakers all wrapped in a watermelon patterned wrapping paper. Blog-Post-Daniel-at-Hackney-BBQDaniel brought out the sausages and the cava in platic mugs.Blog-Post-Henry-at-BBQ Henry were happy as they announced that the two of them are moving in together this autumn!  Blog-Post-Daniel-in-Hackney-Flat Blog-Post-Hackney-FlatAs it seems like Homerton is the windiest  spot in London, Daniel and I went back home to put some clothes on and drink beer in the sofas whilst listening to Trap Queen three time in a row. <3Blog-Post-Hackney-BBQLots of my old uni friends dropped in and French girls I’ve met at late night parties. The food was sizzling on the grill far past that the sun had left. All around the grass people made new friends, spillt Sainsbury’s prossecco and devoured hotdogs. I tried to make Isaac help me buy a bike in exchange for me teaching him front end coding whilst simultaneously getting Jordan to sneak me in for an internship. When it was past midnight Daniel and I want to a German houseparty to drink cheap versions of margharitas and meet new popstar girlfriends with our Canadian clan. There was food everywhere and I could tell from Daniel’s eyes that he was tipsy and wanting me.

But it didn’t get that exciting because instead I went to a basement club night where I paid 10 quid to get in even though I was on the list. Then I felt like the stiffest and most whitest boring person ever and stayed exactly 12min before walking home and calling Daniel crying over having to walk through the park by myself and being angry at him not meeting me and saving me. : ))) Life is weird.



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