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video | 2 weeks in north america

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När jag samlade ihop foton for det här inlägget så fick jag en sån krampaktig längtan tillbaka till våra två veckor i New York förra sommaren. Så jag klippte ihop en 4min lång film fylld med tropisk värme, dansande i taxibilar och neonfärgade barnätter. Hoppas du gillar det!


When piling together this post I got such an aching longing for our two weeks in New York last summer that I decided to cut together a few video clips I have from there. A 4min film filled with sweltering bar nights, dancing in taxis and brunches. Hope you like it!

If you want to read more about our mischief in North America:

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Day 2  A Sunday in New York City
Day 3 – Spicy Village, Williamsburg Bridge & Champs Diner
Day 4 – Brooklyn Parks & Harlem Bars
Day 5 – The New Whitney Museum, Lower East Side & Forgtmenot
Day 6 – MoMA & Welcome To the Johnson’s

Day 7 – Grand Central Station & Bar Hopping on Lower East Side
Day 8 – A Burning Hot Brooklyn
Day 9 – 4th of July

Canada Day
The Communist Daughter, Bar Raval & Ted’s Collision
Sam James Coffee Bar
A Night at the Best Restaurant in Toronto



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Somehow Daniel and I managed to book out tickets so that we were leaving Toronto on Canada Day and New York City on 4th of July, missing both independence day celebrations. Luckily his friends were nice enough to start very early so that we had time to experience some of it. Canada-Day-BBQFirst the thought was to go pool hopping, which is breaking into various pools around the neighbourhood,  just like american teens do in the films. Apparently people in North America never grow up, which must be top three of things that are great here. Unfortunately the weather killed all my teen dreams and we decided to have a huge barbecue instead.

(gif) On the back of a building we climbed the fire escape up to Joel’s parents’ huge roof terrace. There were music playing, burgers frying and fireworks exploding in the background.Daniel-Pilaprat-Toronto-2015It felt like those evening you dream of in the midst of the harsh winters when all days are dark and you’re walking in the freezing cold down the roads filled with brown slush and your fingers and hands are cracking dry and there are eleven hundred weeks left before you’re able to take your jacket off.  Steven-Manning-TorontoWe got a preview of the EP ”Her Bulls” that Joel and Steven have produced under the name New Justine. It’s a black on black on more black casette with heavy electronic music. You can listen to it and buy it here.
(gif) The night swept over us and with it the fireworks escalated. All around one heard the explosions go off like popcorn in a microwave.
Steven-Manning-Toronto (gif) Joel’s parents came up with even more food and tea. Joel lit candles all around us on the terrace and handed out sparkles.Canada-Day-Rooftop-PartyAs soon as something sparkling and arsenic comes out all the men become little boys again.
Boys with Sparkles
(gif) Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen in a long time? <33 Toronto-CanadaJoel climbed up the rooftop and got a remarkable firework show going for us. And when midnight approached we had to leave because we were spending 12hrs driving back to NYC.
Boys with Sparkles(gif) Quite a good send off though, wouldn’t you say?



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Vintage-Shops-TorontoOn out third day visiting Daniel’s hometown Toronto we checked out some vintage shops and cafes. Most of all we went full on holiday mode and did NOTHING, just strolled. Strolling might be the most exotic thing to do, the ultimate holiday activity. The-Communist-Daughter,-TorontoThen Steven met up with us and brought us to the Communist’s Daughter. A tiny place that looks like a typical American bar in films, with lumber jacks on bar stools, a grilled cheese frying on the counter and odd things taped to the walls. We raved on about the Game of Thrones finale, my wanting to write books but being scared about the literary elite and Steven moving to London starting his own barber shop. TorontoAt dusk we walked the wide streets of Toronto.Bar-Raval-Patio-TorontoOver to our dinner spot, the Bar Raval, a newly opened tapas bar but hell of a lot fancier and nicer. Steven’s girlfriend is a sommelier there so it was a given to go try it out.Bar-Raval-Tapas-Restaurant-TorontoThe place has a stunning Gaudi-esque styled decor, plays good music and despite being a monday it was full. Apparently a German carpenter was flown in to work solely on the wooden panels for six months!Bar-Raval-Tapas-Restaurant-Toronto(gif) Whilst more of Daniel’s friends dropped in we claimed a table and Steven started ordering us a heap of things.Oyster-Bar-Raval-TorontoThere were oysters and egg sandwiches, pimientos and chorizo, $24 cocktails and cava etc etc. The best freaking food I have had, maybe ever. I was shocked! After having glanced over at the menu and nearly choked when realising the prices (definitely worth it but harsh on a student), I thought fuck it, YOLO, I will TREAT MYSELF x 1000.Bar-Raval-in-TorontoSo I did, and had a swell time. Luckily, we got hooked up with some great deals though and I didn’t have to starve for the rest of the trip. :))) Bar Raval was the best culinary experience during the whole North American trip, hands down, and when I’m famous and rich in a years time I’ll come back and pay full price.Ted's-Collision-TorontoThe night ended at Ted’s Collision with large beers and weird stories on their back patio. Joel and Ivan ended up driving us all the way up to North York so we wouldn’t have to spend an hour getting home. We blasted this and other guilty pleasures all the way driving on the empty roads. <3 North America you weird weird place, I don’t know what to make of you but I like you.

Other Toronto posts:
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Most of the days in Toronto we spent recuperating after the week long adventure in New York. I’m telling you, even though I’m five years younger, bar nights with those twins wears me out haha. We had late mornings in Daniel’s parents’ house, eating scrambled eggs straight out of the pan, petting their obese cat Lucy (<3) and driving just a few blocks to pick up some milk, my gazing at Daniel like a 16 year old about to lose her virginity. There is something insanely hot with men driving you around, don’t you think?

On a few occasions we made it out though.

Sam-James-Coffee-Bar,-Toronto-CanadaOne of them was to visit Sam James Coffee Bar. A skater who the twins know opened this beautiful spot to sell gorgeous coffee to all the punks of the city.Sam-James-Coffee-Bar,-TorontoIt’s all tall ceilings, white walls and concrete. I wanted to kick all hipster dudes out of there and claim it as my private office space.Daniel-at-Sam-James-Coffee-Bar,-TorontoDaniel-Pilaprat,-Toronto-2015<3 <3Sam-James-Coffee-Bar-TorontoDaniel-at-Sam-James-Coffee-Bar-in-TorontoInstead we sat down on the stoop with Daniel’s friend, the very talented artist Virgil Baruchel. Do you remember when we visited him at his insane art studio? He told us about his exhibition at XXXX and about him showing his first drawings to Daniel back when they were riding the bus to their highschool and Daniel said that he should become an artist. Linn-Wiberg-at-Sam-James-Coffee-Bar-in-TorontoDaniel is practising using my camera so I can be seen a bit more here haha. ”I want to help you become a super successful blogger!”Linn-Wiberg-in-Toronto-2015He’s doing pretty well I’d say.Sam-James-Coffee-Bar-Toronto-CanadaHanging out on a stoop makes one feel like the cool kidz in high school, which I never got to do! So if you were an uncool kid, go feel badass. Honestly the most gorgeous cafe I’ve been to (along with the AP Cafe in Bushwick, NYC)! Does anybody know of a similar one in London or Stockholm?



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You all know how close Daniel and I were to missing our flight up to Toronto after this wet night. I sat in the taxi, pretty relaxed as I tend to lose stuff, miss trains, break things and whatnot on a fairly regular basis. I am used to shit happening so I’ve stopped caring. But I was worried for my very organised and tidy boyfriend who is not as used to this (despite having dated me for three years).

Constantly looking over at Daniel I expected him to lose it any second. It didn’t help that our taxi driver kept on repeating ”God, you’ll never make it, you’ll definitely miss your flight, you guys are screwed” over and over like some sort of religious mantra. But Daniel stayed cool and $140 later we had made it to Toronto, Canada. Grand-Electric-Toronto-CanadaOne night it was stormy wet outside and in contrast to NYC’s 36 degrees it felt like a relief with the heavy rains. Being from northern Europe I don’t think I am an all around summer chick even if I’d like to think so. On this Sunday we took the streetcars down to west Toronto and my favourite restaurant, the brilliant restaurant Grand Electric that we went to when we were here for Christmas remember?Grand-Electric-Tacos-in-TorontoJess, Nick and Ken, all friends of Daniel since many years back, were there and we ordered all tacos on the menu. By far the best ones I’ve ever had. If you go, I especially recommend the fish, the pork belly and the Grand Fashioned cocktail.Jess-Tjeng-TorontoJess. Ken-KraneKen of the bespoke brand Krane

So to the sound of dirty hiphop and the pouring rain we caught up on each others’ lives, talked about their business and discussed social media strategy. Hanging out with people who have their shit together (aka all of my bf’s friends) is so fucking inspiring and STRESSFUL. I don’t know how long I will be able to ride this wave of ~being younger than all of them~ but I hope at least for another year or so, when I’ve become as successful and famous as I’m destined to……. AMIRIGHT?!! Haha, or at least hopefully that’s when Daniel will be, so I could freeload/become his sugar baby. Jess offered to become my personal coach though, which I think would suit my delusional desire to live a Kardashian lifestyle pretty well.

The rest of the night was spent at some dark bar where people with salaries bought me drinks because I couldn’t.



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