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Molami Headphones, Flora Frida podd and Chloe Sevigny

Det var bara för kanske ett år sedan jag förstod det genialiska med podcasts. Dock! Sedan dess har jag bokstavligen knarkat alla möjliga typer av berättelser. Perfekt på väg till jobbet, medan en lagar mat eller gör sig i ordning på morgonen. Eftersom att jag vet att en del av mina läsare håller med mig i den här besattheten, och en kanske ännu större del är nyfikna på vad sjutton alla tjatar om men inte vet i vilken ände att börja i – så här kommer några av mina favoriter:

Obs, har en hel hög bara på svenska, men dom får ett eget inlägg.

Only in the past year have I realised the brilliancy of podcast. However, since then I have consumed them like an addict. Perfect for my morning commute, whilst cooking or as I get ready in the mornings. I also know I have a whole bunch of readers who agree with me on this obsession, and just as big of a bunch who are curious to try it but not sure where to start. So here are some of my fave podcasts right now:





My by far favourite podcast to get me in a brilliant mood. On a stage, adults are reading out their childhood diaries, filled with raw emotions and teen embarrassment, reflecting the world of youth so honestly and accurate. The episodes are around 20min andway too often they make me look like a freak for laughing out loud whilst in the middle of a crowd.

Fave episodes: 53 Diary Of An Ugly American, 46 Jill: Dear Grandpa, 56 Forbidden Crushes Part 1: The Vice Principal, 57 Forbidden Crushes Part 2: The Janitor,


The Heart

A podcast made by women based on sex, love and intimacy, focusing especially non normative relationships. The episodes are short so it’s just about enough if you’re doing the dishes or walking to the tube.



This is a more heartfelt audio version of the tv series GIRLS and is what has gotten me through my low points in life lately. Megan Tan is 25 and starts this podcast when graduating from uni as she realised that being a Millennial taking on life as an adult is far from simple. We get to follow her on her quest on becoming a radio producer, but more so this is a podcast about what people never teach you – how to maneuver your 20s. Megan Tan deep dives into all my soft spots and sore points and it is 100% relatable.


Each episode is a normal person telling an extraordinary tale of their life. It as surreal as relatable and a doorway to the lives of strangers that are usually shut.


Not By Accident

This is the story of Sophie Harper and her path to choosing and dealing with becoming a single mother. Highly private and revealing, Sophie shares her thoughts from several years of recording her journey and even though I’m neither single, gay or contemplating motherhood any time soon – this went straight into my heart.


Women Of The Hour

Lena Dunham hosts this podcast miniseries about friendship, love, work, body image and more. In every episode she interviews a new inspirational chick to twist and turn your view on various topics we deal with as women. DOPE!

Dear Sugar

Sugar is like the old school love columns come to life. Two lovely love experts deal with various questions touching on different subjects, from family to sex to friendship etc. Guaranteed to give you a perspective on your life and a peek into the struggles of humanity and the sauciness of other people’s secrets.


Girlboss Radio

In each episode of the podcast, Sophia Amoruso interviews world-class Girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Personal and practical tips on how to champion your career and overall life as a woman.


This American Life

Each week different stories are told on a new theme, touching upon the varied destinies of ordinary Americans. These stories are like movies for radio filled with dramatic situations from current events, told in a fun way.



Criminal is a podcast showing the complexity of crime though telling the stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. Never depressing, but always interesting and thrilling.



Produced in real time, this podcast tries to unravel the truth behind a crime back in 1999 with the help of listeners, not knowing where the story will end when they start. Painfully interesting and thrilling and demands binging! In 1999 Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he’s innocent – though he can’t exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon.



I’m obviously a sucker for finding new podcasts, so if you have a gem or three – please share them in the comments below!




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