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exploring wapping & an annie leibowitz exhibition


Efter att ha skickat in utkastet till min roman(!) på måndagen till kursen jag går i kreativt skrivande förtjänade jag en paus i att vara produktivit. Så igår bokade jag en date med Lovisa. Vi möttes upp i Wapping, strax norr om floden, där jag inte varit sedan jag och Olivia brukade umgås med ett par killar som bodde där 2011.

Having submitted the outline for my novel (!) on Monday I felt like I deserved a break in my productiveness. So yesterday I booked a date with Lovisa. We met up in Wapping, just north of the river, where I haven’t been since me and Olivia used to hang out with a couple of guys who lived there in 2011.


Vi var där för att se Annie Leibowitz utställning Women: New Portraits.

This time we were there to see Annie Leibowitz exhibition Women: New Portraits.

Annie Leibovitz

Det var väldigt litet men perfekt för vår lilla utflykt. Om jag ska vara ärlig var jag mest imponerad av själva byggnaden utställningen höll till i. Kanske orättvist eftersom att mitt hjärta är ruskigt svag för förfallen arkitektur. Annie Leibovitz är en svincool och hennes porträtt på kvinnliga profiler utmärkta. Jag önskar dock att de funnits som stora prints istället, med beskrivningar till eftersom de nu var tagna ur sina sammanhang.

Lovisa och jag satte oss ner för att beskåda porträtten som bläddrades förbi medan vi pratade om irriterande klasskamrater, misslyckades fotografer och smärtsam kärlek. Allt som vi inte hunnit med sedan vi sågs innan jul.

It was tiny but perfect for our little trip. To be honest I was most impressed with the dilapidated building though, as my heart is weak for fallen architecture. Annie Leibowitz is such a badass and her work excellent. I just wish there would’ve been large prints and more descriptions to the pieces because they were a bit taken out of context.

Lovisa and I sat down to watch the portraits roll by as we talked about annoying classmates, failed photographers and love.


Efter 30 minuter var vi klara. Wapping var lika romantiskt brittiskt som jag mindes det, med övergivna kullerstensgator och regn regn regn.

After 30 min we were done. Wapping was just as romantically British as I remembered it, with deserted cobbled streets and rain rain rain.


Resten av dagen tillbringades på olika kaféer och vintagebutiker runt östra London. Det hällregnade och var sådär eländigt bara England kan vara, och ändå gjorde det oss inget. Genomblöta drack vi tillslut te i min säng och pratade om sociala normer och vänskap som tar slut medan min flatmate gjorde så att vi fick strömavbrott fyra gånger. Många gånger kom vi in på att flytta härifrån för fan vilken jobbig stad det är. Sen insåg vi att det hade vi nog aldrig klarat av.  <3

The rest of the day was spent at various cafes and vintage stores around east London. It was pouring down and miserable and we were having the best of times. Around 7pm we laid in my bed drinking tea and talked about moving away from London, social boundaries and ending friendships whilst my flatmate fucked up the electricity four times. <3 We had met up to do work but whatever, sometimes the conversations girlfriends between are more important.




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Remember the technology exhibition I was a part of last year when we built an interactive forest? Tonight we are exhibiting it again with the kickass art collective Kobolt. This is how they describe the event and themselves:

Kobolt: Affect is a world to enter. We are
investigating whether there is a clear dividing
line between the organic and the digital.
Interaction and experience creates an
opportunity to achieve a different emotional state.

Kobolt is an artistic project whose aim is to
highlight young contemporary art. We offer creative
professionals an opportunity to present their
work in a broader context than they have access to.
Affect is a collaboration between the Kobolt and the
young sound and light artists.”

Our piece is technology in combination with plants that come alive through sound and interaction. You can see a sneak peak above. The exhibition is at Fylkingen here in Stockholm tonight and you are all invited, just drop by after 6pm. Here is the event. See you there!

I’ll post the preparation and previews on my snapchat linn.wiberg <3



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A Morning with Olafur Eliasson & This Weekend


My day yesterday started in the most exceptional way. I had been invited to a breakfast and preview of the new Olafur Eliasson exhibition at Moderna Museet here in Stockholm along with 15 other social media people. My baby gurl Frida for example!

Icelandic yoghurt and Danish rye bread with jam and cheese was served whilst the organisers told us the backstory of the artist.

Olafur Eliasson works in an unconventional way for being an acclaimed artist, where all his processes are open for others to feedback and pitch in and when many use art to criticise society, he takes it one step further.

For example the commercial breakthrough he had with the Weather Project where he staged a sunset in the big hall of my favourite museum Tate Modern. This he developed further and has invented solar powered lights which he distributes in deprived areas where electricity is a luxury. I really recommend you guys read this Freunden von Freunden interview with Olafur Eliasson.


Apart from the sunset piece, which alongside with the Rain Room are the only exhibitions I grieve missing out on, I didn’t have any perception of what the exhibition was. And what followed was absolutely indescribable. I don’t want to insult him by trying to describe his pieces, they have to be experienced. What I can say is it is all built on deceptions, completely messing with the automatic perceptions one has of the surrounding world. The pieces were stunning and mind blowing where light was at the core of most pieces.

The exhibition opens for the public tomorrow and all of you who have the chance, I strongly recommend going. It was mind blowing and twisted my perception of my brain. For the past weeks I’ve been running short on my creative account, over drafting, trying to create, but after this I felt as if I had won the lottery, filled with $$$$$. GO GO GO.

I’m sitting at work just waiting for a text from Daniel saying how he and Bex and Paul have arrived at the central station here in Stockholm. I’ve taken tomorrow off and we will spend three days exploring Stockholm and I can’t wait. This is the last weekend Daniel comes to visit before I move, can you believe it. In my inbox lies a one way ticket to London dated the 25th of October. My breath is stuck somewhere between my ribs and the big ball of excitement in my heart.


Here you find more info about the exhibition.

Big thanks to Frida for lending me her iphone and some photos after I had left my memory card at home. Check out her post about the morning here.



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