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Q + A / Teenage Years, Videos of Me As 17 & Where I’ve Lived

2nd part of the Q+A and this time about my upbringing, teenage years and why I’ve moved a lot. Tons of embarrassing pics and videos. The 1st part you find here.

Linn som liten i Väsby2


Me in swim school at the age of 6

What were you like as a child?

Independent, clever, stubborn and kind.

Linn i Upplands väsby2

At my friend’s bday party when I’m 5 and wearing my killer fruit dress

Can you explain why you moved around so much when you were a child?

When I was 12 my parents applied for jobs in Kenya, ultimately because my mum had been sick and my parents felt that they needed a calmer lifestyle where we got to focus on the family more. My dad grew up with diplomat parents living in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, California etc, so Kenya didn’t seem as foreign as one might think.

Then my parents kept on moving, to India for a bit, then Stockholm and then back to Kenya. Good to point out is that they are not moving with their jobs but apply for various positions because they want to live in that country. So far they’ve worked as boarding masters at a school, owners of a restaurant, yoga teacher, gym teacher, administrator, telemarketer etc. They are restless souls that starve in the Scandinavian darkness and want to experience as much as they can in this life, and I am so grateful and in awe of them. <3 I don’t think they will ever settle down in Sweden, but they’re talking about perhaps Malaysia.

16 and a party princess

What were you like in adolescence and what did your life look like?

Kind, afraid, always trying to compensate my insecurities by applying perfection into all my actions or be the most daring when it came to doing stupid things. I was also very fair and including and stood up for myself and others when people were being nasty. Whilst living in Sweden I lived for playing handball with the best group of teen girls. We had training at least three days a week, two games per weekend, went on sport camps and tournaments together. We always met up an hour before and stayed an hour afterwards to sit in the sauna sharing experiences regarding sex and periods and smoking and hot boys and abusive relatives and rape and school. Running, playing, shooting and scoring was heaven and I felt like a queen being so athletic and strong. I would’ve been a much more scared and sad person if I hadn’t had them.

My mum then got very sick when I was 12 and I had to take a lot of responsibility at home when it came to my younger sisters and myself. It resulted in my growing up fast and I became quite closed off, neglecting my own needs and feelings. I struggled with an eating disorder. Although mostly I was like any other teen but in Kenya, falling in love for the first time, getting drunk for the first time, arguing with my siblings etc.School to me was amazing though! I took three more courses than I had to and had straight A’s in all subjects apart from two because everything was just so interesting.

A video I made in 2008 when me and three friends were 17 and spent 10 days in Paris, sneaking into clubs and doing stupid things and being teens.

When I was 16 we moved back to Stockholm and I got the best friends ever in my college. I had a small group of friends and we were hated at school and never invited to parties, but I loved them and I couldn’t have asked for better friends. Quite quickly we realised that you didn’t have to show ID at PR events and fashion parties and literally toured around Stockholms event. On the weekends we bought smuggle vodka from old easter european men from the back of their vans, didn’t dare to have sex and puked a lot. We also worried so much about being virgins or unloved forever and discussed this topic every lunch break and Saturday at home. I had no idea what I liked or who I was or what was right or wrong and explored this a lot. We also bought Ryanair tickets to Paris and London during fashion week several times a year, stayed too many people in one bed and danced at clubs.

When I moved to Spain they recorded this film for me based on the funniest youtube video we knew. <3 <3

Me and Olivia when we had just moved to London in 2011 and hung out at a bar called Catch 4 nights a week

Why and when did you move abroad? (Because you live in London right??)

I don’t live in London now but I have for four years and I’m moving back there on Sunday! Confusing I know. But I’ve been living in Stockholm for 15months studying whilst my boyfriend has been living in London. This is why I’ve been flying back there once a month.

Olga and I being 16 and wild in Spain

Like mentioned above I lived in Kenya when I was younger. Then I was an exchange student in Spain for a year where I hung out with my bff Olga, skating at the plazas with spanish boys and hitched hiked in the middle of the night to other cities.

When I graduated n 2011 I moved to London with Olivia. Why I moved again is because I’m like my parents always hungry for adventures. And London felt like the most mystical and rebellious place imaginable, and it was.


Q+A / Tattoos, Teenage Tunes & My Camera



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As I’ve mentioned it’s less than 3 weeks(!) before I move to London. The plan is for me to have an internship in midst November (although I’m considering postponing it to January and write during autumn instead?) and for an internship one needs a portfolio!


After hours of work I’ve finished so let’s have a look.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.33.00A portfolio is your own website showcasing who you are, projects you’ve worked on and basically why somebody should hire you. I have four sections in mine.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.35.28

Who is Linn? This is the first section and here I present myself in my most cool and competent way. I’m applying for social media strategy or content creation roles so here you can also see my cv and skills.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.57.25

Work Work Work. This is all new to you! Four of my favourite projects from my year at Hyper Island. There’s an app I created to help women walk home safe at night, a tech exhibition, a PR stunt and a website I’ve coded. Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.36.46

If you click on the projects you can read more about it and see mockups or presentation videos etc. This is my project SHELTR for example.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.45.32

Blog. This is basically a media kit for companies who want to buy blog services from me, like sponsored posts or city guides etc. Here you can see how many readers I have (so in and see how powerful we all have become together!), what I want to communicate with my blog, previous collaborations I’ve done and what different blog posts can look like.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.45.45

I also have compiled the interviews different magazines have done with me.


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.47.13

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.48.32


Writing & PhotographyThis is the final section compiling freelance work I’ve done which includes writing and photography which are my passion babies. You probably recognise most of them.

I coded mine in WordPress using Visual Composer and bought my domain name and webb hosting at City NetworkIf you’re not code savvy I can recommend Square Space or Cargo Collective.

That’s for you, so click and spread.


Now I’m spending my evenings trying to write up cover letters to my dream jobs. It’s so difficult! So if you guys have any feedback on things you didn’t understand, or liked extra much or ANYTHING, please comment. And of course hire me.



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Q + A

Q+A-Linn-Wiberg It’s literally been years(!) since my last q+a session and tons has happened and the majority of you readers weren’t here then. So I figured it was about time for a new one! Fire away, you can ask about anything and everything!

About me, things I’ve done, or haven’t done. Blogging, photography, writing, Hyper Island, London or clothing. If you want to know how I dealt with long distance, self hatred, anxiety, life or if you want a second opinion or your problems. Or perhaps if you have any questions for or about Daniel?

Feel free to write in Swedish or in English and I’ll translate it. <3 <3



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helloI just want to say welcome to all of you newbies who’ve stumbled into my little internet palace lately! (& to all of you who stay loyal and are still in my badass team)

As many of you know Metro is starting it’s new section named Metro Creative that I’m part of together with Sandra Beijer, Flora Wiström, Sara Edström and Sandra Lundin. It is a creative lifestyle collective where we post articles, collaborations, think pieces, DIYs, playlists and much more. So keep and eye out and if you have anything you think would fit in there, email us your contributions to (both english and swedish are welcome).  Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetBut mostly I look like this nowadays because I’m working on my final client project at my school Hyper Island. There I’m creating the digital future for a yoga studio whilst simultaneously finalising my portfolio so that I can apply for internships to start in November! It’s a lot but I’m a boss lady so I can manage.


Here’s a more thorough and badass introduction of me. Don’t forget to follow me with bloglovin so you don’t miss out on any posts and just comment below if you have questions. <3 <3


xoxo Linn


Also find me on 

Twitter: @linn_wiberg
Instagram: @linnwiberg
Snapchat @linn.wiberg and
Pinterest: @linnwiberg


Linn, how did you first start liking oysters? I remember you previously saying that you didn’t think it was great even though you wanted to like it. Was it just from eating it a lot of times or what? Hehe, I also want to enjoy it because it looks so nice 

First of all, great memory! I don’t really know?? So strange. I didn’t hate it when I first tried it, I just thought it was…. ODD? But then the second time I thought that hmmm this is actually pretty tasty and then the time after that I loved it. But I also think it has to do with everything around it! How it feels like a glamorous ritual, how it’s laid out so pretty and everybody treats it like wow you are really treating yourself. I guess I just love anything that makes me feel like I’m a lot richer and cooler than I am.

Hi Linn! I remember reading a post a really long time ago about your Christmas gift for your boyfriend! Could you link back to it again? I’m looking to do something similar!!

I’m assuming you mean the Illustrator turorial where I made a movie poster from the film La Haine. Here it is: GIFT SUGGESTION // PERSONALISED MOVIE POSTER

Hi Linn! I was wondering if you could write a post about women in Sweden. I mean, I feel like in Scandinavia in general women are so independant, free and badass! Would love to read your opinion on that 

Hi! Oh that’s so difficult! Swedish women rock, and I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many. I don’t think that Swedish women are more inspiring than any others though. To be honest I think that one might be exposed to a lot of ”inspiring women” from Scandinavia just because it’s a wealthy, connected and very politically aware region. Although it is still a patriarchy it is a lot less than in other parts of the world. Women are able to strive for what they want and make their voices heard because of the welfare system and how developed the country is. To be honest I think that women who live under worse conditions and still fight for their dreams are even more inspiring. Hope that answers your question!


hi linn !!! can not you write a post about how it is to have a boyfriend who does not speak Swedish? As in how it works in everyday life, how it works with you communicating, his view on Sweden (both before he met you and after), yeah whatever !!! think it ‘s so cozy topic haha HUGS, you are awesome

Hello you wonderful person. Haha sure I can! I just have to get Daniel to not feel uncomfortable sharing his things on here. Perhaps I’ll do a video interview with him? Sometime this summer!

those pictures are breathtaking! could you please tell me what lens and body do you use? greetings! x

Thanks love, I’m using a Canon 5d Mark II with a 50mm 1.8 lens <3


Please sweet sweet Linn, could you (with the help of Daniel) make a post with Toronto-tips? I’m studying at uni there in the autumn and would really appreciate tips on where to eat / drink cheap beer / have decent coffee / dance all night / shop etc. I’m stalking through the blog after London tips when I came there for some years ago and fell in love with nature throughout east London thanks to you (like any other hipster svenne bananas). So I trust your taste! Plus we are a bit on the same level, I have like no great salary but live on student loan but still want to spend money on fun things : )) Plus Daniel’s welcome to tell if he has something not to be missed in Canada, I will try to travel around a bit when I can. Is now completely contained at attracting northern Canada and watch polar bears haha. Please please!

So happy for you! I think you will love Toronto, I do! I will try and compile a post with some tips, but for now you can check out my category Travels or the specific Toronto tag I have for all post including restaurants, cafes or bars in. You can find similar ones under all posts.

Linn+Danielpic frida vega

Hello! And thanks for a great blog. I have followed you for a year now (even when you blogged at radar) and find your blog so cozy. But now to my ultimate question; I was at Magaluf for one week and met the best guy. For real; the world’s best, both outside and inside. He feels the same for me and we both cried rivers when we had to say goodbye after a week together – believe it or not, but we are both head over heals in love with each other (which can be difficult for many to believe, because we’ve only known each other for a week). But we shared our innermost secrets and thoughts, discussing politics and values ​​about life, talking about feelings and thoughts and future and everything just clicked on such a level that we absolutely cannot say goodbye, we want to stay together. And we want to fight for it. The only bad thing is that I live in northern Norrland and he in western Värmland.

And I thought; you have a distance relationship with your guy. How does it work? How do you cope with it through long periods without seeing each other? And what do you usually get up to when you see each other? Could really use some cheerful story of a distance relationship that works, now when I might start something with someone who lives several miles from me. How does one keep love alive?

First of all a big congratulations! It’s absolutely wonderful that you found each other and it deserves celebrating. I think I will try to write up a post on long distance relationship because I get so many questions about it. But the bottom line is: it’s possible and worth it if you really want to work for it. But comment all of your questions regarding long distance below and I’ll make something out of it!


If you have any other questions regarding whatever just post them below, and I’ll try my best to answer them!



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