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Remember the technology exhibition I was a part of last year when we built an interactive forest? Tonight we are exhibiting it again with the kickass art collective Kobolt. This is how they describe the event and themselves:

Kobolt: Affect is a world to enter. We are
investigating whether there is a clear dividing
line between the organic and the digital.
Interaction and experience creates an
opportunity to achieve a different emotional state.

Kobolt is an artistic project whose aim is to
highlight young contemporary art. We offer creative
professionals an opportunity to present their
work in a broader context than they have access to.
Affect is a collaboration between the Kobolt and the
young sound and light artists.”

Our piece is technology in combination with plants that come alive through sound and interaction. You can see a sneak peak above. The exhibition is at Fylkingen here in Stockholm tonight and you are all invited, just drop by after 6pm. Here is the event. See you there!

I’ll post the preparation and previews on my snapchat linn.wiberg <3



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As I’ve mentioned it’s less than 3 weeks(!) before I move to London. The plan is for me to have an internship in midst November (although I’m considering postponing it to January and write during autumn instead?) and for an internship one needs a portfolio!


After hours of work I’ve finished so let’s have a look.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.33.00A portfolio is your own website showcasing who you are, projects you’ve worked on and basically why somebody should hire you. I have four sections in mine.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.35.28

Who is Linn? This is the first section and here I present myself in my most cool and competent way. I’m applying for social media strategy or content creation roles so here you can also see my cv and skills.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.57.25

Work Work Work. This is all new to you! Four of my favourite projects from my year at Hyper Island. There’s an app I created to help women walk home safe at night, a tech exhibition, a PR stunt and a website I’ve coded. Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.36.46

If you click on the projects you can read more about it and see mockups or presentation videos etc. This is my project SHELTR for example.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.45.32

Blog. This is basically a media kit for companies who want to buy blog services from me, like sponsored posts or city guides etc. Here you can see how many readers I have (so in and see how powerful we all have become together!), what I want to communicate with my blog, previous collaborations I’ve done and what different blog posts can look like.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.45.45

I also have compiled the interviews different magazines have done with me.


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.47.13

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.48.32


Writing & PhotographyThis is the final section compiling freelance work I’ve done which includes writing and photography which are my passion babies. You probably recognise most of them.

I coded mine in WordPress using Visual Composer and bought my domain name and webb hosting at City NetworkIf you’re not code savvy I can recommend Square Space or Cargo Collective.

That’s for you, so click and spread.


Now I’m spending my evenings trying to write up cover letters to my dream jobs. It’s so difficult! So if you guys have any feedback on things you didn’t understand, or liked extra much or ANYTHING, please comment. And of course hire me.



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I’ve known Lovisa and the girls for three years now. Compared to back then the sparkling excitement of endless nights around London has faded and we are all a bit broken and worn. Not sure whether I can blame this city or if it’s just growing up. But most other things remain the same, like the awful salaries for examples.

It’s Friday and I’ve taken the overground down to South London to visit my girls. It’s rare to cross the river, whatever side you happen to live on. We’re all so skint that an overground ride is one less beer and that sometimes mean no beer at all. Plus that spending 90min getting home at night is simply unreasonable. But once you do, it’s like being on holiday in a faraway place, minus the stunning views.

They are five girls sharing a house, all juggling part-time retail job to be able to pursue a creative career. The landlord owning a shop next door is drunk and catcalls us when we walk past. Inside we cook food whilst the front door opens and closes with more girls constantly falling in, hugging each other, making dirty jokes, talking about farts as well as careers and skirts. We sit in the back garden, rolling cigarettes (the cheap ones) and drinking chilled wine (the even cheaper one), lifting weights and making dumb jokes. Everybody keeps changing outfits and they have so many inside jokes I’ve lost count. It’s freeing seeing chicks share lives like this, being more than a family, they’re each other’s loudest cheerleaders. On every opening or release party or event that one of them host you will see the others being there, pouring wine, photographing the crowd, djing. I love living with Daniel more than anything, but I will always miss being flatmates with my best girlfriends.



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Warehouse-Flat-in-LondonI’m back in London again to spend my last two weeks of my summer break in my favourite city with D and my friends. I will try and work as much as I can, like putting together my portfolio, but it’s not too bad since Daniel’s flat is a warehouse dream.Flat-in-LondonI have for the first time in ages managed to write something! There is a story growing within me that I for the first time feel could become something. It’s exciting and terrifying because I know when I go back to Hyper there won’t be any time for writing. I honestly feel like I’ve already graduated and am reluctant to going back at all. But that’s what summers do with you I guess.Filled-Bell-PeppersI arrived last night, all teary and emotionally drained after having said farewell to my family who are moving back to Kenya. And Daniel was waiting with the most delicious meal! Stuffed peppers and Coronas plus oven baked portobello mushrooms with blue cheese. He’s a star. Then we obviously spent the rest of the night in bed, as we haven’t seen each other for over a week. ^^

Also note the salt and pepper grinders that Daniel’s flatmate stole when drunk and luckily didn’t get caught, because they turned out to be silver.Paperlight-MagazineWhen I was in Stockholm I realised that I have forgotten to tell you about Paper Light Magazine and the article I wrote for them.Paperlight-MagThis is how my babe of a friend Frida Vega who’s the founder describes it:

Paper Light is about seeing. About photography. Especially about providing a larger canvas to creators and images we may otherwise only see in a smaller format on our phones. In this issue we have taken it a step further, exploring photos shot with smartphones, and talking to the people behind them.” Contributors-PaperlightYou can find me and tons of other babes doing cool stuff in there. Linn-Wiberg-for-Paperlight-MagazineLike the interview I did with antique dealer and interior design enthusiast Cristian Brandhild Lind.PaperlightHere you can order your copy for 115SEK and they ship all over the world!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 14.37.20

Alright, hold on fucking tight guys! We finish off with what you’ve been asking for since 2011. I’ve made a London City Guide for Metro! My best restaurants, cafes, hideouts etc. It’s in Swedish for now but I promise to post a translated version on here soon.



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I’m speechless in regards to your answers, pep talk and stories in respons to my post about my summer depression. You are brilliant and I’m so blessed with you having got my back when shit are tough. <3 <3 <3

I obviously take up most of the space here, well all space actually. But I figured we’d check where I’ve been featured elsewhere so you can maybe get to know another side of me.Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 23.29.18Back in April Frida Vega shot me for a series for Bon Magazine and now the interview is up. I talk about my bad attitude and being female whilst looking ridiculously bored haha.

Flora snapped this when we were at Metro for some prosecco and a SEO lecture (search engine optimisation, so that I can get my posts to pop up on 1st place in gooogle ya knoow). I LOOK SO MUCH COOLER THAN I AM, it’s great.

Linn and Daniel by Lovisa Ranta

When I was in London last I hung out quite a bit with my baby gurl Lovisa Ranta and she snapped a few analogue photos of our pub night (here is my post from that day if you remember). Daniel and I look like the proper loosers we are! : ))Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.10.53Metro has done an interview with me since I moved to their site. We talk about me myself and I plus the best thing about living in London. *loves being center of attention*

Today London is rainy and me and Kajsa are going on a thunderstorm excursion. Where to is still unknown, but hopefully we’ll get further than just down to Shoreditch? I’ll make sure to keep you updated on our failures on Snapchat (linn.wiberg) haha.



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