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After a lot of buts and ifs I’m in Daniel’s bed here in London. The start of my summer trip didn’t turn out the way I hoped. I’m sick as fuck with a high fever and aching lungs worse than the four times I’ve had pneumonia.


On our way to the airport I threw up in the car because my fever was so high… So a shoutout to my mum for being a rock and to the girl working in the bookshop at Arlanda who helped this wreck of a person. <3

Today I was suppose to be at a festival with all my London friends to see the Strokes, Beck, Future Islands and many more. Instead I’m alone in Daniel’s bed coughing and feeling sorry for myself. It’s so unfair! At least I’m here. Please please please keep your fingers crossed that I’ll be fine by tomorrow when we fly off to NYC, otherwise I will die. Maybe literally.




LinnSunglasses Sun Buddies, Type 05 | Necklace H&M | Rings from Broadway Market


I’ve finally got summer holiday! Which was about time because I literally wouldn’t stand a single more day at school. So instead I’m rocking my new sunnies from Sun Buddies in my garden, getting tipsy in parks and cycling to one of the four lakes I have by my home.

On Wednesday I leave to spend the summer in London but Daniel and I start off with two weeks in NYC and Toronto! It’s a little scary because I’ve been waiting for this summer forever. But what’s even more scary is the fact that when I get back to Stockholm my family will have moved back to Kenya.

So I will eat tons of ice cream with them now. And yes it’s blackberry sorbet and pistachio because they are the best flavours, right?



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Interior design is so much fun! I’ve missed decorating my home now that I’m living with my parents. But it’s not that long before I’m moving back to London and in with Daniel agains so then I will make up for it.

These are some dream homes that I hope that my flat will look a bit like:


Freunde-von-Freunden-Andrew-Trotter-04474-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-Andrew-Trotter-04474

The bright home of the interior designer Andrew Trotter and Spanish photographer Mari Luz Vidal in Catalunya, Spain. I like the thought of living in a bright white flat filled with antiques and so many plants that it feels like an indoor jungle.


Photographer Penny Lane, which by the way is her real name (!), living in an old chocolate factory in Sydney. The contrast with all white floors and a soft black bathroom makes the flat feel so spacious. I want to fill my place with art like she has. And it’s great how she picks up the colour in the paintings with fabric to add colour.

Casa_Quebrada_Un_Arquitectura_01 Casa_Quebrada_Un_Arquitectura_04 Casa_Quebrada_Un_Arquitectura_03

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m spending an unhealthy amount of time in front of my laptop followed by the regular rainy city life. But me and Daniel living in a treehouse in Chile feels like a brilliant idea! Waking up before massive windows overlooking nothing but a lush forest. Imagine how much writing I would get done here, and snogging.

Do you like these kind of posts? Because I have so many many more homes to show in that case.




I don’t even want to mention it but today is the best day of the year aka Field Day Festival, but I’m not there because I’m poor. All my friends are though and this year’s line up is sick, so GOOD FOR THEM.

Whilst I feel sorry for myself her in Stockholm I thought we could take a look at how amazing Field Day Festival was last year:

1 brunch

It had been raining heavily all night but just around noon it cleared up. To properly warm up we gathered nine brilliant people for an overwhelming brunch at mine and Daniel’s.

2 kajsa thedi

Whilst blasting tracks from the upcoming lineup we cooked tons of food and I stood for making the dangerous bloody marys and mimosas.

5 mikey saboune

My bad boys were there and they were tanned because unlike this year we had had summer for a while already.

8 kajsa thedi

Walking to Victoria felt like a pilgrimage with all hipsters overflowing the streets. Here we are queueing, trying to finish some cans before.

9 field day

The feeling of just entering the festival area is the best!

10 only real

First up was Only Real with their music that feels exactly like a tropical beach with an umbrella drink.

13 kajsa

And my babe Kajsa sure liked that.


15 field day

With the first gig finished we were trying to agree on which to go to next.

18 sophie

In a tiny little tent I got to see Sophie play his trippy bubblegum pc music for the first time and felt like I had died and been reborn. This year he is one of the bigger acts and I can only imagine how sick that gig will be!

23 group hug

Without reception on our phones we ran around trying to find our lost friends in the endless crowd. When we did there was a lot of love. <3

24 kajsa mikey

We spent hours laying in the grass, beat from the sizzling heat, whilst we listened to bands, like Blood Orange, perform on stage. Cheeks turned red, lovers made out and friends shared expensive beer.

27 John Wizards

On one of the stages we saw the Ugandan/South African band John Wizards which became the soundtrack for the rest of my summer.

31 paelleria

The sun set and with ears ringing we sat down for paella in the grass.

28 amel

Scottish royalty Amel joined us, showered in glitter.

34 amel kajsa

The air was oozing of beer and summer tans and I described it like this: ”There is an ridiculous amount of giggling going on and it feels like being 16 again, but without all the insecurity back then. Damn, and people think it sucks to get older?”

Today it does fucking feel like getting older sucks, not being at this festival with my friends.

30 kajsa

But I didn’t know that then. Instead I happily sipped from flasks smuggled in under skirts whilst the police strolled the area.

32 field day

Fat White Family headlined and the ground must’ve sunk at least 20cm with the crowd jumping so intensely! Both my knees were bruised and my elbow scratched, but we still danced until we were drenched with beer and sweat.

When the festival was over nobody wanted to stop partying so a big group of us went over to ours for an after party. We drank the remnants from our morning bloody marys, hung out in my bed and smoked on the terrace. When I woke up in my bed at 10am, people were still partying in my livingroom.

I can just say that for you who are there this year, you better have a good bloody time. And I am so going to try not to think about any of this today.




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A Love Letter & A Tuesday Track

Scan 14  Scan 16


Today I found a pink little wrinkled up love letter in my mail box from my sweetheart and killer woman Lovisa. Still feels more like magic than the Internet receiving actual letters from other countries. She sent me a polaroid she snapped of me and Daniel when we were at the launch of We Are Some Wild Children last month. Isn’t she the best bloody friend?! <3 <3  I fucking adore that little freak and I will most likely not let her out of my sight this summer.

And today’s Tuesday Track will be the Weeknd with his new tune the Hills because it’s wicked and it’s perfect to cry, lie in the sun or get laid to. Right now I feel like all of the above but instead I’m slaving away at school these last weeks before summer. Lucky I’ve got friends to send me letters and cheer me up!

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