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saturday slumber

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Hi there fellow weekenders. I am in my bed with Daniel snoozing next to me. Last night we had a housewarming with our favourite people to celebrate our new flat and the fact that I quit my job(!). Until 5am we were dancing, chatting, breaking glasses, so today we are unstable and exhausted. We left the mess of this house for some breakfast but didn’t last long until we dove back under the duvet again. Which isn’t too bad at all, seeing as naked boys and crips white sheets is a splendid combo.

Just want to say how happy I am for all of your comments on this post. You make me motivated to create more long form posts. I feel like a powerful badass being part of a crew with people so inspiring and supportive!

Now I’m going to go back to watching Making A Murderer and ordering take out sushi. Hope you’re Saturday is fab.



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happy hogmanay

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Photo by Lovisa Ranta

That’s how you say happy new year in Scotland! And that’s exactly where I am spending the last of 2015 visiting my friend Amel.

Thank god that this year is over.

It’s been a long uphill battle with a long distance relationship and regrettable choices, I’ve suffered through all time lows with my mental health and started going in therapy. There hasn’t been any year that I’ve shed as many tears as this one and it’s finally finally coming to an end. Obviously there isn’t any spell at midnight that will magically transform my state of mind or life, it will take lots of time and effort. I hope though, that at least some of it can be contained and left behind with this year’s end.

However I am grateful for all the insights I’ve gained. Also my trip to NYC, my more honest and close relationship with my family and of course the support from all of you. Thank you for forever reading and commenting. <3

My top revelations this year is:

– pomegranate is the best

Frida Regeheim is my goddess

– dry shampoo will save your day and night

– jobs that kill your soul can go fuck themselves

– it’s possible to get out of rough patches in relationships

– always play your guilty pleasures, especially in taxis and with people you don’t know

– wear cool shit to interviews, even if it’s inappropriate

– always make up with friends, even if it’s been four years, it’s always worth it

– approaching or passing your 30s doesn’t have to include kids or calming down

– apathy will always be worse than failing




Q + A / Tattoos, Teenage Tunes & My Camera,

First batch of the questions you asked me in this post. If you have any more just comment below! And if you are new here and have no clue of who I am, check this introduction out.

tattooDeathly Hallows Tattoo, Blogger LinnHow many tattoos have you got?

I’ve got three tattoos.

1. My first one is the text monsunregn which means monsoon rains in Swedish. It’s for all my years with the magical and frightening Kenyan monsoon.
2. The Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter is a stick and poke that my friend Karl-Anders did on me one night when we got really drunk. My bff Olivia has the same one from the same night.
3. An M + S combined into a graphic shape for my little sisters Moa and Saga.

Do you plan on getting more tattoos, and if so, what?

Yes! I’m too poor to do it right now. But I want to get CRYBABY tattooed like this on my fore arm and a lily of the valleys like this.

You can see more that I want to get on my Tattoo Pinterest board.

Favourite books?

Just Kids with Patti Smith, Life with Keith Richars, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling,

Favourite movie?

All films about young outlaws like the Runaways, Almost Famous and Vi Är Bäst

hackney weekend festival olivia

Olivia when we were at Hackney Weekend 2012 and saw Nicki Minaj, Jay Z and Jack White

I wonder how your taste in music has changed over the years, what did you listen to as a child, teenager and so on. Is that something you’ve listened to before you today ashamed that you liked?

When I was a child I listened to Britney Spears, Aqua, Vengaboys, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. Music made by boys bored me, apart from Aaron Carter. I wanted to marry him.

kenya giraff

As a teen I lived in Kenya and this makes me sound ancient but the internet was pain back then and listening to tunes online, let alone download them, was impossible. I missed a lot of the western music as a teen and my friends can still to this day laugh in surprise at my not having heard the most popular bands but I think that’s a blessing haha. During my early teens I only listened to East African and Nigerian r’n’b and reggae plus Akon and a Swedish guy called Håkan Hellström. This was and will always be my favourite tune in the whole world. <3 <3 <3 Nigerian music is fucking KING.

I’m also the queen of guilty pleasures! I have no perception of what I shouldn’t listen too because I didn’t experience what was cool as a teen. It’s my party trick, because it gets dangerous boys dancing. I’d argue that I didn’t ”properly get into music” until I moved to London and got access to gigs 7 nights a week. Still, I’m constantly discovering, so I listen to A LOT of different stuff but my favourites are: electronic pop, hiphop, pc music, saucy r’n’b, trap, punk, country, 60s rock’n’roll, 70s folk.

What are your top 5 artists / bands?

Right now the Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Bruce Springsteen and The Weeknd. You find my playlists and the tracks I like in my MUSIC Category.

disposable after party hackney party at maria pizzeria

Do you ever feel bad about if you’re home on a Friday / Saturday night? Happens to me all the time.

In Stockholm never because it’s too expensive going out anyways. Usually not in London either because being at home on weekend nights means that I have the house all to myself, free from flatmates, which is rare. Plus that one of my favourite feelings is waking up well early on Saturday mornings, whilst everybody else is sleeping and London is still quiet. But if there is a special event/gig/house party where all my friends are at I hate them a little bit.

I love your photos. What kind of camera and lens do you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1.8 lens (used to have a 1.4 but it broke), plus tons of disposable cameras that I’ve now traded for a Fuji



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On Friday my boo landed in Stockholm. It’s the last time he comes visiting me by himself. Next time he’s coming with two friends of our’s and after that It won’t be long before I move. Weird! In total he’s been here 16 times I think. In one year! <3


I’m living at my godmother’s house until I move and they were back in Malaysia were they used to live, so me and Daniel had the big house for ourselves.


Like an old retired couple we took the dog for a walk around the nearby lake, got laid and went for a date night at the cinema. We also watched netflix naked and cryd over a stupid fight before making up and brushing our teeth together.

In five weeks we will have officially made it. 16 months of long distance. Fuck it’s been tough, but never have I doubted that we couldn’t do it. Although I think making it two years would’ve been pushing it as the shock of being together/apart/together/apart is pure pain.


Before Daniel had to board his train to the airport he took me to Barobao, a recently opened bao spot by Mariatorget. Minimal but quirky asian design and delicious Korean tapas. Would highly recommend it!


We sat in this corner next to a wasabi plant and shared a coke and munched on some gorgeous small plates. Daniel always tells me the most insane stories about things he’s read or experienced or studied. It’s so fascinating and I have to stop him 13 times during our walks or dinners to kiss him because I think it’s the hottest thing ever.


Then once more we stood on the cold platforms at Centralen. I kissed him a million times because it has to last until next time I see him even though it doesn’t and finally wave him goodbye as it’s 2min left until departure. Despite being corny, movies don’t lie about the drama of having to see somebody you love wave though a train window whilst slowly moving away.

I walked back to the underground cursing this city that I’ve grown to love and googled the most pathetic but true cure; the saddest abba song. Turns out there’s a wicked genius named Tear Jerker who’s compiled a list with all the top Abba songs to cry toSo that’s what I did, cried on the blue line all the way to Sundbybergs Centrum.
IMG_7555And yesterday it rained from the sky and not my eyes which made everybody else sad but myself happy as it’s my favourite weather. I went to a fancy lunch all by myself because there is nothing better than enjoying delicious food alone when you’re a little sad.

Now it’s back to work. I have a portfolio to finish, an exhibition promotion post to write up, a company workshop to plan, an internship application to send, blogposts to write and a school holiday to plan. All before I fly off on a blog trip with a brand on Thursday morning. I feel like I don’t really need an internship, I need somebody to be my intern.



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