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copenhagen baby

imageimage Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hej! Vi kom precis fram till vår airbnb här i Köpenhamn som vi hyrt. Jag insåg inte förrän jag landat hur mycket jag saknat det skandinaviska ljuset. Så vitt och fritt från smog. Vi fem ska springa runt här tills på lördag. Jag vet att några av er som läser bor eller är från här så om ni har några tips – hit me up! Och om du skulle se mig på gatan, kom och säg hej.

Nu måste jag springa för vi ska på smørrebrøds-jakt!

Hi! We just arrived at our airbnb in Copenhagen we’ve rented for the week. The scandi light is brighter than I remember and oh I’ve missed it. The five of us are here until Saturday and will be running around town. I know a few of you reading live here, so if you have any tips on where to go hit me up! And if you see me on the streets, please come say hi.

Alright, gotta run, we’re out for a smørrebrød hunt!


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5 preview military jacket

5-Preview-Military-Jacket-in-White 5-Preview-Military-Jacket-White5-Preview-SS16,-Military-Jacket-in-White

military jacket 5Preview | sunglasses Sunbuddies Type 03 | culottes Urban Outfitters | shoes vintage

Här om dagen fick jag ett paket från 5Preview som skickade en ny militärjacka till mig så jag kan fira att våren äntligen är här. Jag är helt kär i trycket på baksidan och att den har typ hundra fickor. Den har varit min kompanjon de senaste dagarna när jag sprungit runt med Frida, Daniel and Nicolas i strålande solsken blandat med hällregn. Jag antar att det är exakt det som är vår?

Nu måste jag springa vidare för vi ska ta bussen till neonskyltsmuseet God’s Own Junkyard som jag har rekommenderat i min Londonguide. Ville bara säga hej och att jag tycker att det är svinkul att så många av er följer mig på snapchat (linn.wiberg) och skickar mig massa hälsningar! <3 Glad påsk!

5Preview sent me a new military jacket to celebrate that spring seems to officially be here. I am in love with the print at the back and all the pockets every where. It’s been my companion lately when I’ve been running down the streets with Frida, Daniel and Nicolas, sometimes in blasting sunshine and sometimes in pouring rain. I guess that’s march right?

Now I have to run because we’re heading to the neon sign museum God’s Own Junkyard that I have recommended in my London City Guide. Just wanted to say hi, and that I’m so happy that so many of you are following me on snapchat (linn.wiberg) and sending me greetings there. <3 Happy easter!


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celebrations and troublemakers

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset  Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Okej, jag har på tok för kul för att hänga på internet dessa dagar, så därför ekar det lite tomt här inne. Vi har hängt runt överallt i London, spanat på fancy affärer, ätit flådiga bruncher och dansat sönder och samman allt för många gånger. Kommer berätta allt när det lugnar ned sig. Idag är det min pojkvän och hans tvillingbrors 30 års dag och vi firar stort! Följ med på alla dumheter på instagram @linnwiberg eller snapchat @linn.wiberg där jag uppdaterar typ hela tiden. Vill aldrig att de här veckorna ska ta slut.

Alright guys, I am having the time of my life and that’s why it’s echoing a bit empty in here. We’ve been running around London checking out fancy shops, had greasy brunches and danced too many nights in a row. Will show you everything once things calm down a bit (which I almost hope will be never haha). It’s my boyfriend and his twin brother’s 30th birthday today and we are having a grand celebration. Follow me on instagram @linnwiberg or snapchat @linn.wiberg to follow the adventures of a few trouble makers.


babe of the month | chloe sheppard

Babe of the Month is a monthly interview series created to promote inspiring women online.


Chloe Sheppard is the 19 year old photographer that has taken the Internet and Lana del Rey by storm. I found her dreamy 70s style portraits of her friends one day I was deep into the maze of Instagram and was left breathless. Her photographs capture all the glamour, angst and awkwardness of being a girl in your teens. Therefore I was stoked as she agreed to have an email convo with me. We talk about why that age fascinates her, her obsession with the States and what advice she’d give to other teens out there.


I obviously think you rock, but for those unfamiliar with you, how would you describe yourself?

A film photographer obsessed with old American culture, records and roses.



What is it you want to communicate with your work?

Really to begin with I was just taking photos because it was something I found enjoyable and a distraction from other work I should have been doing at the time. But now I’m thinking more consciously about what I’m putting out there, I just want to be inclusive in my work. I want to shoot all types of people who have similar views and ideas to myself.


You only shoot teen girls in quite dreamy settings, tell us about that.

I think because I’m quite close to turning 20 and no longer being a teenager, I feel like I’m losing something. Perhaps I’m more drawn to capturing teenage girls because I would have liked to have been captured in a similar way when I was that age.


Looking back at your journey, what advice would you have given to your 13 year old self?

It’s cliche, but probably to stop worrying what people think. And to not get so wrapped up in petty things when there is so much more to life. To never take things, or people, for granted.


I would also say that your photos and videos has quite a glamorous 70s LA feel to them. What is it with the states and/or that decade that fascinates you?

That’s always a vibe I try and incorporate into a lot of my work. I love the states. When I was younger I wasn’t so well travelled outside of the UK, but all the things I was into, like musicians etc were all from America, so I just associated it with them and thought of it as this great land. Now I’m older, just a lot of the visions I have for my work fit well with certain places over there that it just feeds my infatuation I guess.

Also a lot of the music I grew up listening to, and still listen to now, was from the 70s, so I feel attached to it in some way even though I wasn’t alive through it at all. The clothing style too, oh and the cars, I’m just in love with it all. I have so much love for America now, but I think it looked a lot nicer back then.


What is the best thing about being a female photographer?

I think I get to connect with other female photographers and artists in such a special way because of it. I feel like we automatically trust each other because we understand the way we work. I’m also super shy, and the thought of directing a boy on a shoot makes me beyond nervous haha.


What cultural touchstones i.e. books, films, events, have been influential in shaping you and your work?

The movie Thirteen definitely influenced my aesthetic a lot as I watched it when I was very young. It’s literally one of the greatest films and carries such a good message as well as being beautifully directed. Same with the movie Dazed and Confused. I partly blame it for my obsession with the seventies. Other than that, it’s mainly music I’m inspired by. I hear songs and lyrics which either make me want to create photos/videos to match them, or to photograph the kind of person I feel would listen to the same songs you know?

FH000015_1818 room_1771

I heard that your dream came true and our all ultimate crybaby Lana del Rey followed you. Tell us about that!

Ah yeah it was crazy! I’d just got off the phone when it happened and I almost dropped my phone I was so ecstatic. I had met her in London and gave her a copy of my zine, as parts of it are so heavily influenced by her. Then the next day she followed me and I was just like… speechless.

I have tweets from when I was like a super lame 15 year old saying how I’d die if she ever followed me. I was so obsessed.


This feature is about highlighting inspirational women so I’d like to know who are your biggest girl crushes are and why.

Well besides the obvious one of Lana Del Rey, I l o v e Jane Birkin. She is such a beautiful person, both inside and out. I watched a video of her once and she said something like “I’ve been given such a privileged life that I feel it’s only fair I give something back” and from then on dedicated herself to helping humanitarian charities.

Also Penny Lane from Almost Famous. She lived my dream life and I still to this day wish I could be the real life version of her.

Anna_1764 a1_2_2000

Any final advice for all aspiring kickass women out there?

Keep doing what you’re doing. Even if you think you’re getting nowhere, you’re always going somewhere. And don’t forget to keep appreciating the other kickass women around you.


Chloe Sheppard Interview Photographer





Indonesian blogger ROSALINDA TIJOE
Fashion blogger CLARISSA HENRY




All images are by Chloe Sheppard

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bloody marys & a grey grey london

Herregud vilken helg! Och den pågår fortfarande. Både Daniels bror Nicolas, min bff Frida och flera av våra Kanadensiska cuties är här och hälsar på och det är så himla kul. Jag ska visa allt vad vi håller på med så fort jag hittar tid över att redigera foton. Följ mig på snapchat (linn.wiberg) medan!

Alright, what a weekend! And it’s still going on. Both my bf’s brother Nicolas, my bff Frida and lots of other Canadian cuties are here and it’s so much fun. I will show you as soon as I find time to edit all pics. Follow me on snapchat (linn.wiberg) meanwhile.


I lördags vaknade jag upp dödsbakis. Vi stängde baren jag jobbar på tidigt kvällen innan för att det var så tomt. Men på något sätt slutade med att alla vi i personalen hade en egen fest och jag kom inte hem förrän sex på morgonen. Ni som följer mig på snapchat (linn.wiberg) såg hur shit went down med yxor, margaritas och Beiber. What to do huh?

On Saturday I woke up with a GIGANTIC hangover. We closed the bar early because it was so quiet, but somehow it ended up with us working there going out until six am. Those of you who follow me on snapchat (linn.wiberg) saw how the night went down with axes, margaritas and Beiber and all. Oh well…


London var så orimligt grått, men ändå vackert såklart. Och jag var sen för en dejt!

London was insanely grey but still pretty and I was late for a date!


Jag sprang ned gata efter gata i Hackney tills jag kom till Sabounes lägenhet. Där bjöd han in till en sagolik brunch!

I rushed down to Saboune’s flat three streets over because he had made us a banging brunch.


The host himself.


Han hade lagat alla möjliga sorters rätter som pocherade ägg, grönkålschip, någon lyxig variant av baked beans, guacamole och foccacias och ändå mycket mycket mer!

There were all kinds of delicious dishes like poached eggs, deep fried kale, fancy baked beans, guacamole and focaccias and much more. Heaven when you’re feeling rough.


Kajsa, som också brukade jobba på baren, vispade ihop Bloody Marys till oss. Mums!

Kajsa, who also used to work at the bar I’m working at now, made us Bloody Mary’s. Yum!


På högsta volym spelade vi alla våra värsta men ändå bästa mello-låtar, fyllde tallrikarna både en och två gånger. Helt plötsligt var klockan fyra och jag hade en överraskningsfest att ta hand om så återigen var jag tvungen att skynda. Men mer om det i ett annat inlägg.

We played all kinds of guilty pleasures from the Eurovision Song Contest, had seconds and thirds of the food. Suddenly it was 4pm and I had a surprise party to execute so I had to rush, but more about that in another post.

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