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happy hogmanay

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Photo by Lovisa Ranta

That’s how you say happy new year in Scotland! And that’s exactly where I am spending the last of 2015 visiting my friend Amel.

Thank god that this year is over.

It’s been a long uphill battle with a long distance relationship and regrettable choices, I’ve suffered through all time lows with my mental health and started going in therapy. There hasn’t been any year that I’ve shed as many tears as this one and it’s finally finally coming to an end. Obviously there isn’t any spell at midnight that will magically transform my state of mind or life, it will take lots of time and effort. I hope though, that at least some of it can be contained and left behind with this year’s end.

However I am grateful for all the insights I’ve gained. Also my trip to NYC, my more honest and close relationship with my family and of course the support from all of you. Thank you for forever reading and commenting. <3

My top revelations this year is:

– pomegranate is the best

Frida Regeheim is my goddess

– dry shampoo will save your day and night

– jobs that kill your soul can go fuck themselves

– it’s possible to get out of rough patches in relationships

– always play your guilty pleasures, especially in taxis and with people you don’t know

– wear cool shit to interviews, even if it’s inappropriate

– always make up with friends, even if it’s been four years, it’s always worth it

– approaching or passing your 30s doesn’t have to include kids or calming down

– apathy will always be worse than failing




babe of the month | tattoo artist tatiana kartomten

Babe of the Month is a monthly interview series created by me Linn Wiberg to promote inspiring women online.


Tattoos are nothing new and not much of a controversial statement any longer. Most of us surfing the online universe tonight are probably doing so with one regrettable tattoo or two on our bodies. I for one had a friend eternally etch in a wonky Harry Potter sign with a needle and ink on my arm, 4am on a drunken night. What is new is how the world has grown to respect these ink embellishments as works of art, at least the once who deserve it. And some truly are.

Tatiana Kartomten, a badass Californian tattoo artist and illustrator, is one of those who has pioneered in making stick and poke tattoos a respectable art form. The 27 year old, originally from San Francisco, has decorated her friends’ skin for years but only started tattooing professionally last year. Since however, her success has been exponential. With several album art works for bands such as Ty Segall, an Instagram following increasing by the hundreds every day, and appointments fully booked for months ahead, the high demand for her detailed designs shows no sign of slowing down.

Well, of course I wanted to pick her bewildering brain a bit.


Hi Tatiana, thanks for having a chat with me! Where are you right now and what are you up to?

Hi, I’m in bed chillin’ with Alejandro Jodowroskys ”Where the bird sings best”.


I obviously think you rock, but for those unfamiliar with you, could you describe yourself?

I’m from the Bay Area in California and I support being open minded and questioning everything.


How come you started doing illustration and then stick and poke tattoos?

I’ve always drawn since I was a kid and stick n’ pokes came about when my friends and I were hanging out getting drunk etc.

Ty Segall – ‘Slaughterhouse’ illustrated by Tatiana Kartomten

Proudest moment/project?

Doing the ‘Slaughterhouse’ cover, because it was an honor to be asked to do it and it was awesome that people actually liked it.


What’s the weirdest request you’ve received?

Haha a little stick n’ poke butt with a dick ‘n balls you could see hanging down. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it!

You must meet a great deal of interesting or perhaps weird characters through your job. Do you have any strange moment you could share?

My favorite was when I wasn’t tattooing but working at Wasteland in SF and we ”caught” this motorcycle cover magazine babe screwing a dude in our photo booth with our roller skates on.. so funny.


How do you deal with assholes professionally?

Tell ’em who’s boss!


If you got to tattoo anybody, who would you pick and what would you give them?

Hmm.. My name on my boyfriends ass.. haha just kidding.


What’s your best tip for getting out of a creative rut?

Smoke a joint and/or relax.

tati cactus

You’ve done illustration work and album covers for musicians like Ty Segall and mentioned that music often influences your art. What would your life and art look like if you never got to listen to music ever again?

I’d probably die or be miserable.


You recently reached over 45k on Instagram, congrats! Let’s say you were able to gather the entirety of your followers, what would you do with them?

Whoa that would be super scary… I only do good in really small groups where everyone knows each other well. Our brains are only supposed to get to know around 200 people or something like that. If that did happen though I would get everyone together at a huge outdoor movie theatre or something and watch ”Cowspiracy”.


Which track do you have on repeat right now?

Jack the maggot” and ”Silent sits the dustbowl” by Fuzz II

This feature is about highlighting inspirational women so I’d like to know who are your biggest girl crushes are and why!

Emily Epstein cause she’s a mega babe drummer, Ruby Quilter and Tamara Santibanez cause they are wicked tattooists, Reba Maybury cause she’s on fire! Otherwise I’m not telling who my real girl crushes are.


Any final advice for all aspiring kickass women out there?

Keep it real.





Indonesian blogger ROSALINDA TIJOE
Fashion blogger CLARISSA HENRY


All images are from Tatiana Kartomten

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2015 / Jan, Feb & March


I started my year visiting my boyfriend’s family in Toronto which was just eventful and dreamy as I had hoped. Back in Stockholm I fell sick in heavy fever and couldn’t stand the thought of going back to school. First thing I did was skip school and fly back to London to spend some more time with my boyfriend. Long distance sucks.

6 Highlights:
Toronto – NYE
– the story of our New Years Eve in Canada
Toronto – Winter Mornings & Liquor Nights 
Toronto – Cucumber Gin & Faraway Bars
Toronto – Barbers & Skyskrapers 
A January Day in London – when I skipped school and escaped to London for a few days.
London – Prosecco Mermaids & Stolen Fur Coats – London warehouse parties, thieves and reunions.




20 of my classmates from Hyper Island and I flew down to Berlin for a long weekend. My babe Frida lived there then and we got to share a bed, dance to hiphop and eat egg sandwiches at cafes at 3am. I took every chance to fly to London and when I didn’t Daniel flew over to me.

5 Highlights:
LONDON – Ramen Noodles & Kitschy Bars
LONDON – & You Taste Like Rain – Flying back to do all the things I had missed about London
Self Hatred & Asking for Help – How I finally started dealing with my mental issues
BERLIN – girlfriend sleepovers + midnight cafes – When I went to visit my babe Frida in Berlin and we got to fall in love all over
BERLIN – 5pm Breakfasts + Crowded Top Bunks – Partying with 20 classmates at a dirty Berlin hostel




March was all school work. Stockholm was pure darkness and I was so sick of it, craving sunlight. As soon as easter came around so did the London sun.

6 Highlights:
Sunday in London Fields Park
 – leather jackets, cherry blossom and pubs.
Disposable Camera London 2014/2015
Maybe the summer has come to London after all – first day of spring when we barbecued in the freezing cold wearing kajsa’s fur coats
5 Tips To Keep Up Your Creativity
In the city that is mine – A pancake date in London with Frida Vega and dirty hair metal bars



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The Orphan Christmas

Christmas BakingChristmas in Clapton

This year it’s actually been a truly happy holidays. I spent Christmas eve educating Daniel in all my favourite romcoms like Love Actually and the Holiday whilst baking Swedish treats, not leaving the flat. Then yesterday we were eight friends cooking a big meal, sharing presents and playing pool in our living room to Justin Bieber. Nothing extravagant, nothing stressful, just a bunch of mates all bringing a little something for the festivitues. Jared kept on calling it ‘the orphan Christmas’ because apparently that’s the north american term for when friends abandon family during the holidays. It just didn’t feel that sad.

I missed my family because I love spending Christmas with them. But I also have to admit that celebrating with friends took the edge and pressure off the whole thing. There just wasn’t room for disappointment because it was going to unconventional any ways.

I will show you more photos from it, but just wanted to say my hellos to you now and hope that you had a good time too. If you didn’t, thank god Christmas is over and there’s a whole year until the next one.



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Photos from our warehouse


I’ve got a few things turning my life a little on the edge nowadays. Nothing serious or awful, just a change that I won’t know about until the beginning of next year. And no this is not one of those secret blog projects that’s super cool, more a dull life crisis that requires change. What I am trying to do is steer my life more towards writing.


Therefore I spent most of this weekend alone by the dining table in our living room, trying to puzzle things together. Being alone and quiet with my thoughts is one of my favourite things. In one of my few breaks I snapped a few photos to show you snippets from what my home looks like. This is one of many warehouse windows in our flat. It’s by far my favourite thing about living here – the light. And yes, it’s Beethoven on the iPad, because the only thing I can listen to when writing is classical music.


On Saturday my boyfriend Daniel and I went on a mission with our flatmates to find a Christmas tree. Because what is more bonding than decorating a tree and drinking homemade mulled cider, right? So that’s what we did.


After half an hour walking around Hackney we managed to find this stunning creation. Whilst Dave made up a mulled cider recipe the rest of us put all the poundland decorations up. I love love love how the star makes it look like the most depressing Christmas ever.


Our flatmates are adorable and proper artists. Several nights we’ve come home to find the two of them a little stoned playing Christmas songs on a guitar each, singing louder than a gospel choir.


I was pitching three articles for a magazine I’ve been in touch with. Hopefully they’ll like them and I get to work with them more in the new year. As soon as I know I will let you know.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my flat.



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