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My new favourite coffee table book, a podcast & Molami Headphones

Flora Fridas podd and Molami Headphones

It’s my favourite day of the year – Friday 13 (because it on that day in 2012 when Daniel asked me to be his gf). It’s also my final and last day of unemployment, at least for this time.

I’ve landed an internship in insights and strategy at an content creation agency called Nonsense! Yay me. So on Monday I will enter the office, hand sweat and all, to begin my journey as a professional. LOL. So how am I spending my last day of freedom/uncertainty?

Molami Headphones, Flora Frida podd and Chloe Sevigny

Well, I am doing the most relaxing thing I can imagine, which is sipping coffee whilst listening to a podcast and flicking through a print mag or coffee table book. No screens, no text, no dialogue. Molami Headphones Pica black

Molami sent me their Plica headphones in black Napa leather the other week, thank you thank you. I don’t write about just anything people send me but I am smitten and head over heels and lovelove these. They are just about big enough to gracefully cover my ears but nothing else, plus the soft Napa leather and the copper details are so pretty. People have seriously stopped me on the streets, and that’s fab. Check them out here.

Morning in Hackney

So what am listening to then? Well, apart from all my 100 playlists I’ve gotten really into podcast. I’ve previously written about The Heart that is a favourite of mine, but since a few months my friends Flora & Frida have started a podcast where they discuss their personal experiences with heartfelt topics like female masturbation, freelancing and relationships. All in Swedish, which is a huge bummer, but it’s brilliant. Listen in the podcast app or here.

Chloe Sevigny

Meanwhile I’m also going through the book of my biggest girl crush right now, Chloë Sevigny. It’s not my book, it’s Daniel’s flatmate’s, but oh I wish it was.

Chloe Sevigny Book

One gets to follow Chloë through photographs of her so far 40 years of godessness, not in any particular order. There are prom photos amongst her sitting front row during fashion week, snapshots from the 90s cult film Kids, her in a teenage buzzcut or naked on a magazine cover. It’s raw, it’s glamorous and it’s awesome.

Young Chloe SevignyChloe Sevigny prom picturesChloe Sevigny Teen Shaved HeadBook of Chloe SevignyFurthermore it’s capturing. Her friend Natasha Lyonne writes a gorgeous afterword about her time with Chloë, and just that section is worth buying the book for. Is there anything as beautiful as seeing a person through the eyes of their best friend? I especially like this section about them traveling to Greece:

I remember when we were in Greece together five years ago, I brought a big suitcase full of black clothing – it’s the Mediterranean in July so I brought cashmere sweater and socks. You know, just the essentials. Chloë, on the other hand, brough one bathing suit that was in the 1980s style, where the thong goes high above the hips – just a little piece of string. She had that, a cropped Elvis T-shirt, a little bottle of sun-block, and a few novellas from St. Mark’s Bookshop that she always reads while traveling. So I’m lugging this huge suitcase of sweaters and socks around, and there is Chloë with her tiny portable bag. Chloë needs very little to make things happen. It’s not about what it it. It’s about the fact that it’s on her.”

Find the book here.

Molami Headphones

So yeah, a pretty brilliant last day as unemployed.




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    Och grattis på födelsedagen!! Saknar dig och tänker på dig asofta! Puss

    Flora Wiström 2015-11-18 23:00:23
  • hjärtögonemoji på tre år!!! grattis!!! pusss

    Vicky 2015-11-15 23:41:53
  • Om du inte sett så tips; the last days of disco som är en asmysig söndagsfilm med chloe. Hennes lågmälda allure får fasen löpa amock i denna. OBS att den är sjukt dialogdriven och då en måste gilla snack, men det är bra snack.

    Dmma 2015-11-14 08:25:09
  • alltså waa var så himla pepp på molami-lurarna meen tycker de är rätt mycket av en besvikelse? de är ju assnygga och så men rätt pissigt ljud alltså. plus lite klena på att stänga ute ljud runt omkring tycker jag. livet. hehhe

    felicia 2015-11-13 21:26:24
  • Har du aldrig reflekterat över hur lika du och Sevigny är utseendemässigt?? Har tänkt på det flera gånger!

    Anna 2015-11-13 18:29:35
  • The books looks amazing, I’ve being seeing it around! Wish the podcast was in English! x

    Daria 2015-11-13 12:41:52
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