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analogue stories | Saga, July 2015

I’ve developed four rolls of film with my new Fuji DL-190. It is so exciting with analogue pictures, but I definitely want to invest in better film. Has anybody got a recommendation of fairly low priced light contrast film?

Some photos I particularly liked from this batch were a few I took of my lil sis Saga, whom I interviewed before about what it is is like being 14. Saga-in-July-2015,-StockholmSaga-14,-Stockholm-2015Saga,-Stockholm-2015

The windows were wide open, a warm summer evening breathing through it. The room was empty apart from her suitcases standing packed along the walls and the lone mattress on the floor. Just weeks before her and my parents would move back to Kenya.

As she got ready to meet her friends we talked about eyebrows and 14 year old boys sending out party invitations through Snapchat by throwing money out their parents windows. Saga tutored me in how to use the make up brushes like they say on youtube but would stop midway through to show me a new R&B track she’d found. She stood in front of the mirror shouting I LOVE MY EYEBROWS following up with a dance routine. I’m telling you, this new generation of girls will reach the stars.

Many of you who follow me on snapchat saw this in real time. If you also want to follow me my username is linn.wiberg



Interview with my 14 year old sister Saga



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Q&A / all about tv-series

Here is the fourth part of the many questions you asked me. This time it’s all about those tv-shows, because oh lord isn’t that just one of the golden things of living.


Watching tv-series in the cosy mess of Daniel’s old warehouse flat.

Describe your taste in series and films!

Drama, dirt, mysteries and killer women. Like stories of underdogs plotting to take down some big evil thing or generally people trying to get out of awful situations. I’m not massively into comedies (apart from Friends and Modern Family) but I like an undertone of humour, especially if it’s quite dark.

I want the characters, to be flawed and human, making common mistakes but manage to get back up. It should make me shed some tears as people are forced to make a tough decision that will inevitably hurt somebody. Since I tend to cry easily, it’s not that much to ask.


Which shows do you find overrated?

Arrested Development. I don’t get why anybody thinks it’s funny? Maybe I suck, but I don’t get it.

The Wire. The most overrated show of all time. People keep on saying ‘you have to give it a proper chance, it gets great in the 3rd season’ or ‘it’s not slow it’s sophisticated, written by a real police reporter ‘. I don’t care. I’ve sat through a whole season and that’s more than 10 wasted hours that I’m never getting back.


Recommendations of more ‘unknown’ series we shouldn’t miss?

the Peaky Blinders is my best tips. A deadly hot Cillian Murphy plays the son of a gangster cartel taking over the family business on the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s. The female characters are few but omg I LOVE THEM and the british accent makes my knees weak. The whole thing is so beautifully shot and makes me want autumn forever. The dramatic story is heart breaking and frightening plus the boys so handsome I drool.

Masters of Sex is based on the historic study of William Masters and Virginia Johnson who were the first to explore the science of human sexuality. It’s met with disgust and the duo are forced to do it behind closed doors. An easy watch but dramatic in the sense of knowing boundaries when your exploring new territory.

Les Revenants / the Returned. A crime thriller set in a quiet French village in the Alps where suddenly one day, loved ones who have passed away return as if nothing has happened. They don’t know that they’ve died or how they’ve return and it’s about the aftermath and how their families and friends react.

the KnickAbout a New York hospital in the early 1900s, when surgery pretty much gets invented. A few pioneering doctors work on new procedures as c-sections and blood transfusions performed on desperate people. One of the most talented doctors, Edwards, gets hired to work on the surgical team, but the other doctors are appalled. Why? Because Edwards is black. It’s a world full of prejudice and poverty and frightening excitement.


Top 5?

– Peaky Blinders
– Breaking Bad
– True Blood
– Gossip Girl
– Lost

And also Suits, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Prison Break, the OC, the Bridge, the Killing, Orange Is the New Black, the Returned, Masters of Sex, Homeland, Modern Family, House of Cards, True Detective, Sex & the City, 24.


Who’s your favourite tv-series character?

Donna in Suits

Rachel in Friends

Joan in Mad Men

Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex

All of them full of sass, respect and wit. <3 <3


Which are your favourite tv-shows or characters?

Q+A / Everything travels & my dearest memory
Q+A / Tattoos, Teenage Tunes & My Camera
Q+A / Teenage Years & Where I’ve Lived



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Gorilla fur coat and my bday party

Linn-Wiberg-in-furLinn-Wiberg-in-Snapback-and-Fake-Fur-OutfitLinn-in-snapback IMG_9038

cap – Supra / fake fur – Cheap Monday / sweater – Andersson Bell / jeans – Second Skin by Cheap Monday / shoes – Dr Martens

This is what I looked like on Saturday when we finally got to move in to our new flat and then went out to celebrate my birthday with 32 of my finest people. It is unbelievably cold here, arctic winds sweeping through the streets. Luckily I can walk around in my gorilla fur plus that most pubs are serving mulled wine now.

This weekend was chaos and so much fun! I have lots of photos to show you all. Daniel’s legs are all sore from going down low on the dance floor last night. We’re lying in our new bed right in this second, watching Hunger Games and eating birthday cupcakes that Olivia made me. I’m trying to educate Daniel in the world of fantasy and I think it’s going quite well. He just uttered a panicky Oh no! when Ru got stabbed.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.



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A sea of bricks & soaked windows

Rainy LondonNovember in London is probably everything but bright and cheerful, at least weather wise. I don’t mind though, rain is the weather I like the most. With soaked windows, streams of water blurring the view of no people, just a sea of grey bricks.

It’s like being able to cross off one element of caution, something to be conscious of, knowing I can’t go outside and neither will anybody else. My world shrinks into a microscopic area of awareness, it’s a relief. Especially now that there isn’t a single thing that isn’t foreign to me. Street, house, job, role, tasks, age, money, office, desk, bed. They laugh at me in the office when I say I’ve been longing for the routine of a nine to five office job. I laugh too, but more so in slight panic, because this isn’t calm. My days are tumultuous and stormy as even the little tasks are unfamiliar to me. Interesting yes, but stormy. First week is almost done, and fucking hell, I had forgotten how much knowledge one can gain in five days.

There is so many things crashing within my mind right now so bare with me. I don’t even have time to collect my thoughts for myself, let alone for the internet. But it’s the route of a professional business boss like myself, and I’m actually frightfully enjoying myself. Let’s just say that whilst I’m glued to briefs, attending overseas conference calls, writing strategic summaries and doubting if what I’m doing is correct, the rain is welcome to wash the rest of this month away.



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Linn in London  Today I am turning 24 years old! How did that happen?? Feels like I’m still 19, just having moved to London, but I guess that’s a sure sign of my being 24. I’m two days in at my internships at a content agency. It’s pretty wicked, and everybody is absolutely lovely, plus we have a french bulldog in the office. These months will be packed, and I will be knackered because everything is new and I’m trying to work out how not to screw up.

For now nobody in the office has a clue that it is my birthday today, sad right? I don’t know what’s worse, forcing a whole office to celebrate a person they don’t know or going a whole day without getting to feel even a little special? How do I do this smoothly?

Otherwise Daniel and I are crashing at Saboune and Elsie’s, cuddling up on a blow up mattress until we get our flat on Saturday. I can’t wait! Being able to unpack after having lived out of a suitcase for a month! But for now I’m enjoying spending extra time with my mates and we will hopefully celebrate with oysters and whisky. I feel like I want a birthday tradition, like always go to the cinema, or wear colourful clothes for once, or stay in a shitty motel. Daniel and his twin brother would every year ask their mum to make burritos and then their grandma to make war cupcakes with less sugar, cute right?

Do you guys have any traditions on your birthday? Or suggestions of what mine could be?



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