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Q + A / Teenage Years, Videos of Me As 17 & Where I’ve Lived

2nd part of the Q+A and this time about my upbringing, teenage years and why I’ve moved a lot. Tons of embarrassing pics and videos. The 1st part you find here.

Linn som liten i Väsby2


Me in swim school at the age of 6

What were you like as a child?

Independent, clever, stubborn and kind.

Linn i Upplands väsby2

At my friend’s bday party when I’m 5 and wearing my killer fruit dress

Can you explain why you moved around so much when you were a child?

When I was 12 my parents applied for jobs in Kenya, ultimately because my mum had been sick and my parents felt that they needed a calmer lifestyle where we got to focus on the family more. My dad grew up with diplomat parents living in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, California etc, so Kenya didn’t seem as foreign as one might think.

Then my parents kept on moving, to India for a bit, then Stockholm and then back to Kenya. Good to point out is that they are not moving with their jobs but apply for various positions because they want to live in that country. So far they’ve worked as boarding masters at a school, owners of a restaurant, yoga teacher, gym teacher, administrator, telemarketer etc. They are restless souls that starve in the Scandinavian darkness and want to experience as much as they can in this life, and I am so grateful and in awe of them. <3 I don’t think they will ever settle down in Sweden, but they’re talking about perhaps Malaysia.

16 and a party princess

What were you like in adolescence and what did your life look like?

Kind, afraid, always trying to compensate my insecurities by applying perfection into all my actions or be the most daring when it came to doing stupid things. I was also very fair and including and stood up for myself and others when people were being nasty. Whilst living in Sweden I lived for playing handball with the best group of teen girls. We had training at least three days a week, two games per weekend, went on sport camps and tournaments together. We always met up an hour before and stayed an hour afterwards to sit in the sauna sharing experiences regarding sex and periods and smoking and hot boys and abusive relatives and rape and school. Running, playing, shooting and scoring was heaven and I felt like a queen being so athletic and strong. I would’ve been a much more scared and sad person if I hadn’t had them.

My mum then got very sick when I was 12 and I had to take a lot of responsibility at home when it came to my younger sisters and myself. It resulted in my growing up fast and I became quite closed off, neglecting my own needs and feelings. I struggled with an eating disorder. Although mostly I was like any other teen but in Kenya, falling in love for the first time, getting drunk for the first time, arguing with my siblings etc.School to me was amazing though! I took three more courses than I had to and had straight A’s in all subjects apart from two because everything was just so interesting.

A video I made in 2008 when me and three friends were 17 and spent 10 days in Paris, sneaking into clubs and doing stupid things and being teens.

When I was 16 we moved back to Stockholm and I got the best friends ever in my college. I had a small group of friends and we were hated at school and never invited to parties, but I loved them and I couldn’t have asked for better friends. Quite quickly we realised that you didn’t have to show ID at PR events and fashion parties and literally toured around Stockholms event. On the weekends we bought smuggle vodka from old easter european men from the back of their vans, didn’t dare to have sex and puked a lot. We also worried so much about being virgins or unloved forever and discussed this topic every lunch break and Saturday at home. I had no idea what I liked or who I was or what was right or wrong and explored this a lot. We also bought Ryanair tickets to Paris and London during fashion week several times a year, stayed too many people in one bed and danced at clubs.

When I moved to Spain they recorded this film for me based on the funniest youtube video we knew. <3 <3

Me and Olivia when we had just moved to London in 2011 and hung out at a bar called Catch 4 nights a week

Why and when did you move abroad? (Because you live in London right??)

I don’t live in London now but I have for four years and I’m moving back there on Sunday! Confusing I know. But I’ve been living in Stockholm for 15months studying whilst my boyfriend has been living in London. This is why I’ve been flying back there once a month.

Olga and I being 16 and wild in Spain

Like mentioned above I lived in Kenya when I was younger. Then I was an exchange student in Spain for a year where I hung out with my bff Olga, skating at the plazas with spanish boys and hitched hiked in the middle of the night to other cities.

When I graduated n 2011 I moved to London with Olivia. Why I moved again is because I’m like my parents always hungry for adventures. And London felt like the most mystical and rebellious place imaginable, and it was.


Q+A / Tattoos, Teenage Tunes & My Camera



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  • Aaaaargh vill bara veta mermermer om ditt utbytesår i Spanien!!! Men visst fick du räkna det som ett vanligt gymnasieår så du fick komma tillbaka till samma klass i 3an? Hur var det efter att ha varit borta ett helt år? Jag åkte nämligen till Frankrike under mitt andra år på gymnasiet, men på en fransk skola så kunde inte tillgodoräkna mig det. Och tur var det när jag väl fick min nya klass. Jag gillade ju de vänner jag skaffat innan (i 1an) men sen rann det ut i sandden eftersom jag var borta i helt helt år när man knappt lärt känna varandra än. Så jag fick 1000x bättre kompisar när jag kom tillbaka.

    Sophie 2015-10-22 17:45:28
    • Svar på Sophies kommentar.

      Jag gick på en svensk skola där så jag fick räkna in det i mina gymnasieår! hade nog aldrig överlevt mer skola för var DÖDSTRÖTT på det. Jag trivdes inte alls så bra i spanien och det var inte riktigt min grej. Men jag borde absolut skriva ett inlägg om det för året var MAYHEM. dom hade NOLL koll på oss och vi utnyttjade det till fullo.

      linn 2015-11-03 14:41:20
  • ”And London felt like the most mystical and rebellious place imaginable, and it was.” !!!

    Sofia 2015-10-22 13:56:01
  • Alltså, om jag ens kunde uttrycka mig hälften som du <3

    Daniella in Edinburgh 2015-10-22 11:49:20
  • alltså så fint inlägg!

    Ebba 2015-10-22 10:38:59
  • Jag uppskattar dessa inlägg så mycket! Du vågar vara självutlämnande och ger en känsla av att vara både stark och skör samtidigt vilket jag tycker är så fint. Har också tänkt på att du beskriver dina relationer till människorna runt om dig på ett så fint sätt. Som att det är en så villkorslös kärlek och att de är en del av dig och din utveckling.

    Mikaela 2015-10-22 09:33:01
    • Svar på Mikaelas kommentar.

      gud vilken fin kommentar. de har verkligen varit en del av min utveckling så jag är glad att du ser det! <3 tack för att du läser och kommenterar.

      linn 2015-11-03 14:42:05
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