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Q + A / Tattoos, Teenage Tunes & My Camera,

First batch of the questions you asked me in this post. If you have any more just comment below! And if you are new here and have no clue of who I am, check this introduction out.

tattooDeathly Hallows Tattoo, Blogger LinnHow many tattoos have you got?

I’ve got three tattoos.

1. My first one is the text monsunregn which means monsoon rains in Swedish. It’s for all my years with the magical and frightening Kenyan monsoon.
2. The Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter is a stick and poke that my friend Karl-Anders did on me one night when we got really drunk. My bff Olivia has the same one from the same night.
3. An M + S combined into a graphic shape for my little sisters Moa and Saga.

Do you plan on getting more tattoos, and if so, what?

Yes! I’m too poor to do it right now. But I want to get CRYBABY tattooed like this on my fore arm and a lily of the valleys like this.

You can see more that I want to get on my Tattoo Pinterest board.

Favourite books?

Just Kids with Patti Smith, Life with Keith Richars, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling,

Favourite movie?

All films about young outlaws like the Runaways, Almost Famous and Vi Är Bäst

hackney weekend festival olivia

Olivia when we were at Hackney Weekend 2012 and saw Nicki Minaj, Jay Z and Jack White

I wonder how your taste in music has changed over the years, what did you listen to as a child, teenager and so on. Is that something you’ve listened to before you today ashamed that you liked?

When I was a child I listened to Britney Spears, Aqua, Vengaboys, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. Music made by boys bored me, apart from Aaron Carter. I wanted to marry him.

kenya giraff

As a teen I lived in Kenya and this makes me sound ancient but the internet was pain back then and listening to tunes online, let alone download them, was impossible. I missed a lot of the western music as a teen and my friends can still to this day laugh in surprise at my not having heard the most popular bands but I think that’s a blessing haha. During my early teens I only listened to East African and Nigerian r’n’b and reggae plus Akon and a Swedish guy called Håkan Hellström. This was and will always be my favourite tune in the whole world. <3 <3 <3 Nigerian music is fucking KING.

I’m also the queen of guilty pleasures! I have no perception of what I shouldn’t listen too because I didn’t experience what was cool as a teen. It’s my party trick, because it gets dangerous boys dancing. I’d argue that I didn’t ”properly get into music” until I moved to London and got access to gigs 7 nights a week. Still, I’m constantly discovering, so I listen to A LOT of different stuff but my favourites are: electronic pop, hiphop, pc music, saucy r’n’b, trap, punk, country, 60s rock’n’roll, 70s folk.

What are your top 5 artists / bands?

Right now the Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Bruce Springsteen and The Weeknd. You find my playlists and the tracks I like in my MUSIC Category.

disposable after party hackney party at maria pizzeria

Do you ever feel bad about if you’re home on a Friday / Saturday night? Happens to me all the time.

In Stockholm never because it’s too expensive going out anyways. Usually not in London either because being at home on weekend nights means that I have the house all to myself, free from flatmates, which is rare. Plus that one of my favourite feelings is waking up well early on Saturday mornings, whilst everybody else is sleeping and London is still quiet. But if there is a special event/gig/house party where all my friends are at I hate them a little bit.

I love your photos. What kind of camera and lens do you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1.8 lens (used to have a 1.4 but it broke), plus tons of disposable cameras that I’ve now traded for a Fuji



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  • Åh har hängt med sedan grodprins-tiden och vill bara säga att jag ÄLSKAR din blogg, du är fan kick-ass! Vad hände med Olivia? Hon bara försvann och nämndes aldrig igen :/

    Stina 2015-10-19 20:33:19
  • How tall are you? And if you have any complexes- how do you deal with them? Right now I have a lot of insecurities about my body and it’s gone so far I get completely paralized when sb wants to take a photo of me… Kisses! xx

    Lina 2015-10-17 23:47:18
  • var också lite kär i aaron carter och älskade självklart crazy little party girl : ))

    Julia 2015-10-17 23:12:47
  • Brukar du fota i raw och hur brukar du redigera dina bilder?

    Emilia 2015-10-17 21:46:34
  • Älskar dina tattoos, så himla fina! Har också tre stycken, också sjukt sugen på att skaffa fler!

    Michelle 2015-10-15 20:34:40
  • Hi! You happen to find like the coolest places in London, it’s like a gift you have. I live in London and at the moment I love hanging out in Shoreditch. Do you know of any cool, chill, student-budget bars where you can get yummy cocktails and meet fab peeps?
    You’re awesome x

    Emma 2015-10-15 16:20:03
    • Svar på Emmas kommentar.

      Thank you! that’s so flattering. Hmmm not big on the student bar thing but I recommend you to check out my London guide here for my favourite spots:

      linn 2015-10-17 12:56:52
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