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Q + A / everything about travels & my dearest memory

Here is the third part of the many questions you asked me. This time about my dearest memory, my complexes and where I’ve loved travelling to.

Linn and daniel 2012 linn daniel 2012

Daniel and I back in 2012 when we had just started dating.

Can you tell us about a favourite memory?

Hmm, difficult! I have so many! But I have one that I’ve written about once in Swedish. It is from when Daniel and I had just become a couple and it was spring in London.

We had been out the day before and now spent the whole morning on his mattress on the floor of his big flat, making out, having sex, talking about nothing important but that still seemed crucial. Down in his living room we opened all the windows and sun and a loud murmur from the Shoreditch crowd down below. With breakfast in hand we climbed out on his ceiling and sat there in his massive jumpers drinking coffee and eating vanilla yoghurt with blueberries.

He played his favourite music from his ancient ipod that looked like a game boy and taught me the word sun shower. I thought that it was the most beautiful word I had heard. I could barely look in his eyes because they were painfully beautiful, all blue with yellow freckles in them, so we just made out. My heart was pin balling inside and my palms permanently sweaty. Down on the streets people stopped to take photos of us and it didn’t feel like life even existed, just sun and infatuation.

What inspires you?

Creative women, art exhibitions, weirdos living even weirder lifestyles and anything that makes me question my way of thinking, being or living.

How tall are you?

175cm or 5’9″

Karura Forest Kenya Travels

Daniel in Karura Forest in Nairobi in 2014 when we went to visit my family who live there.

Which places do you want to visit in the near future?

I will be an intern and therefore poor for a while now but on top of my list is Scotland, South Korea, Budapest, the Japanese countryside and Guatemala or Brazil.

You travel constantly! How do you feel about flying?

I hate flying. I hate when I fly and when people I know fly. I get super dramatic and as I wave farewell to my loved ones beforehand I think about how it’s the last time we’ll ever see each other and how they will have to bury me. Then weeks in somebody will remember I have a blog and have to log onto here and write a letter to you guys.

I also get a lighter kind of migraine (I have real migraine from time to time) as soon as I step on an airplane. Ughhhh. But travelling is a luxury and great and I’m so blessed for being able to do it so often.

What are some of your favourite places you’ve visited whilst traveling (restaurants, shops, in nature, etc.)?

All places I’ve visited have had something magical about it. But let’s make a list because lists rock:

Koh Tao Thailand Travels
Scuba diving: Crystal clear waters in Thailand (here with my family for a month in 2009)

Food: All the seafood, vegetables, wine and meats just tasted like heaven in Cape Town, South Africa

Kerala India Travels
Nature: Going with the blue train through the lush forests of Kerala, India (when my family lived there in 2010)

Nightlifedive bars, oyster happy hour and all kinds of music in NYC, USA

Diani Beach Kenya Travels
Beachesendless white Diani Beach, Kenya

Masai Mara Kenya
Wildlifecamping amongst elephants and lions in Masaai Mara, Kenya

Amsterdam Travels
Beautiful citywith a million canals in Amsterdam, Holland

ViewsAll islands in Greece

How do you prepare for a trip?

I LOVE planning. Most of the people I travel with are shocked about my preparations before hand. I scavenge the internet for hidden city gems and usually have at least two A4s with museums to hit up, shops to check out, bars to get drunk in etc. In my phone I have a list for each city/country I want to travel to and as soon somebody casually drops a sentence about something cool somewhere I add it.

I love putting up a schedule on what to do on which days and what time during the day to do it. Like a proper itinerary. I’m a freak, but many like travelling with me because I suggest so much and take care of all of it. Although I love even more when my travel buddies do this too so I don’t have to. Like Daniel for example, he’s exactly like me and together we are the ultimate explorers.

When it comes to packing I bring as little as possible and like to plan exakt outfits for each day so I don’t bring anything unnecessary.



Q+A / Tattoos, Teenage Tunes & My Camera
Q+A / Teenage Years & Where I’ve Lived



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Film screening for refugees

Being back in London feels FUCKING FAB! Walking down the streets in Hackney, smelling the fried chicken everywhere with double deckers almost running me over I feel like screaming out loud from happiness. I AM BACK. And with all my friends around.

photos by hanna as my camera is on repair

On Tuesday night I took the train down south of the river to hang out with my badass girls. Remember when I visited their girl collective this summer? It’s like the prettiest photos I’ve ever shot I think. The girls had organised an fundraising in a dilapidated art studio to collect money for RAMFEL working with the migration crisis all over Europe.

Five short films were screened on the brick walls whilst people sat on plastic chairs around drinking mulled wine in the dark. I adored them so I figured I’d share my three favourites with you:

Working Illegally looks behind politicians’ rhetoric, the closed walls and barbed wire of UK border enforcement, to expose the reality of immigration detention, raising pressing questions concerning its nature and purpose.

Hold is a modern dance performance, completely improvised.

The Egg is a funny short film about religion and existence when a young man meets God.



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Vlog / New Glasses & London Flat Hunting

I had such great respons on my 1st video blog that I figured I’d continue! You guys are goddamn superstars.

This time I’m showing you my new glasses and talking about my first few days here applying for jobs and flat hunting whilst getting drunk. Typically London. Let me know what you think and if there is anything you want me to talk more about in these.

I also must tell you how fantastic it is that you are commenting so much more than before! Continue being this awesome. Blogging feels so much more fun when hearing what your thoughts are.


My 1st vlog



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A Frightening Farewell / A Smashing Start

Linn in London

It’s almost midnight, the day before I’m moving to London again. My room at my godmother’s house is empty, cleaned out and somehow I managed to fit all my belongings into two suitcases and one carry-on. Although they will by all means get the degrading little stickers screaming out heavy luggage as if to tell me I don’t know how to pack. Luckily I’m a boss lady with arm muscles like a wrestler to carry them. One won’t be able to tell though when I stand at Arlanda Airport crying from leaving my loved ones to enter a future of uncertainty.

It’s my eighth time moving countries, and it’s not making it one bit easier. Inside me there is an ocean of frightening excitement running in my veins. It’s the moment before I leap, before choosing a path to go down and so many things will determine my upcoming years. Next week alone we have three house viewings and I have two job interviews. What the fuck will I say at those? Not a clue. I’m aiming for something smashing, but only time will tell. Suddenly staying here in my godmother’s guest bedroom seems a lot safer than using my one way ticket to the UK. But since when do I chase safety?

This year has been so strange and exhausting and hurtful and magical. I’m not the same me returning to London, but I believe it’s a good thing. I’m less destructive and not as tearful, definitely not cooler but surely more confident and knowledgable. It feels like I won’t break as easily, and god that has been awaited. Having been exposed to feedback about my behaviour, first impression, reactions, presentations, expressions every week at Hyper Island, I’ve gotten to know myself. With all the ugliness and charm. I’ve come to terms with people not always liking me and it doesn’t even bother me. So London you won’t be able to crush me either! But I’m definitely up for a battle.

Tomorrow I will eat my last Swedish breakfast in a while, kiss my dear dear sister farewell whilst performing my ugliest and most grotesque version of sobbing. The streets of Stockholm I will call my home for the last time in god knows how long. Perhaps never more. It’s painful and sad, but at least I’m not all relieved to run away like last time. We’re on good terms, Stockholm and I, and even if I’m not head over heels, you have my respect. Being able to say that no I wouldn’t mind living here again is more than I had ever expected.

Within 19 hours I will stand in Clapton with all my luggage and ring on Daniel’s doorbell. I will hear his footsteps running down the staircase and answering the door to put his arms around me. It’ll be the last time we say hi again after a tearful farewell. The long distance term before our relationship doesn’t exist anymore.

So guys, this is when it starts. I will be a Londoner once more and take you with me on my struggles, adventures, love stories and heart breaks. I have 37 pence on my British bank account but here I come fuckers. I expect to get swept off my feet.



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Remember the technology exhibition I was a part of last year when we built an interactive forest? Tonight we are exhibiting it again with the kickass art collective Kobolt. This is how they describe the event and themselves:

Kobolt: Affect is a world to enter. We are
investigating whether there is a clear dividing
line between the organic and the digital.
Interaction and experience creates an
opportunity to achieve a different emotional state.

Kobolt is an artistic project whose aim is to
highlight young contemporary art. We offer creative
professionals an opportunity to present their
work in a broader context than they have access to.
Affect is a collaboration between the Kobolt and the
young sound and light artists.”

Our piece is technology in combination with plants that come alive through sound and interaction. You can see a sneak peak above. The exhibition is at Fylkingen here in Stockholm tonight and you are all invited, just drop by after 6pm. Here is the event. See you there!

I’ll post the preparation and previews on my snapchat linn.wiberg <3



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