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Highlights From My London Summer

I have a few photos left from my summer in London so I thought I’d share some of my highlights with you from that rainy, grey, magical town.


On one of the rainiest of Sundays I was heavy and hungover but still managed to get out. I stumbled upon the best sample sale where I got my favourite summer shoes and then met up with six of my favourite people. Squeezed in under broken sunroof a we sat drinking ales whilst getting drenched from the rain. People think I’m odd but rain is my favourite weather so I didn’t mind one bit (which makes London a pretty good match for me) because I was with my babes. <3 <3


Lovisa had taken the bus all the way back east and (I returned the favour by going on an exotic one day holiday down to her girl collective down South). And it might sound lame but when you can’t afford paying for your bus ride, the other side of town does feel like another country.


We kept on bar hopping around Dalston, occupying the tiniest corner in the otherwise full pubs. It was the Wimbledon finals and England was going nuts. As the hangover caught up with me and made me head home, my insane friends went back home to continue partying until 11am the morning after.


Another of my favourite nights this summer was when I met up with Daniel, Gin and Seb in Soho for after work drinks. A little tipsy we took a taxi(!) down to Peckham and Frank’s rooftop bar (which I recommended in my London Guide).


It was humid and warm out, young people everywhere with summer in their lungs and fairy lights reflecting in their eyes. The whole carpark rooftop was filling up and we zigzagged through the crowd, the twilight vibrating, feeling like this night would explode into fireworks and be forever etched into my memory.


In between british boys in ugly print tees we found my girl Kajsa. I introduced Gin to her, Seb’s new girlfriend, and she fell in love with her just like I had.


And when Seb had to go home to get ready for work, she stayed out with us! <3


It’s when I get up this high I lose my breath over London. This night was no different. London is so big and there is so many places to see and things to do and it’s alive!!! CAN I BE YOUNG 4EVER PLZ.

When nighttime crept upon us we walked over to a tiny little basement snooker club called Canavan. It was like back when I was nineteen and Olivia and I hung out at Efes four nights a week, dancing to hiphop with bad boys. Tonight the boys stood crammed around the bar, dancing to electronic music or talking about getting married whilst weirdos of all ages played snooker and wore odd outfits. Weird weird London I like you a lot.


A few days I met up with my mental coach and ultimate diva Danielle to try sort out our lives over coffees and laptops in Dalston. I mostly sat sighing over her hair, gossiping about pop stars and music videos, colleagues trying to explain ”underground and laughing at her flatmate situations.


As July merged into August Jared and Olivia invited us over to their new flat in Chancery Lane. They’ve moved in to an old postal office with a grand entrance, sauna and one of those rooftop terraces only annoyingly successful couples in glossy magazines have.


We ate tapas in the sunset like the glossy editorial stars we are.


I can’t believe it’s only two months left until I move back to this place. And settle down! No more moving away or having to study elsewhere or do long distance. This summer definitely didn’t put me off.



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  • Åhhhhhh dö hur mycket jag saknar jag inte London när jag ser dina bilder. Jävlar vad bra du blivit på att fotografera alltså. Varje inlägg kan ta mig 10+ minuter att läsa igenom när man känner WOW vid varje bild.

    Tilda 2015-09-28 18:35:23
  • heej! sag att du namnde olivia har i inlagget! Jag har foljt bloggen anda sedan ni skrev tillsammans och undrar vad hon gor nufortiden? ar ni fortfarande kompisar/har kontakt? tankte bara da hon inte synats till i inlagg osv pa sistone! kram

    Mia 2015-09-13 04:18:31
    • Svar på Mias kommentar.

      Så fett att du hängt med mig så länge! <3 Hon har bott i Småland, Barcelona och nu Schweiz och vi har inte stått varandra så nära, så som det kan bli när man delat säng i två och ett halvt år. Fast senaste månaderna så har vi hittat tillbaka lite så det känns jättekul!

      linn 2015-09-18 11:38:17
  • Ahh va najs det ser ut!!! Vill flytta till London nunununu.. Lucky you!! Ni kommer få det bäst där

    Sanna 2015-09-11 17:58:52
  • hur fasen gör du gifs av filmklipp? jag har försökt på photosho cs6 men det liksom funkar inte. det kommer upp ett ”oväntat fel” typ. tänkte om du gör på något speciellt sätt?

    rebecca 2015-09-11 16:55:52
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