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24hrs in Copenhagen with Jane Kønig

Early early on Thursday morning I habe a taxi honking for me outside my godmother’s house out in suburbian Stockholm. The minimalistic Danish jewellery brand Jane Kønig has invited me for a 24 hrs press trip down to Copenhagen. I am dressed in a miniskirt and heels with a tiny suitcase on wheels, you know one of those that even Ryainair let’s you bring onboard as hand luggage. Feeling fab and lost and a little bit like a fraud.

As the driver opens the door to the back seat for me I get a message from Flora ”I’m in my taxi now, are you ready?”

I type up a respons on my cracked iphone 5 screen. ”Me 2! fuck I’m feeling all nervous haha”


Less than an hour later we land at Copenhagen airport accompanied by ten famous swedish bloggers and manage to go by train to the city without paying. Whilst hanging out at my favourite place, the Internet, I have once again stumbled upon some city gems, and sent it to Flora with a WE HAVE TO GO HERE. There are still a few hours before we can check in at the hotel, so we go.


Being in a foreign country early on a weekday morning feels like eating forbidden fruit. The city is still drowsy but simultaneously busy and for a moment it feels like you have all the time in the world to explore.


The spot I’d looked up is Cafe Auto which I’ve found through this interview with Danish writer Nana Hagel for Ignant.


In one of the corners Flora and I sit down ordering scrambled eggs and cappuccinos, talking about all the grand things we are working on, die over some fucking fantastic news and get serious when subjects like death or friendship breakups come up. It’s so strange that this is only the fourth time we actually meet(!) and it feels like I’ve known her a lifetime. I guess it’s just like that with people who are unafraid of letting other people in and up close. She was the one who recruited me for Metro, right after this London adventure in April if you remember.


Busy as we are, we spend a couple of hours in front of the laptops working before Copenhagen just screams for us to GET OUT ENJOY ME EXPLORE ME. We obey and manage to stumble upon H.C. Anderson’s grave first thing.


I like how Flora shifts how she dresses with the shift of a season. It’s as if nature sweeps through her wardrobe and transform its pallette just as it does with the trees. As you can tell it’s officially autumn.


I have somewhat expected nothing of Copenhagen other than it’ll be another version of Stockholm; stunning but sleepy and very wealthy. Partially I’m sure that’s true, but it runs out thatthere is also something else about Copenhagen. An aura, if one believes in those, that was far more relaxed and inviting, and people are gorgeous riding their bikes everywhere.


At some futuristic ice cream shop called ISTID we stop, where they whip up these desserts by adding liquid nitrogen to cream! From a tall Dane who says he eats at least six ice creams a day we order one salty pecan flavour and one with crushed chocolate and cranberry sauce.

Flora-Wistrom,-CopenhagenHe stutters when talking to us blonde babes and later Flora asks if I think it was because he got shy. Absolutely, I say and then we agree on how wicked it is still being able to make boys nervous, despite having been in a relationship for over 3 years *still got it*.

Around here we realise that we have less than an hour to get back to the hotel room, get ready and make it to the event that people actually flew us down to attend.


By a miracle we stand in the lobby on time. Amongst the highest of heels, expensive design clutches and the most perfect of curls I feel like wow this is so exotic AND I LOVE IT. I did not know I had a glamorous diva in me until now, but oh I will embrace it. I might be a blogger fraud but if that’s the case lucky me, because this ride I will enjoy.

They’ve rented a bus and we get picked up, first driven to Jane Kønig’s boutique and later to some club venue.


Obviously there are hashtagged cupcakes and Moet.


I also find a glossy white present with my name on it which makes my little blogger heart melt. I’ll show you later what was in it. Apparently they don’t have beer at events like these so we order vodka and soda and try to fit in!


But mostly I just sit spellbound by my conversation with Flora wildly discussing politics and horrifying a teen fashion intern with having body hair and using mooncups. At nine we say bye to the blogger party.


And go out on a bar hunt! As some of you saw on my snapchat we are a little tipsy and very giggly (@linn.wiberg if you haven’t added me yet) walking through the cobbled streets.


Flora coaches me in my aspirations as a writer and tells me to get my shit together. It’s tricky writing in a language that isn’t yours but being too novice in any other, plus having started walking down a career path that has nothing to do with that dream. I’m once again just finding excuses but hear this: I think I have actually figured out what the hell I should write about!


She brings me to this cool spot, drowning in red lights and saucy r’n’b called Bakken, in Kødbyen. I buy us beers and nachos to celebrate a little secret. I tell her my best nightmare stories from my exchange year in Spain as a teen because there is nothing scarier. One day when the mood is right, I will also tell you, if you’d like.

Before midnight we are back in our aquarium looking room, ordering wifi through room service and comparing pyjamas.

– Goodnight Flora.

– Sleep well Linn.


The morning after we feel like crap heading to the airport, but thank you Jane Kønig for making me into a jetsetter for a day.



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3 Blog Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

I’ve come across some brilliant blog posts lately and thought it’d be a shame if some of you were to miss them. So here come three gems:Kinsey Mhire’s photos from her recent trip to Iceland is everything elvish and magical one dreams it to be.

Louise Whitehouse talks about the benefits of minimalism in life and how to accomplish it.

The best tv-show of all time, Friends, celebrated 21 years since its premiere and Frida compiled her favourite bits from the 10 seasons. Outfits, quotes, clips, characters, bloopers. It’s a packet full of joy.



What have been your favourite posts lately?



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Cheap Monday FurFur Cheap Monday Coat ScorpioLinn WibergFlora and I got back from Copenhagen yesterday. The jewellery brand Jane Koenig flew us out for a 24 hour press trip that included aquarium like hotel rooms, sipping Moets among blondes in stilettos and having taxi driver hold signs with your name on them. I FELT COOL. Too cool, considering just saying that makes me the uncoolest person in history. But I did, despite being out of place amongst the glossy fashion bloggers.

Either way I had a brilliant time with Flora! We didn’t shut up once in 24 hours. It wasn’t until we checked out that we realised the reason for my key not working was that we actually had two separate rooms. We had shared one without questioning it. <3 

Getting the taste of the jetset lifestyle in Copenhagen I walked around half naked all day back home listening to rock music. I thought I had become Anita Pallenberg living with the Rolling Stones in the 70s, and just had to pose with my new sassy fake fur from Cheap Monday and my scorpio necklace from Jane Koenig.

Now I’m a bit more down to earth, fully dressed and working on my CV to apply to internships instead. Not. As. Glamorous. I’ll show you more pics from the trip soon!



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I don’t know how but for some reason Visions Festival somehow has managed to fall on the day before my changing something in my life drastically. Two years ago it was my quitting my job and starting uni, last year it was my moving to Stockholm and this year it was my last day of my summer in London. It sets up for a dramatic and wild day, that’s for sure.


The summer was everywhere and Daniel had convinced me to wear my black denim jeans so that I could crowd surf like last year. It sounded like a brilliant idea, reinforcing my false image of being a badass bitch. Out in the near 30 degree heat it seemed less fun though and one street down my hair was sticking to my back.

After lunch at the new Allpress Cafe in Dalston (go there it’s great!) we swung by the Princess May Car Boot Sale in Dalston where Amel and Astrid were hustling to try and scrape together some cash for their Greece trip. It didn’t go to well though, and three hours in they were too hot and too hungover and packed up.


By coincidence Danielle and Natalie were there too, hustling real hard.


Natalie had borrowed a car and driven there seven in the morning to get a good spot in between all the real car boot sale pros. Apparently some regulars had made comments like ‘I can tell that you’re new here, considering your price range. You’ll learn honey.’ and about how they laid up their stuff and all. DID NOT KNOW THAT THIS WAS A SPORT.


I adored how Danielle, like always, had gone full in for her look as a yard sale professional. <34546460


By this point my skin was boiling so Daniel and I went down the road to Voodoo Ray’s Pizza for some frozen margaritas. The streets were packed with mums carrying naughty tree year olds and Poundland bags and vendors screaming out extra price on tomatoes. About here Paul texted us to hurry down to Bethnal Green to pick up our wristbands and get the party starting. And so we did.


In a queue turning round three street corners we lined up with Seb, Wilma, Simon, Paul and Bex. Plus some ice creams and beers. I thought we would miss the whole day seeing this queue but it moved fairly quickly. Just as we approach the front I look at Saboune and his lip is as big as a camel’s! Somehow a bee had stung him without him noticing and his whole face was transforming into a gigantic balloon. So he had to turn in the door and head to the hospital. : ‘ (


The festival started up super weird and the first bands were shit!!!! Fortunately the live band settings are always pretty but halfway through JJ we left because those Swedes looked more miserable then I do in the midst of winter.


Instead we went to see the Spanish band Hinds, that I had never heard of but at the words ‘an all girls rock band declared Europe’s most exciting band by NME’ I was intrigued. And boy was it amazing. Paul was standing next to me screaming how these chick were incredible. With bras hanging out and ponytails twirling they went mad with their guitar riffs. Boys had boners and girls were drooling and I fell in love. Finally a band who love being on stage! Girls huh.


After the show I had to talk to the band so I hung around the fence, asked about touring and records and got my fangirl pic taken. The air in the venue was saturated with exasperation that turned the light into a mist.


The whole crowd was ecstatic afterwards talking about the performance.


We moved outside to buy burgers and beers, enjoying the approaching summer evening high on tunes and endorphins. An extroverts dream.

Fat-White-Family-at-Visions-Festival-2015-line-upThe whole afternoon we ran between venues screaming along to tracks we knew so well or heard for the first time, got stomped on by heavy doc martens, fell into puddles of spilled pints and moshed with band members. Fat White Family headlined around midnight and it felt like the whole festival had waited for this act all day, especially as they cancelled last minute last year.

The moment right before a big band walks on is my favourite. The crowd’s mumble has faded and you can hear the vibrations from the instruments’ amplifiers, screaming to get used. The expectations of the audience turns into electricity and with a boom the band storms out and the all around you hear the screaming of hundreds of full grown people, forgetting everything what it means to be composed. And of course they open with that one fucking song we all love.

We ended up in Paul and Bex’s living room doing stupid things and looking at taxidermy butterflies until four am. I walked home holding Daniel’s hand, feeling empty and tired. My black jeans didn’t crowd surf but they were pretty happy anyways. The morning after I was once again on a plane far away from everything I love.


Also see my previous festival adventures:

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On Friday my boo landed in Stockholm. It’s the last time he comes visiting me by himself. Next time he’s coming with two friends of our’s and after that It won’t be long before I move. Weird! In total he’s been here 16 times I think. In one year! <3


I’m living at my godmother’s house until I move and they were back in Malaysia were they used to live, so me and Daniel had the big house for ourselves.


Like an old retired couple we took the dog for a walk around the nearby lake, got laid and went for a date night at the cinema. We also watched netflix naked and cryd over a stupid fight before making up and brushing our teeth together.

In five weeks we will have officially made it. 16 months of long distance. Fuck it’s been tough, but never have I doubted that we couldn’t do it. Although I think making it two years would’ve been pushing it as the shock of being together/apart/together/apart is pure pain.


Before Daniel had to board his train to the airport he took me to Barobao, a recently opened bao spot by Mariatorget. Minimal but quirky asian design and delicious Korean tapas. Would highly recommend it!


We sat in this corner next to a wasabi plant and shared a coke and munched on some gorgeous small plates. Daniel always tells me the most insane stories about things he’s read or experienced or studied. It’s so fascinating and I have to stop him 13 times during our walks or dinners to kiss him because I think it’s the hottest thing ever.


Then once more we stood on the cold platforms at Centralen. I kissed him a million times because it has to last until next time I see him even though it doesn’t and finally wave him goodbye as it’s 2min left until departure. Despite being corny, movies don’t lie about the drama of having to see somebody you love wave though a train window whilst slowly moving away.

I walked back to the underground cursing this city that I’ve grown to love and googled the most pathetic but true cure; the saddest abba song. Turns out there’s a wicked genius named Tear Jerker who’s compiled a list with all the top Abba songs to cry toSo that’s what I did, cried on the blue line all the way to Sundbybergs Centrum.
IMG_7555And yesterday it rained from the sky and not my eyes which made everybody else sad but myself happy as it’s my favourite weather. I went to a fancy lunch all by myself because there is nothing better than enjoying delicious food alone when you’re a little sad.

Now it’s back to work. I have a portfolio to finish, an exhibition promotion post to write up, a company workshop to plan, an internship application to send, blogposts to write and a school holiday to plan. All before I fly off on a blog trip with a brand on Thursday morning. I feel like I don’t really need an internship, I need somebody to be my intern.



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