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Stockholm Fashion Week SS16 // WHYRED & Björn Borg

Following the Wood Wood press show were a few hours of nothing. It’s weird how Stockholm Fashion Week is relatively slow paced with a lot of dead time in between shows. Not at all as hectic and packed with people as I would’ve thought.Berns-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-2015After a few glasses of wine we walked over to Berns for the next show.Whyred-SS16-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekIt was Whyred and since I’m not cool enough to sit on front row I have no good pics of the pieces but you can google it. Whyred-Menswear-SS16-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekThe collection was really pretty and I would wear most of it. Although I have to say that going to fashion shows is weird because you do so much dressing up, queuing and waiting around for less then five minutes of garments swooshing past in glimpses between silhouettes of the people who sit in the rows in front of you.

But a plus is that you can pretend to be in the Devil Wears Prada and snapchat zoomed in pics of celebs.Mari-Pizzeria-at-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-SS16After too many hellos and street style photographers pulling at my friends we were starving and took our fashion bums on the tube to Hornstull. At some local spot we shared pizzas because we couldn’t afford anything else. Unfortunately for us social media pays in events and not cash. It’s like when I first moved to London in 2011 and worked at a luxury knitwear brand where my job outfit was worth more than two months salary.Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-MarsAs the sun set walked along the canals to Långholmen where Björn Borg had set up a space ship beneath one of the bridges.  Mari-Pizzeria-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-SS16The show was a tribute to the first human expedition to Mars and the four chosen volunteers were invited!!! So starstruck. Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-MarsIt was foggy, loud and eerie with smoke machines, celestial sound effects and projections.  Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-Show-MarsCrammed up at a booth with fifty other people the atmospherical music went quiet and the stadium dark before it all began.  Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-Show-Out-In-MarsIt was incredible. Not in a sense of fashion but in a sense of performance. The models walked in from different entrances, looping in towards the middle stage through the ruby red gravel as recorded sounds of space shuttles departing mixed in with heavy electronic music.Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-Show-Space-MarsIt felt like a set designers wet dream and a cool approach to an otherwise standard showcasing of clothing. I hope I get to go see more of their shows in the future.

As the whole of the fashion elite took taxis to after parties and whatnot I hopped on the tube to go midnight bbquing with Frida. Passion week/trashion week/fashion week does beat you up pretty bad.

Stockholm Fashion Week SS16 // Wood Wood



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Stockholm Fashion Week SS16 // Wood Wood

Wood-Wood-SS2016Monday was the first day of Stockholm Fashion Week. I haven’t been to fashion week since I was 17 and toured around with my friends to Paris, London and Stockholm. With a fake business card and a huge, but shitty, camera we snuck into shows we weren’t invited to, backstage where boys got undressed and parties with Kate Moss. Since, I haven’t been interested what so ever because the fashion industry is problematic as in elitist, white and wealthy. BUT, fun.imageSo this year I figured I’d go all in and become a proper fashion princess, hehe. My babe Maria, that I know from London, and her friend Mika met up with me.Wood-Wood-SS16-at-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekFirst out was the intimate press show for the Danish brand Wood Wood at the bar Riche. We were only 20 people invited and the brand manager took us through the different pieces. It felt a lot friendlier and more personal to be a small group. We got to hear what thoughts and inspiration the designers had when creating the collection, rather than just showing up to show off and have our pic taken for some street style site.

I was starstruck by myself because people KNEW WHO I WAS, ”Oh how’s London?”, ”You work for metro right?”, ”How’s Hyper?” etc and well, that’s never happened so I was flattered. : ))))Wood-Wood-SS16-Blue-Print-Set-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekAnd I died for the collection. Just look at this twinset!!!! The colour, the cut, the pattern and the details. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I want to wear this forever.Wood-Wood-SS16-Suede-JacketThis dress and suede jacket!Wood-Wood-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week*drooling*Wood-Wood-SS16-Blue-Print-Jacket-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekWood-Wood-SS16-Fashion-Week-StockholmWood-Wood-SS16-JeansFor some reason I have a soft spot for flared denim trousers that makes you look like a twelve year old who has grown 12cm over the summer and who’s clothes are now all too short.Wood-Wood-SS16-Press-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekAll of it very much my taste with denim, sweatshirts and focus on tailoring and material rather than extreme silhouettes or insane colours.Maria-Pizzeria-at-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-SS16So happy that Maria is back from Thailand and has now moved from London to Stockholm. Although I want her to move back there when I do. After the show we talked about my upcoming internship, how it feels being a skater gurl and what PR agencies to work with.

We got some amazing goodie bags and I will show you more from that and the other shows in another post! If you find these fashion week posts interesting?



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Prosecco in Miso Cups & My Last Day At Hyper Island

Hyper-Island,-TelefonplanOk something insanely shocking happened on Friday. I went to school just like all the other days, had long and intense lectures that once again had me question my world view, drank three too many cups of coffee (seriously Sweden is turning me into the worst caffeine addict) and then the day was over. Undramatic right? But as we finish the lecture our program manager announces that it was in fact our last day ever at school. Not as in my graduating but rather my not spending another day in the physical school ever again! And I had no idea! THAT, my friends, is emotional.Tobias,-Jackie-and-Majsan,-Stockholm-2015So we gathered all of the lovely people in my class and went to the disgusting little bar around the corner.

It’s odd how fast time pass nowadays. I read a theory on why that is, time passing faster with age. It explained how when you are little, like 5 for example, one year is so long in relation to the time you had lived. In fact it makes up 20% of your life. Whilst for somebody who’s 50, one year only makes up 2%. I guess it’s true, even though it makes me uncomfortable knowing that my time becomes less valuable the older I get. And now my time at school is over, just like that.Jackie-and-Majsan,-Stockholm-2015But it also feels really fucking great to almost be done, so we decided to continue celebrating.Majsan,-Tanto-2015 The entirety of the school went down to Tantolunden to sit in the grass, drink prosecco out of miso cups and play games. Amalia,-Stockholm-2015 Mimmi-Linn-Jackie,-Stockholm-2015I’m going to miss all these little freaks so much it pains me. Mimmi-Linn-Jackie-in-Tanto<34567  Aron,-Stockholm-2015Amalia-i-TantoWhen the sun was gone we entered bars, ran into potential lovers and somebody got a GRL PWR stick and poke tattoo right by the dance floor. The suburbs lay thick with fog and so did our minds. Somehow we ended up with lots of hotdogs at an after party at Katja’s where boys danced alone and we spilt drinks and broke furniture and went in and out of laughter and sleep.

I think I got home at six, walking home listening to crime podcasts as the sun rose but since time is more and more irrelevant, I feel like that’s alright.



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A Dream of a House

Your chest is rising up and down to the buzzing of a trapped fly, repeatedly crashing into the window above us. I lay still a while, my tangled hair sliding across your arm with each breath, back and forth like waves. The vacuum of our skin make it so sweaty and it’s like we’ve consumed all the oxygen left in the air. Even the fly has noticed and is trying to escape before we all suffocate. I try to endure it, last a little longer and make the summer seconds feel less short. For some reason they still seem to rush away. Perhaps they are just as eager as the rest of us when the snow has vanished. After all we all run through the good parts too quickly.

When I slide off you your skin prickles and it wakes you up. It feels like ages ago when I woke up in your bed the first time, all shy and embarrassed and happy. It was ages ago I guess. Like that day three and a half years ago we have no plans.

– I don’t want to see a single person today, I say.

 Me neither, you respond. You sigh and I can tell that this city is wearing on you faster than ever.

– Shit Linn, why don’t we actually just save up all of our money and buy a tiny cabin? A super small one where we just fit everything we need and nothing more.

This year has been tough on so many levels and I want it to stop, to go away so maybe we should just leave. Live somewhere I haven’t even been because there is no reason to go there. I continue:

– It has to be somewhere by the water then. In a rural area with nothing around it. With big windows so you can watch the storm and read and listen to music and not be stressed by anything. Just us. And I can write and you can… be my slave or house husband or something.

I stop with my lips pursed, trying to keep a straight face and turn to look at you. You pretend to be hurt but your face is amused so I laugh. But the more I think of us living along by the beach I realise that it’s actually not an awful idea. Us in a little house with a bedroom this size, where we could open the window and let that poor fly out and in return hear the ocean brush across the beach.

– We can cook amazing pasta dinners and walk along the shore or drink whiskey in front of tv series and have sex everywhere in every room. And it won’t even cost that much, Daniel, think about it!

– And when we get bored we could just invite all of our friends out for a massive party.

I turn onto my side so I can freely gesture with my right hand about our future as faraway fugitives escaping the city life. You roll your eyes at my more obscene suggestions and I accept the challenge to shock you even more. When I finish I lean my chin in my other hand and look at you for response. We’ve derailed our dream into unattainability, maybe because the thought of it being possible is terrifying.

I stand up on your mattress with the white sheets curled around my ankles and reach high up towards the window. My fingertips grab hold of the handle and I twist and push it open. But the fly heads back into the house and away from my attempt to save it. Once we’re offered what would save us, why is it that we all run the other direction?

I plunge back down into the depth of the bed. The noise from fast fixie bikes and shouting bus drivers flood in through the window. Some kids walking down the road are half screaming half laughing as they tease one another and the pub next door is already filling up. I guess it’s not really the ocean, but it’ll do.



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My Secret London City Guide; the local gems tourists miss

It’s here! A full on kickass piece of art! A travel guide for all of you who dream of London’s britpop sadness or for all of you who live here and might want new tips of what to check out. I’ve tried to vary the spots of this city guide, but inevitably they tend to all be in East London, because it’s the best. I will continuously update it so just come check it out whenever you need some tips

So here we go, all my hidden gems of London:London-Guide-London-City-Guide-Travel-Guide

// BARS //

The Royal Oak (73 Columbia Road, Shoreditch, E2 7RG) is my favourite pub. Perfect for dates and picking up cuties every day of the week. Always full and friendly, with small courtyard and people spilling out onto the street. They make it extra homey around Christmas.

Pamela (428 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA) is a brand-new bar near Dalston that still feels as cosy as if it has been there for an eternity. Named after Pamela Anderson her portrait covers several walls and the drinks sounds odd but are surprisingly good. Try their banana cocktail!

Franks-RooftopFrank’s Cafe (10TH FLOOR, PECKHAM MULTI-STORY CARPARK, 95A RYE LANE, SE15 4ST) in Peckham is a lively bar at the top of a car park where you have a view over the entire city. Come around seven to avoid having to queue and get to see a magical sunset.

the Sebright Arms (31-35 Coate Street, E2 9AG) have great and cheap gigs most days of the week.

Satans Whiskers, London

Satan’s Whiskers (343 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9RA, United Kingdom) is a small cocktail bar filled with a mix of devilish whiskey and moist hiphop. Show up early!

NOLA (68 Rivington Street, EC2A) is a New Orleans blues bar completely hidden above a disgusting bar in Shoreditch. You whisper to the bouncer who then escorts you upstairs where you knock on the wooden door. Inside it’s decorated like an old, classy bar in Louisiana with lovely cocktails. Obviously perfect to impress people/a date! Show up early as it’s a members bar and they have restricted entry after midnight.

// CLUBS //

Linn at the Ace Hotel by OrnellaMiranda at the AceHotel (100 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JQ) is a club in the basement of the lavish and trendy boutique hotel in Shoreditch. Here you will find heaps of well-dressed babes and tasty drinks, good music and strange nights. Start upstairs for cocktails and then move down into the basement to dance or to see some of the gigs. Note that they have very mixed DJs so check what event’s on for the evening.

Birthdays (33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, N16 8BJ) is a typical ~cool~ place with a pretty bar upstairs and a basement with great gigs and DJ nights. Filled with lovely and slightly too self obsessed hotties and can be SO MUCH FUN. Check out their website to know what’s on.

Ridley-Road-Market-Bar,-LondonRidley rd market barRidley Road Market Bar (49 Ridley Road, Dalston) is a small and colourful bar with the impressive theme of ~tropical kitsch~. Among the fake palm trees they serve beer for £ 3 and mojito in the pints for £5, but the best part is that it’s always good music and dancing! A mix of Fleetwood Mac, The Strokes and TLC. Show up before eleven because it gets packed and the queue is insane.

NTs-Night-Tales-London-Fields-Netil-HousePlatform Cafe, London

NT’s in Netil House (2nd Floor, Netil House, 1-7 Westgate St, E8 3RL) is a bar in a New York style warehouse that you enter by ringing a buzzer hidden down in an alleyway. They have a roof terrace and great view, which kind of sums up all my obsessions. Electronic music, cute boys and red neon lights.

Visions Video Bar (588 Kingsland Road, E8 4AH) is for you hiphop obsessed cuties. People go NUTS and battle and stuff.

The-Moth-Club,-Glitter-Ceilings Moth-Club,-Hackney

Moth Club (Old Trades Hall, Valette Street, E9 6NU) Opened in late 2015 this gig venue has sure added some glitter and glam to the music scene in Hackney. Decorated like an 70s highschool dance they host all kinds of interesting bands most nights and on weekends you can also expect pretty good dj-sets and themed evenings. Like the Fleetwood Mac night not long ago. Remember to buy tickets though!


Shacklewell Arms (71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, E8 2EB) is the grimiest and also one of the most legendary pub in Hackney. This is a late night spot and where everything else closes people come here and dance until 4am. It smells of old beer and dodgy souls, has brilliant bands playing and the danciest of djs. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad night here.


meat missionMeat-Mission,-Hoxton

Meat Mission (15 Hoxton Market, N1 6HG) is my favourite hamburger spot. Located in an old church you sit in old church benches listening to loud rock music and ordering beer in pitchers. Perfect to get into a party mood! I highly recommend their whiskey sours, the deep fried mac n cheese(!) and the Dead Hippie Burger.

The Richmond (316 Queensbridge Road, E8 3 NH) is a new but lively little seafood restaurant and bar in an otherwise very quiet part of Hackney. Come here during their £1 oyster happy hour and impressive cocktails.

La bodega negra, Soho

La Bodega Negra (9 Old Compton Street, W1D 5JE) is a former strip club turned Mexican restaurant in Soho. The old peep show neon signs outside lures both one and another man to enter and quickly turn in embarrassment. Nowadays served delicious Mexican food and expensive drinks in the luxurious cellars. Note that you need to book ahead of time and that it has to be the Old Compton Street, not their other location!

6 crate brewery pizzas

Crate Brewery (The White Building, Unit 7, Queen’s Yard, E9 5EN) A brewery with loud music, artsy kind of people and heavenly pizza. It’s located in one of the warehouses by the sanal in Hackney Wick, so the sunny days are magical.

Mezcal Cantina (127 Kingsland High St, Dalston, E8 2PB) A Mexikan with a massive Frida Kahlo mural covering a whole wall, delicious Pisco Sours and Mexican families singing along to the loud music.

Viet Grill (58 Kingsland Road, E2 8DP) Vietnamese food revolutionised my life. And out of all the hundreds of spots out there this is one of the fancier one but I like it.

5 voodoo ray

Voodoo Ray’s (95 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2PB) Stop by here to feel cool. Period. They serve American beer, gigantic slices of pizza and frozen margaritas along with badass music. In the heart of Dalston’s club land.

// BRUNCH //


Bistrotheque (23-27 Wadeson Street, E2 9DR) is the only must when you visit London! I doubt anybody has missed that this is one of my favourite spots. Hidden in a deserted alley you climb a flight of stairs and step into a bright industrial building with large factory windows and white tablecloths. In the corner a gentleman in pink hair plays Beyonce and Taylor Swift on the white grand piano. Surprisingly affordable and plain gorgeous! Ps only brunch on the weekend, but also worth going for dinner or drinks.


 All-Press-Cafe-Dalston Brunch menu at All Press Dalston cafe Hackney

Allpress Dalston (55 Dalston Lane, Hackney, E8 2NG) This roastery makes delicious coffee and now also have this brunch spot in Dalston. Large windows and a bright space inside as well as a front garden to enjoy the sun in. The menu is filled with your standard eggs as well as extras like Swedish gravad lax or the delicious mixed plate. Also a golden star for the friendliest of staff!

Bill’s (1 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU) is a knick knack kind of spot with dried chillies in the ceiling and big ass smoothies. I go to the one in Hoxton but check the website because you can also find them in Soho etc.

Cafe 338 (338 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AG) on Bethnal Green Rd is dead cheap and fairly ugly but charming.

4 advisory

The Advisory (161 Mare Street, E8 3RH) a Canadian spot who make perfect fluffy pancakes, burgers, eggs and other yummy breakfasts. Small and cosy with nice decoration.

// CAFES //


Bolt London (Arch 3 / Fieldworks 274 Richmond Road Hackney, London E8 3QW) is a motorcycle workshop, retailer and cafe located in one of the arches by Hackney Central. Despite the sound of it Bolt is everything but intimidating and a great place to stop by for a coffee.

Sketch (9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG) An explosion of pastel pink and much like a scene from a Wes Anderson film. Every two years Sketch let a new artist redecorate the space and for the past year and a bit it’s been inhabited by the work of David Shrigley. Go here for lunch, a cocktail or swoon over their afternoon tea. Grand and pricey, but it is out of this world. Make sure to book beforehand.

The Wolseley (160 Piccadilly, W1J 9EB) is also a great spot for English High Tea, but book in advance.

Pavillion (Corner Old Ford Road, Victoria Park, London, E9 7DE) an organic cafe in the pavilion right by the pond in Victoria Park. Perhaps the most dreamy summer the place where you just have a lovely time.

Love Shake, Shoreditch

the Love Shake (5 Kingsland Road E2 8 AA) have good milkshakes and romantic, red booths. On old TVs they have a never ending James Bond marathon on and it all just feels like an American diner in a faraway town.

Look Mum No Hands (49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX) in Clerkenwell is a nice bike shop, café and restaurant.


Tate Modern (Bankside, London SE1 9TG) is a modern art museum (my favourite one) located in a stunning old factory down by South Bank. This is a standard recommendation whoever you ask because it’s honestly a redemptive experience. Just the premises are breathtaking. Get off at St. Paul’s and walk over the Millennium Bridge that’s in this scene of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour is for all you Harry Potter nerds with burning hearts, but also for all who are generally interested in film. You get to walk through the original sets from the eight films, hear stories from behind the scenes, experience the special effects and view a huge collection of props. Just their exhibition with all the graphic design from the films is mind blowing. I thought I knew a lot about Harry Potter before I came but the detail behind this production is astonishing. I was here for five hours and felt completely taken and exhausted from all impressions. Remember to book a ticket some time before you go!

God's-Own-Junkyard Linn-At-God's-Own-Junkyard,-Walthamstow

God’s Own Junkyard (Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, London E17 9HQ) is a remarkable private collection by Chris Bracey who’s gathered neon signs for the past 37 years. Some from today’s most famous films (Eyes Wide Shut, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Batman amongst others) and this is the result. Wander around in the trippy museum and experience what it’s like to be inside a pinball machine. Only open friday-sunday.


GOOD HOOD (151 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3QE) is like stepping into Pinterest. This well curated shop sells a wide selection of minimalist clothing brands for both women and men as well as home ware and beauty products. I’d move in here if I could.

Artwords Bookshop (2022 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ) is a shop that manages to collect all the photo books, magazines and novels that makes you drool. Perfect for gifts, souvenirs and inspiration. They have two locations in east London but I prefer the one on Broadway Market.

Blitz Vintage (55-59 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JP) is located by the popular Brick Lane which is lined with vintage stores. This is the largest one in Europe and according to me the best one in London. Well structured with high ceilings and nice staff. If your legs hurt you can have a coffee here and browse through magazines midst shopping! A tip is to grab a flyer from the staff standing on the street corner and get 10% off all stock.

Otherwise, I have to recommend Covent Garden and Soho for most stores like American Apparel, Primark, & Other Stories etc. Get off at Covent Garden and work your way towards hell on earth aka Oxford Circus.


Broadway Market in Hackney is stunning. On Saturdays they have a market that sells food, jewellery etc but I mostly go there for the vibrant feeling of being surrounded by ecstatic youths drinking coffee outside. Brilliant for people watching. In the summer you can buy something yummy here and locate to the neighbouring park London Fields that’s packed with hipsters barbecuing and drinking beer.

Daniel,-Shoreditch-March-2015 Shoreditch,-London

Redchurch Street in Shoreditch is East London’s small shopping street with APC, Aesop, Sunspel and the like. Super cosy to walk down, then sit at a cafe and watch people walk by.

Stoke Newington Church Street is pretty, quiet and far away from the tourist stress of central London. Visit the Whole Foods supermarket, have a drink at one of the bars or wander through the Abney Park Cemetery, which is a dilapidated cemetery where the Walking Dead and such was filmed.

Chatsworths Road, London

Chatsworths Road I would say is what Brick Lane was perhaps fifteen years ago? A perfect shot to see the true local London. A market with vintage clothing, furniture and food on Sundays plus lots of cute restaurants and cafes all along.

// OTHER //

Finally I really recommend to check out London Calling by my friend Cajsa before and whilst you are here. She writes recommendations on what event to go to, whose exhibition is worth checking out, where to eat, which pop up shops to visit etc and is always on point.

Which are your favourite spots in London?


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