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A Sunday in New York City

After our Saturday in Willamsburg we woke up with skin all sweaty. I’ve sure missed Daniel but I felt like punching him if he got too close to me in this heat haha. We got dressed and went down to the bodega on the corner to get some Arizona Iced Teas and wraps.Frida-Regeheim,-New-YorkFrida met up with us in the Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick. There we watched dogs, talked about inappropriate jokes and just kept on sweating in this 33 degree heat.Blogpost-My-trip-to-NYCFrida and I were matching in our overalls. Her in her white shorts and me in my denim dress.

Blog-Day-Drinking-in-Bushwick-New-YorkOnce the wraps were finished we met up with Nicolas friend and thought it was about time to start the party. The boys walked us through Bushwicks deserted streets, all gritty and tagged. Walking around there almost feels like the city has been abandoned. Blogpost,-Drinking-at-the-Narrows,-BushwickAnd then all of a sudden there is a bar. In this case the Narrows which had a great back patio and bands like Bass Drum of Death and Ty Segall playing in the speakers. We ordered Coronas and whisky shots for $7 because it’s alright when you’re young and on holiday.BlackberryThen this lovely, funny, and awful accident happened. We’re sitting down drinking and Frida put her hand down on the bench, right in a blackberry. She shouts ”Oh no! Watch out so for the blackberries!” and she gets up to go wash her hands when we see this. I DIED OF LAUGHTER. It was so evil but so so funny.Blogpost-New-York-City Luckily her t-shirt was close to long enough and got to intern as a dress for the remnant of the day. ~fab~Blogpost,-Nicolas-at-Tiki-Disco,-BushwickThey took us around the corner to a daytime party called Tiki Disco for these electro loving guys. We had a few drinks in the shade, the air off the asphalt vibrating from the heat.Blog-Tiki-Discho-in-Bushwick-New-YorkThen the sky just broke open with a loud crack and it starting pouring down! Like a proper monsoon, drenching all of us. Blog-Tiki-Disco-in-New-York-CityAnd all the drunk New Yorkers didn’t seem to mind a summer shower and kept on dancing to the sound of crackling thunder and screaming speakers. <3 <3 <3King-Noodle-BushwickOur skin just got even stickier and everybody’s hair kept on dripping when we stood huddled under the big tents. When it stopped we walked up to King Noodle, the trippy asian restaurant where they serve drinks like volcanos. The air dried us up instantly and we continued the night barhopping around Bushwick, talking about photography and girlfriends and just nothing in particular. And we weren’t wearing anything but t-shirts and it still felt sweaty.



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Daniel-in-Toronto-2015 Grey-Toronto-Skyline Daniel-on-the-Toronto-Island-FerrySo the North American tour continues (still wishing I was a famous rockstar). Yesterday we almost missed out flight up here from New York. After a heavy brunch with Frida and Nicolas we went to take the train to the airport from Penn Station. We bought the tickets just to realise that the next train didn’t leave until an hour later, by which point we’d arrive twenty min before our plane was departing.

So our skint asses just had to hail a yellow cab and pay $110 to drive us instead. NICE. Just seeing all my prosecco/oyster/shopping money fly out the taxi window. But we made it and didn’t kill each other on the way so it’s all good! Toronto is dead rainy but Daniel’s family has adopted the fattest cat I’ve ever seen so I’m happy.

I’ll put together some more posts asap. Just want to tell you I like you.





Linn-Wiberg-in-West-VillageAh guys, New York City is like a sauna! We’ve spent the past few days discovering Bushwick, walked over the pink Williamsburg Bridge, visited the New Whitney Museum and become friends with Mexican beers. New York is fun, loud and dirty. I have so many photos to show you!

Had a huge scare the other day though. After dinner at this vegan diner I fainted twice and didn’t remember where I was or what we had done during the day. I couldn’t speak properly and Daniel had to carry me to the bathroom to cool me down in the shower. I was so overheated from the BLOODY 33 DEGREES. He made me down twelve glasses of water and wrapped me in wet blankets so I looked like a mummy. If I hadn’t thought I was dying I would’ve snapped a photo for you.

Moral of the story: DRINK A LOT OF WATER + I have a very strong boyfriend.

I’m recovered now and constantly carrying a water bottle so lesson learned. Now we’re off to the MoMA that a few of you recommended! I’ll make sure to put together a longer post of my days here soon.





Turns out New York in June is boiling hot and I absolutely love it. As soon as we landed we headed over to Frida’s rooftop for drinks before jetlag caught up with us and we fell asleep before midnight. The morning after we woke up to the sound of the fan and the pigeons in our window.


It was raining outside but still insanely hot. Nicolas brought us around the corner here in Bushwick for brunch. The place was full so we put our names up on the list and headed over to the AP Cafe.AJ-at-AP-Cafe-New-YorkWe sat down for a coffee in the gorgeous concrete cafe and got to meet his girlfriend AJ for the first time.


When it had been an hour we walked the wet streets back to Cafe Ghia.


For some weird brunch burgers that were heaven.

Saturday-Surf-New-YorkNew York was stunning and wet as we took the subway to Soho and the store Saturday Surf where they have the prettiest back patio.Saturday-Surf-New-York-CityWhere we had some iced coffees, just as you should in the summer.Twins-Daniel-and-Nicolas-PilapratNicolas-and-Daniel-Pilaprat-New-YorkAnd these brothers got to catch up a bit.Daniel-and-Nicolas-Pilaprat,-New-YorkI mean seriously. <3Twins-Nicolas-and-Daniel-Pilaprat Little-Italy-New-YorkLike millions of others we walked around Manhattan from Soho to Little Italy to China Town all the way up to East Village. This city is so pretty it’s ridiculous.Daniel-in-Little-Italy-New-YorkBut the best thing is that I get to hang out 24/7 with this one. Damn you long distance relationship. Frida-Regeheim,-New-YorkBack in Brooklyn we met up with my star Frida who’s been in New York for the past three months interning at an advertising agency.Frida-Regeheim-WilliamsburgI was ecstatic obviously, as she is one of my favourite people. We all went to Baby’s All Right for some tequila slushies.Hurra-TattooFrida was newly tatted up with a little hurra from a drunken night in Manhattan. The rest of the night was spent eating mexican food to hiphop tunes and dancing in some divy bar in Williamsburg. New York, you are pretty great actually.





Time for another post on inspiration for interior design. I got such great respons on How To Decorate My Home #1 so I figured I’d get some more out there. And it’s great when you guys leave comments, so I know what you’re into. Here we go: JamesPowditch-7-900x1200JamesPowditch-23-600x800JamesPowditch-1-1240x800 First out is this insanely cool indoor jungle home.  It’s the home of artist James Powditch and graphic designer Diane Adair located in Australia. I love all the concrete mixing with the warm wood and the plants. Plus that you can find the deep blue in all details. I don’t think I would ever have to leave my home if it looked this way and imagine all the brilliant parties! House_Komazawa_Park_07 House_Komazawa_Park_04 copySecondly we have this wooden house built in the busier district of Tokyo and it is a bright oasis. Again, indoor forest seems to be a theme here. But also the enormous ceilings and the scaled down Japanese design will always make my knees weak. I’m thinking this place with the enormous windows must be so dreamy during summer storms. Maybe a bit like the rainy scene in Norwegian Wood. Frag-wide-1240x800Frag-wide2-1240x800Frag-8-600x800 copyFinally I picked out the home of designer Frag Woodall and his wife Naomi. They describe it as Scandinavian, which surely is a lot more flattering for Scandinavians than being associated with IKEA. I’ve become such a sucker for white flooring now and I think it’s because our dark and hellish winters that I’m craving all things bright.

I can’t really decide on which one I like the most, but perhaps the second one? Let me know what you think.


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