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Photo on 30-05-2015 at 13.52 #4Photo on 30-05-2015 at 13.52 #3I started my day by listening to pretty much all of the episodes of a newly found podcast completely naked. Thunderstorm soaking the city and just me in my eyeshadow. Everybody should spend more time naked. It makes everything a lot more fun and you feel like a queen.

The podcast I listened to is called the Heart and I especially like this podcast because:

1. It’s made by women.
2. It’s based on sex, love and intimacy. Featuring especially non normative relationships.
3. The episodes are short so it’s not a whole hour commitment but just about enough if you’re doing the dishes or walking to the tube.

I also want to recommend my friend Frida’s list of podcasts. Just a little tip to you guys because I think you are fab. Do you guys have any sassy/scary/brilliant/weird podcasts you can recommend?



A Monday Afternoon in London

This is a continuation of this post.


I rush down Shoreditch Highstreet in excitement. Or ”rush” as in still having time to stop and snap a photo of this spring.


In the Hoxton Station arches I pop by the Swedish bakery Fabrique to pick up some cinnamon buns and then I run, happy as an idiot to my date that I’ve waited almost a year for. It’s with two tiny girls named Chloe and Sophie, just short of four and five years old that I used to nanny. Spending time with them several days a week was what got me somewhat on my feet and I’ve missed them.

I’m finally standing outside their house and ring their doorbell. My heart almost stops. Being back here makes me doubt whether I ever left. My palms feel sticky and my breath short when the mum opens the door, looks at me and gives me a long hug. Inside the girls are hiding under the table and don’t run to greet me. I feel unsure wheteher they even remember me? A year in a 3 year old’s life must be an eternity. But I kneel down and then they charge at me like the wildlings they are. Old people tend to say that kids are almost unrecognisable after not having seen them for a year. But to me my girls look exactly the same and god I’m happy about that.

We spend the afternoon hours out in the garden, playing, climbing and telling stories. I show them photos of my house and they are so confused. Why can’t you come back tomorrow again? Why don’t you live here? Their mum shows me a video they’ve recorded to me for Christmas. They are standing with tiny toy instruments screaming angrily at me for not being there with them but then following up with singing some tune from Frozen.

When I leave I’m exhausted, grateful and sad. That people so tiny can save somebody so much older from drowning.


Daniel is waiting when I get home. I can’t wait to tell him all about the girls and show him the portrait Sophie scribbled together where she spelled everything mirrored.

We take the bus and I’m quiet for most of the way, wondering what my life would’ve been if I had stayed in London and not moved to Stockholm. Not that I regret doing so, but I do miss it here.


The whole world is glowing amber when our bus crosses the Thames. We get out and I stand by the edge of the bridge, quietly observing the city skyline. It’s my favourite spot in London, and I used to come here when the city felt too heavy for my life.

Daniel grabs my hand and leads me towards the London Bridge station and we board the train because we have another date!


It’s Alex and V who’s invited us to their brand new, all white glamorous pad in Greenwich filled with everything that could possibly make me jealous. Alright they don’t have a dog, but pretty much everything else. It’s my turn to walk around all the rooms feeling like I’m role playing in the life of a cool adult.


Alex cooks carbonara for us and we drink prosecco and play loud music and talk about everything stupid and interesting. They are probably my favourite couple in the world. Daniel used to live with them when we first started seeing each other. They were there to witness my first walk of shame, our first dinner date and everything else.

It’s deep into the night, having had loud conversations for hours, when we catch a taxi back to Clapton. I lean on Daniel’s shoulder as the highway lights flicker past us one by one. Mondays should always feel like this. Self employment life, please be mine!



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There Is Nothing Boring With East London Mondays

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On the Monday in London it still feels like the weekend, as it does when you’re on holiday or just unemployed, or in my case both. I get dressed in too many layers for the weather but don’t realise until my back gets soaked as I walk down the road.

The train brings me down to Liverpool Street just like when I lived up in Clapton in 2011. This time the houses passing by the windows are a lot fancier and the streets are filled with hipster boutiques. Saying how when I lived here there were nothing, not even a pub makes me sound ancient so I won’t.


Outside the station I stand waiting for Flora and when she arrives after having fallen asleep on the underground I take her to the Counter Albion cafe. I get her to aww and sigh to the sight of this airy studio perfect for her freelance heart.


With a laptop each we order coffee and get exactly no work done.


In the midst of our not working my love Ornella enters.


She’s leaving to spend a month in the States next week and we talk about everything she will do. With her French attitude she refuses to believe that she’ll like a country as disgusting as the US, but her and I both know she’ll fall head over heels.


In the afternoon light we gossip about everything I’ve missed being away from this lovely city before Flora reminds me that I’m late for my afternoon date! I almost gasp for my breath as I’ve waited for this meeting for almost a year. But with whom I’ll tell you in the next post tomorrow morning because now I have to rush to school.




Canon invited me to a creative blogger event last Thursday so after a hectic day at school I took the tube over to the prettier parts of town. The event was held in an old warehouse and walking through the dirty garage I was wondering why Canon had picked this place.


But then I entered this big bright room where they had built an oasis with prosecco and all sorts of canapes and kind of understood why.


Beata and her team was there and had been the ones setting everything up.


The two sisters Thilda and Mira from We Are 365 were the hosts, taking us through the stories behind their photos that they’ve snapped all over the world. The photos are breathtaking, taken from rural mountaintops in Norway to Australian deserts and Hispanic favelas and just made me question WHY AM I NOT OUT TRAVELLING?

Anyway, the loveliest of girls I have to say, and it didn’t all feel as stiff as these pr events can do.


Then we tried out their printers and played around with their new cameras and drank prosecco. I have to sort out my camera usage, as I know embarrassingly little about how to work it. Somebody have a course with me??

Linn in denim dungarees dress

I was wearing my sassiest mommy denim attire from Cheap Monday and my shades from Quay Eyewear.


When the event was over I took the tube to Södermalm to meet up with this chick and my other classmates.


I’m trying to get her to come to school these last few weeks (yes even at the best school the struggle is real right before summer) and has come up with a challenge for her. She is my artiest and most creative friend and loves dressing up so every day now she’s suppose to come as a new character for me to shoot. Today she was a sporty ninja.


We drank cheap beer at Dovas and the night never came because now summer is so so close, it even smells of lilac everywhere.





This A$AP Rocky track was dropped out of the blue last week and I’m definitely feeling it. It’s so mellow and different to his previous aggressive pussy money weed tracks (which I also adore obviously) and as you know I do have a weak spot for hearing people with pretty singing voices sigh rude swearwords. My theory is that A$AP in love or pregnant or something, but either how, I’m perfectly fine with joining his glam neon palace. The scene at 3:15 with him rapping in a red and white striped tee is heaven.



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