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Unga-Sophie-Bell-Cast I received an email a while ago asking me if I wanted to go to the preview of the new Swedish film Unga Sophie Bell and of course I wanted to. Unga-Sophie-Bell,-Photo-Booth So tuesday evening me and my mum went to Biograf Grand where there were popcorn, mojitos and a photo booth. Mum-&-Me,-Unga-Sophie-Bell-Premiere And who’s better to bring to a blogger event than your mum? Apparently my mum is a serial mingler and talked to celebs left and right!! It was hilarious.   But more about the film. PLOT: Sophie and Alice are beyond best friends and so bold together. They are graduating from high school and it feels like the whole world is theirs to explore and conquer. The plan is to move to Berlin and finally start living, but one day Alice suddenly disappears and it’s now Sophie who has to piece it all together. It is a film capturing the harsh confusion and beauty of youth and how girlfriends rely on each other like more than lovers. It’s raw and broken, which I have a true soft spot for and Felice Jankell is a goddess in the lead roll. The photography and styling is exquisite and with woman as both producers, script writers and directors it’s truly empowering. GO WATCH IT!   It’s released into cinemas today and here you can watch the trailer.   Linn


BABE-OF-THE-MONTH,-Jan  We kick off the new series BABE OF THE MONTH with the kickass twins Elizabeth & Victoria Lejonhjärta behind the account @lejonhjerta.

Hello! Can you tell us about yourselves?

We both get kind of overwhelmed whenever we’re asked to introduce ourselves. So to not drown you in Morpheus quotes we’re gonna stick to this: We’re Elizabeth and Victoria. (Yes, in that order, the other way around is just so wrong!). We are twins, best friends and sidekicks. (Insert generic highschool joke on how were glued to eachother here). We have a wild imagination and reside in our own little world for the most where we like to get creative. We also like to think we’re badass superheroines from the north.

How did your instagram account come about?

We’ve both always enjoyed taking pictures but we steered away from social media for a long time. We retreated to the woods and spent a lot of time looking inwards and on trees. Eventually Elizabeth got an instagram mainly as a visual outlet and like with most of our stuff, we developed an inevitable shared custody. We were very shy at first and would only post about once a month as insta-padawans, but with time it grew into a proper jedi. Elizabeth-&-VictoriaWho &/or what inspires you?

Everything: Trees, light, rain, Norrbotten, the dialogue in ”Ghost in the Shell” from 1995. People who are re-inventing themselves in systems were they are mere objects: Black people in white spaces, women in patriarchal societys, invisible minorities, HBTQ people surrounded by heteronormativity ETC – who are taking control of their own representation.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Sugar. We’re such sweet tooths. Whenever we get offered any kind of sweets it’s always a yes. The thing is, neither of us have a perception of what, for example, a normalsized piece of pie looks like or how much is okay to eat from someones bowl of candy. Sorry friends.

What can we expect from you guys in 2015?

Except for working on our teleporting abilities, the only thing we can say for sure about the future is that we’re going to evolve. And definitely have more fun!

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Asymmetrical-nails-by-Linn-WibergNailsNail-Varnish I’m closed to obsessed with keeping my nails long and glossy. Lately in a subtly asymmetrical way painting the two outer nails white in contrast to the grey, obviously inspired by my pinterest world. These are also my rings, all in silver, which I wear everyday without exception. All from various markets and second hand shops, one I even found out on the street. I like subtle jewellery that become a part of you and that never need to come off.     Linn


After being truly angelic and family oriented for two days it was time for us to get back on being the true party princesses we are. Pilaprats,-North-York,-Ontario We got out on the streets just in time for the sun to sink and Toronto to glow all golden. Nicolas,-North-York,-Ontario All of us being very thirsty. Pilaprats,-Toronto The boys are from way way up town, apparently as far up as one can go and still be considered Toronto. Therefore it takes a hundred different kinds of public transport to get down town. Pizza-night Jess has once again invited us over to her’s before she leaves for NYE in the UK. We order pizzas because what’s a North American party without some doughy goodness. Drinks We sip cucumber gin & tonics and whiskey gingers whilst discussing being 30 and changing careers, or 20 and being lost as fuck. Jess,-Toronto-dec-2014 This woman is a goddamn pearl. Cacti And her crib is super dreamy. Daniel-at-Jess's I get to hear all the juicy stories of them being young together, throwing messy parties and falling down stairs, about having four boyfriends at once and breakups with best friends because of a cat. This is what’s fascinating about meeting your partners old friends, because you think you know everything that is possible to know about him/her and these friends still manage to open up a whole new universe. Steven,-Toronto-dec-2014 Then it’s time to kiss Jess goodbye and take an Uber over to Steven’s place somewhere else in Toronto. I have no idea where as I always tag along but here there are old villas split into flats, all with porches in the front and wooden flooring through all three stories. Nicolas, dec 2014 We play electronic mixes on the desktop and tell stories about psycho dates and how we’ve fallen in love. A million conversations are about bands and tracks because apparently Canadians are obsessed with music and are beyond nerds when it comes to it. Linn,-Toronto-dec-2014 My trying to keep up isn’t going that well. But I don’t care that I can’t name drop albums, reference collaborations or grade genres, I have a fucking great taste in music anyways. And also people love having me at parties because they dare playing there utter guilty pleasures lol. And yes, I’m obviously jealous. Toronto,-Dec-2014 We hang out of the window and the night is dense and chilly. Nicolas, Alexis, Claire Nicolas asks me about my internship and where I want to live. I’m clueless, of course. I tell him about how I want to go to NYC but that I’m not sure if I can handle starting from zero once more and build up a whole new group of friends. Also who knows what would be left of my London if I’m away for another couple of years? I play with the thought of Daniel wanting me to move here to Toronto and funny enough it doesn’t sting like the thought of packing up and moving countries again usually does. Drinks by StevenAmaro-Nonino We run up and down the stairs for Steven to mix more syrupy amaro drinks for us, which might class as one of my new favourites. Alexis,-Toronto-2014 Then it’s way past midnight and time to switch venues. Bar People then tell me that we’re heading to a bar up the road. I’m not sure what kind of referencing Canadian’s use but a 15min walk in the freezing cold cannot possibly be just up the road, right? Once at the tiny bar though, it’s all fogged up and warm with fairy lights and kitshy paintings on the walls. There are only an older woman in damaged, bleached hair and an overweight man in a a denim vest hanging out in one corner, plus a couple of hipster boys playing rock on the juke box whilst the bartender polishes some glasses. It’s exactly as you would imagine a far off North American bar to be like in wintertime. Amanda-&-Alexis We take up half of the space, loudly ordering beers I’ve never heard of before. I have to go back to give the bartender tips as I keep on forgetting. He smiles and says it’s alright, which makes it clear that we are not in the States where they would’ve scolded me. I know one of the girls wants to sleep with him, just because he makes for the perfect geeky bartender, and we all have soft spots for cliches. Toronto,-dec-14 The boys get drunk and emotional and unrequited love overflow their conversations. Nicolas-&-Claire,-Toronto A couple of hours in the slightly shy bartender kindly throws us out on the street to close the bar. Toronto,-Canada We walk to Alexis’ car with breaths condensing and soft snow slowly falling. We’re suppose to go for late night Chinese, but Alexis says she was something better in mind. So we drive the empty streets through a dark Toronto and it’s pretty lovely being as lost as I am. Outside a badly lit bagel shop she parks and we all get out of the car. Inside there are shitty furniture and endless rows of different kinds of bagels. I’m the last one to pick a flavour, because making decisions sure isn’t my forte. We sit down around a table and sip chocolate milk and giggle with intoxication. The hot food comes out and there are wrappers and crumbs and cream cheese going everywhere. Back in the car the city looks dead and cold and unfriendly a la Palo Alto, but it’s quite charming when in the front seat of a loud car filled with drunk babes who makes you feel like a rock star.   Linn




Pre church twins

On christmas eve and christmas day things bord more on private rather than personal, hence no photos. I can tell you about it instead though. The family had a huge christmas tree that we decorated with ornaments from the 60s onwards whilst eating the Swedish treats I had brought. They all thought that the saffron buns resembled asian pastries but found them tasty. The dad telling me French history whilst setting up the nativity scene and the mum showing naked pics of the boys as toddlers. There were a stocking each filled with presents and a grotesquely large turkey for dinner. Absolutely delicious, but the whole thing with stuffing?! It definitely puts me off with having something inside a bird and then you take it out and eat it? Anyways, I’m always apprehensive about buying people gifts for the first time, not knowing if they hate them and feel forced to lie. I think I did alright this time at least and Daniel absolutely loved his (I’ll show you later on). The family then brought me around Toronto in a wild thunderstorm to witness the crazy christmas lights on peoples’ houses just like they used to do when the boys and Claire were kids. I guess my growing up in Europe makes for the same excitement and novelty. We even went to church and I did behave, kind of. At least I wore underwear which is the contrary of what one of you readers suggested! It was hilarious though as they had brought me to the most grand of churches in downtown Toronto for the atheist me to get the true catholic revelation. Unfortunately as we entered it turned out that we were an hour early plus that the church was under construction. This meant that we sat surrounded with scaffolding, not being able to see anything but metallic bars, listening to a boy choir singing carols for an hour before the actual service begun. I got the giggles when the priest started talking about heaven being like an all inclusive holidat, and I couldn’t seem to shut up, but it was pretty lovely. And that was my first Christmas away from my own family. Growing up huh..   Linn

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