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Sommaren verkar inte ha en tanke på att lämna stan, och herregud, prisa Maya Angelou (eller vem du nu än tror på) för det. Vintern är ju mitt livs mardröm, fast jag måste ändå säga att när regnen återvänder är det mer än välkommet. Att tänka, jobba, skapa är så mycket lättare när himlen är dunkel. Regn är typ magi för sånt.

Hur som helst, det är ett tag sen jag tipsade om lite diamanter i bloggjungeln. Så här är tre av internets alla hörn som jag inte får nog av:

Summer doesn’t seem to be leaving London any time soon and praise Maya Angelou (or whoever you believe in) for that. Winter is the horror of my being, although I have to say that when the rains start coming they will be very welcome. Thinking, working, creating is easier when the sky is grim. And rain is like magic for that.

Either way, it’s been a while since I recommended you some blog gems. So here are three corners of the Internet I cannot get enough of:

viktoria dahlberg blogg

Victoria Dahlberg

Den här svenska bruden började blogga för mindre än en månad sen och är redan en favorit. Victoria bor i NYC och jobbar som retuscherare och i hennes blogg delar hon med sig av sina bästa Amerikanska gömställen och allt jag önskar kunde klä mig i dagarna i ända. Hennes smak är felfri – bara svartvitt men utan ens en eftersmak av avskalat och asymmetriskt Skandinaviskt. Inläggen är korta (alltså yum) och fotografit typ utsökt.

This Swedish chick literally started blogging less than a month ago and is already one of my favourite. Victoria lives in NYC and works as a retoucher and in her blog she shares her fave spots in the city and everything I wish I was wearing. Her sense of style is delicious – only black & white but without there being anything stripped back Scandi about it. The posts are short and the photography stunning.


Near the Lighthouse

Den här ryska bloggen tillhör resefotograferna (säger man ens så?), skribenterna och all time lovers Alex Mazurov och Anastasia Glebova. De spenderar majoriteten av året med att upptäcka de nordligaste delarna av världen och de mest extrema destinationerna. Det är fruset och smärtsamt vackert. Till och med någon som jag som avskyr vintern blir paniklängtig till arktiska miljöer.

This is a blog of two travel photographers, writers and lovers Alex Mazurov and Anastasia Glebova, who spend most of the time exploring northern regions and extreme destinations. It is chilly and stunning and even make somebody like me who hates winter want to travel to the arctic.

Collage Vintage Blog

Collage Vintage

I den här delen av internet verkar sommaren aldrig fly. Sara Escudero tar med oss världen över och fotar redaktionella och högst glossiga inlägg. Alltså, på riktigt – 100% avund. Det är vita stränder och krispiga outfits i oändlighet. Om det inte var för det faktum att den här spanska bruden är omöjlig att ogilla hade det nästan varit outhärdligt, men nä-nä, nu är det bara mums.

It seems like summer is always around in this part of the Internet. With a highly editorial look Sara Escudero takes us on her trips around the globe. I mean seriously gurl – 100% envy. It’s all white beaches and crisp outfits. If it wasn’t for the fact that this Spanish babe is so amicable it would upset me to go in here, but uh-uh instead it is pure joy.




Att hitta nya pärlor online är som min drog. Vad har ni hittat för skatter där ute?

Discovering new online treasures is my favourite thing, so what are your recent blog or Internet finds?





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three new blogs I like

three blogpost you shouldn’t miss





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3 Blog Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

I’ve come across some brilliant blog posts lately and thought it’d be a shame if some of you were to miss them. So here come three gems:Kinsey Mhire’s photos from her recent trip to Iceland is everything elvish and magical one dreams it to be.

Louise Whitehouse talks about the benefits of minimalism in life and how to accomplish it.

The best tv-show of all time, Friends, celebrated 21 years since its premiere and Frida compiled her favourite bits from the 10 seasons. Outfits, quotes, clips, characters, bloopers. It’s a packet full of joy.



What have been your favourite posts lately?



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I have stumbled upon some pretty great blogs lately and think they should have a little boost in followers so here we go:


the blog Hackney Attic doesn’t seem to have been around that long but is run by Caroline Johansson. She lives in Hackney (<3) with her boyfriend and seems to be obsessed with plants, have a great sense of photography and design, and gets up to weird stuff like buying a tattoo machine even though she’s never used one. So very London and so very lovely.

downloadZoo-Payne-BlogZoo Payne is a gem out on the internet. Mainly because is it contradicts everything that is associated with it but at the same time distills all the benefits with it. The blog is run by farmer, photographer, wife and mother Mrs. Payne. She documents her life with her three, soon to be four, adorable kids and husband out on a farm in rural Norway. It’s raw life with gap toothed kids, slaughtering of cows, summer swims in lakes and everything nature. The photos as well as her texts are just breathtaking. When I’m sick of drinking pints on a dirty street in a busy metropolitan, this is what I dream of.


1 Night In Berlin is run by my forever girl crush Elin. Seriously, that chick is like an internet convict, fleeing from blog to blog and then going MIA for a few years before she makes an ever so fabulous comeback. Elin is in the band Eternal Death, designs beautiful garments and is all around stunning. This time she takes us on her daily adventures but mostly through everything makeup and beauty. It’s fun and her videos are brilliant.


Discovering new blogs is one of my favourite things! Do you guys have any you’ve stumbled upon lately? Or just some that you like extra much?



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