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A Goodie Bag & A Stormy Stockholm


Like on a lot of the press events I received a goodie bag when I went to the Wood Wood show during Stockholm Fashion Week. Along with their look books there was a silky smooth leather purse. Perfect since once when I was drunk I fell asleep on the night bus home and missed my stop. When I woke up I rushed off in embarrassment and dropped my wallet on the way. So from having had all my cards and notes in a plastic bags I can now upgrade!

Wood-Wood-SS16-PurseThis weekend my sister Moa invited me over for dinner at her boyfriend’s parents empty house. We hung out just like sisters can, eating pasta and watching yummy Leo DiCaprio films from the 90s. The rain washed over the windows and they made up a bed in one of the grand rooms. Outside the storm tore down Stockholm and we talked about the refugee crisis in Syria.


The state this world is in is painful. This is the worst refugee crisis since the 2nd world war and half of those fleeing are children! I can’t stress how important it is that we open up our hearts and boarders for these people. It’s just coincidence that we are the ones on this side of the crisis. And we all do have the means to help out so let’s!

Swedes text HAV150 to 72980 to donate 150kr to UNHCR.

Everybody else go to → UNHCR’s website and donate however much you like. <3



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My 5 Most Popular Stories

Having had a blog for a while I’ve spent endless hours creating an insane amount of content that you’ve commented on and liked. Unfortunately it all disappears into the dungeon of oblivion that is my archive. It’s such a shame, especially with the texts I’ve written! So here are the posts you’ve liked and shared the most this past year:

Hackney Mornings – one of the mornings of our long distance relationship when I got to wake up next to him.

”I try not to wake you up even though I really want to. I watch the sun sweep over the worn concrete wall, over your well tailored jackets, a hat I’ve only seen you wear once and over the wooden beams we climb over to get into your bed. I wonder how the fuck it feels when you wake up here alone.”

My 14 Year Old Sister Saga – the interview I did with my baby sis on what it’s like being a teen.

Self Hatred & Asking For HelpMy most vulnerable text about how I broke down completely in March and led to me going to see a therapist.

How We Met – The story of how Daniel and I became a couple that got shared and commented on like crazy. <3

Overexposed Memories – A rainy summer storm in London.

”I only wore pants once during those days. It was when we ran the 150m in the pouring rain to the tiny off license to buy tortellini, canned soup and ice cream. Back inside we were drenched down to our bone and didn’t hesitate to strip as no flatmates would be home for days. The wooden floor wasn’t even cold against my skin.”


Which one do you like the most?



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Stockholm Fashion Week SS16 // WHYRED & Björn Borg

Following the Wood Wood press show were a few hours of nothing. It’s weird how Stockholm Fashion Week is relatively slow paced with a lot of dead time in between shows. Not at all as hectic and packed with people as I would’ve thought.Berns-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-2015After a few glasses of wine we walked over to Berns for the next show.Whyred-SS16-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekIt was Whyred and since I’m not cool enough to sit on front row I have no good pics of the pieces but you can google it. Whyred-Menswear-SS16-Stockholm-Fashion-WeekThe collection was really pretty and I would wear most of it. Although I have to say that going to fashion shows is weird because you do so much dressing up, queuing and waiting around for less then five minutes of garments swooshing past in glimpses between silhouettes of the people who sit in the rows in front of you.

But a plus is that you can pretend to be in the Devil Wears Prada and snapchat zoomed in pics of celebs.Mari-Pizzeria-at-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-SS16After too many hellos and street style photographers pulling at my friends we were starving and took our fashion bums on the tube to Hornstull. At some local spot we shared pizzas because we couldn’t afford anything else. Unfortunately for us social media pays in events and not cash. It’s like when I first moved to London in 2011 and worked at a luxury knitwear brand where my job outfit was worth more than two months salary.Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-MarsAs the sun set walked along the canals to Långholmen where Björn Borg had set up a space ship beneath one of the bridges.  Mari-Pizzeria-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-SS16The show was a tribute to the first human expedition to Mars and the four chosen volunteers were invited!!! So starstruck. Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-MarsIt was foggy, loud and eerie with smoke machines, celestial sound effects and projections.  Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-Show-MarsCrammed up at a booth with fifty other people the atmospherical music went quiet and the stadium dark before it all began.  Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-Show-Out-In-MarsIt was incredible. Not in a sense of fashion but in a sense of performance. The models walked in from different entrances, looping in towards the middle stage through the ruby red gravel as recorded sounds of space shuttles departing mixed in with heavy electronic music.Bjorn-Borg-SS16-Show-Stockholm-Fashion-Week-Show-Space-MarsIt felt like a set designers wet dream and a cool approach to an otherwise standard showcasing of clothing. I hope I get to go see more of their shows in the future.

As the whole of the fashion elite took taxis to after parties and whatnot I hopped on the tube to go midnight bbquing with Frida. Passion week/trashion week/fashion week does beat you up pretty bad.

Stockholm Fashion Week SS16 // Wood Wood



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I have stumbled upon some pretty great blogs lately and think they should have a little boost in followers so here we go:


the blog Hackney Attic doesn’t seem to have been around that long but is run by Caroline Johansson. She lives in Hackney (<3) with her boyfriend and seems to be obsessed with plants, have a great sense of photography and design, and gets up to weird stuff like buying a tattoo machine even though she’s never used one. So very London and so very lovely.

downloadZoo-Payne-BlogZoo Payne is a gem out on the internet. Mainly because is it contradicts everything that is associated with it but at the same time distills all the benefits with it. The blog is run by farmer, photographer, wife and mother Mrs. Payne. She documents her life with her three, soon to be four, adorable kids and husband out on a farm in rural Norway. It’s raw life with gap toothed kids, slaughtering of cows, summer swims in lakes and everything nature. The photos as well as her texts are just breathtaking. When I’m sick of drinking pints on a dirty street in a busy metropolitan, this is what I dream of.


1 Night In Berlin is run by my forever girl crush Elin. Seriously, that chick is like an internet convict, fleeing from blog to blog and then going MIA for a few years before she makes an ever so fabulous comeback. Elin is in the band Eternal Death, designs beautiful garments and is all around stunning. This time she takes us on her daily adventures but mostly through everything makeup and beauty. It’s fun and her videos are brilliant.


Discovering new blogs is one of my favourite things! Do you guys have any you’ve stumbled upon lately? Or just some that you like extra much?



NEW YORK | the new Whitney Museum, Lower East Side & Forgtmenot

We’ve come to day 5 of mine and Daniel’s two week trip to North America.Daniel-cooking-brunch-in-BushwickIt is by far my favourite moment, sitting barelegged on a chair, playing music whilst breakfast is being made. It feels like there are no worries in this world watching Daniel fry bacon. Outside Brooklyn is loud with cars honking and people shouting in Spanish. In here though it’s calm and we talk about the minimalistic house we want to buy by the sea one day.Linn-Wiberg-and-Frida-Regeheim-in-New-York-CityWhen lunch is done we take the subway down to Manhattan with Frida. To Meatpacking and the new Whitney Museum of American Art to be more exact.The-New-Whitney-Museum,-New-York-CityThe whole thing is goddamn lovely. I hate to say it, but I almost like it more than my precious Tate Modern in London. It’s laid out on five floors but it doesn’t all feel to overwhelming because for once, somebody is actually trying to be user friendly and explanatory in how art can make sense. You get to follow America’s transition through shit times, wars, dreamy decades etc and it’s not only the AC that gives me goosebumps this time. Frida-Regeheim,-the-New-Whitney-Museum,-New-YorkThe huge massive mega plus though are the two rooftops there though! New-York-SkylineOverlooking pretty much all of Manhattan. It’s 36 degrees when we’re there and I feel like the bacon in our frying pan this morning. The-New-Whitney-Museum-Rootop,-New-York-SkylineBut I mean seriously? <3 <3 This is my absolute best New York tip guys, you have to go!   West-Village-New-York-CityWhen we’re stuffed with art but famished otherwise we head to a coffee shop to get some sandwiches and iced coffees. We sit down in a posh park in West Village where kids where bathings suits that cost more than my whole trip to the States.New-York-Cast-Iron-BuildingsFrida talks about the tattoo she got recently and it makes me really want to get a new one. I won’t though, because I’m already in dept to both Daniel and my parents. Justifying spending a lot of cash on inking my skin will be slightly tricky. Unless somebody of you guys would tattoo me for free?? : )) New-York-PicketingThe rest of the day is spent walking through most of Lower Manhattan stopping at vintage shops and coffee shops. New York has a forceful energy that is vibrant and lively. All around people are always on to something else, with 100%, whether it is telling a story really loud, cursing on the road, picking up chicks or in this case picketing against increasing rents. Miss-Lilys-New-YorkFinally the fatigue settles in and we stop at Miss Lily’s for some happy hour drinks. Daniel-Pilaprat,-New-York-June-2015 <3 Linn-Miss-lilysWhen on holiday the thought of ever having to spend a full day in the office feels not only foreign but completely made up. We bounce ideas between the three of us on projects to work on, things we could to to become wealthy or at least independent, but finish off with realising we just have to marry rich.Shillers-Liquor-BarNicolas joins and Frida leaves. On the way to another restaurant we pick up some ice cream sandwiches and stop by Shiller’s Liquor Bar and its tumblr famous sign.Daniel-Pilaprat-New-YorkKeeping them instagram followers happy.Forget-Me-Not-Bar-New-YorkNicolas take us to the bar/restaurant/really weird place called Forgtmenot with even weirder decoration themed surf/americana/football/asian. It’s weird and I like it a lot. My enchiladas win the food competition.Nicolas-Pilaprat,-New-YorkThe following hours we try convince Nicolas to move to us in London because it’s pretty lovely seeing these twins together. Despite their jokes being beyond mean and too often involve bullying me. By the time we walk through a midnight Bushwick I’m sure he’s a bit convinced.


Here are the previous days of our North American trip:
Day 1 – AP Cafe, Saturday Surf, Soho & Tattoos
Day 2  A Sunday in New York City
Day 3 – Spicy Village, Williamsburg Bridge & Champs Diner
Day 4 – Brooklyn Parks & Harlem Bars 



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