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A Morning with Olafur Eliasson & This Weekend


My day yesterday started in the most exceptional way. I had been invited to a breakfast and preview of the new Olafur Eliasson exhibition at Moderna Museet here in Stockholm along with 15 other social media people. My baby gurl Frida for example!

Icelandic yoghurt and Danish rye bread with jam and cheese was served whilst the organisers told us the backstory of the artist.

Olafur Eliasson works in an unconventional way for being an acclaimed artist, where all his processes are open for others to feedback and pitch in and when many use art to criticise society, he takes it one step further.

For example the commercial breakthrough he had with the Weather Project where he staged a sunset in the big hall of my favourite museum Tate Modern. This he developed further and has invented solar powered lights which he distributes in deprived areas where electricity is a luxury. I really recommend you guys read this Freunden von Freunden interview with Olafur Eliasson.


Apart from the sunset piece, which alongside with the Rain Room are the only exhibitions I grieve missing out on, I didn’t have any perception of what the exhibition was. And what followed was absolutely indescribable. I don’t want to insult him by trying to describe his pieces, they have to be experienced. What I can say is it is all built on deceptions, completely messing with the automatic perceptions one has of the surrounding world. The pieces were stunning and mind blowing where light was at the core of most pieces.

The exhibition opens for the public tomorrow and all of you who have the chance, I strongly recommend going. It was mind blowing and twisted my perception of my brain. For the past weeks I’ve been running short on my creative account, over drafting, trying to create, but after this I felt as if I had won the lottery, filled with $$$$$. GO GO GO.

I’m sitting at work just waiting for a text from Daniel saying how he and Bex and Paul have arrived at the central station here in Stockholm. I’ve taken tomorrow off and we will spend three days exploring Stockholm and I can’t wait. This is the last weekend Daniel comes to visit before I move, can you believe it. In my inbox lies a one way ticket to London dated the 25th of October. My breath is stuck somewhere between my ribs and the big ball of excitement in my heart.


Here you find more info about the exhibition.

Big thanks to Frida for lending me her iphone and some photos after I had left my memory card at home. Check out her post about the morning here.



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